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We are on the cusp of this fantastic metamorphosis of humanity. We are seeing many things around us that we know cannot last—the old way of doing or thinking of things—and we must completely “burn these out of our system” to make room for something much better.

Humanity is full of problem solvers, creative thinkers, researchers, and others who rely on their intuition and dreamtime to come up with fabulous solutions. You should too! This leads to “knowing” without knowing why or how you know. This is the creative process of inventors of the past. 

Your own practice of meditation fine-tunes your budding abilities and allows you to yield more fruit of wisdom and understanding of the world around you. Your meditation practices fine-tune you to your true divine self.

Recalibration: Another Form of Letting Go

Sometimes we want to control things because we do not feel safe. This is understandable in a world where child abuse and dysfunctional families exist. Certainly, all of us are control freaks to varying degrees! As you let go of your treasured belongings, treasured habits and patterns, give yourself permission to, like the phoenix, "rise from the ashes of your own funeral pyre” with a renewed optimism and expectation of a marvelous future.

As you face your own dramas of not enough, how you approach “not enough” will improve your success. What if you moved into wonder? I wonder where the money will come from to cover the rent? You don’t ask yourself expecting an immediate answer, but pose the question as if your unseen helpers and the matrix of your life will produce the answer.

You do not have to know how this will work out. When you move into wonder you give the universe something to work with—because you’ve moved into solution energy. I wonder how I can get more out of my life? I wonder how I will get this project done?

Consider multiple solutions. Brainstorm with others, and let all restraint be removed. Let the universe surprise you.

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If you feel you are facing an inevitable situation with no other solution, make up a story about a version of your drama where a new solution appeared unexpectedly and produced an outcome that surprised you. Pretend you are the superhero. Tell yourself, “I expect to be amazed.”

Many individuals have led lifetimes of compromise. They have been compromised, or complicit, because they didn’t believe they had a choice. They have participated unknowingly in versions of reality that have slowed their progress.

Consider that there could be another version of reality that occurs simultaneously that does not contain these difficulties. These multiple realities could play out pain and suffering and you could jump tracks into a version that is less painful. These multiple scenarios interact with your awareness like rippling water and can influence you unknowingly.

Many of you have been or are in crisis. You’ve worried how you will survive and get through the crisis you are experiencing. Now is the time to step up and let the crisis cause you to activate your gifts. These gifts may have remained dormant for a very long time.

Ready and Willing

You are one of many souls who are ready and willing to step into their true God nature. The fact that you are reading this makes you one of them. Remember that you have many helpers waiting to assist—just ask your angels and guides!

Humanity is going through a great reset. Some individuals have chosen to be part of a new Earth where they will get the opportunity of choosing, without the dark overlay that was planted to confuse and obfuscate.

You may think you understand what is going on but I’d like to offer an umbrella metaphor. We often use logic to try to help ourselves process information that makes no sense. In the world of psychotherapy this is called cognitive dissonance. We see or experience one thing and then later we discover it was something else.

Using the Umbrella Metaphor to Understand Logic

Imagine you are looking outside your hotel room window in an urban area and seeing umbrellas unfurled. It must be raining, you say to yourself. But if you are in Taiwan, you might realize the umbrellas are to block the sun shining brightly. And if you were in Hong Kong during the riots of 2019, you would think of an umbrella as a shield against tear gas . . . and stay inside!

Umbrellas have one well-known use, and several alternate uses that we don’t normally think of. Choosing to allow for solutions that you had not thought of opens up the opportunity to co-create beyond your typical way of understanding the universe.

As you learn to anchor your fifth-dimensional energy into your life, you are learning that choosing is the operative word. Fifth dimension is choosing to change before it is needed, before pain, suffering, or getting stuck! Resistance produces discomfort and often pain.

The Importance of Showing Up

Early in my career I lost everything I had valued: my marriage, my job, money, and eventually my house (that I thought was my retirement!). Each time I was sure “this” was the end, something would happen that would convince me that it was going to be okay and that I would go on to better things.

You may be feeling that at times. Know that life is totally worth living. Some of the individuals who have exited at their own hand have come through me to announce, “When I took my own life I was trying to hurt my wife.” You cannot hurt anyone but yourself by letting go and giving up.

The Record Keepers have articulated to more than one client of mine that if they overwhelmingly “want to go back home” then they probably aren’t doing the job they came to do! Keep asking your angels and guides, “What can I do to help?” On my website there are free meditations that may assist you with this. One wonderful free meditation is the Divine Government meditation. You can also play it on SoundCloud.

Do What You Came To Do

Find a way to do the service you came to do. Learn to connect with your Higher Self so that you can learn the skill or skills that will help prepare you for the work you will do. Even if you do nothing else, the Higher Self Connection will help you know what you need to know.

Study with the teachers beneficial to you, and they will help you know when you need to know your next steps. The investment of time (to learn your Higher Self Connection) is a small price to pay for the gift that will be with you for the rest of your life. Then you can keep checking in with your Higher Self: Is it in my highest and best good to do this job? Read this book? Take this course? Study with this teacher?

While you are doing the job you came to do, you are filled with so much love that you become unstoppable. This is how you know you ARE doing what you came to do! Yes, each of us who are doing the job we came to do are all filled with so much light that nothing can stop us. We are collectively unstoppable as well, you and I. I need you, and hopefully you’ll agree you need me. We are all in this together!

Life will go on, and we will emerge from this birth canal into the great Golden Age we have always wanted. It hasn’t always been easy, but it certainly is worthwhile.

You might be saying that bad stuff happens, and sure, situations and events can affect you. You don’t like it. I say, you don’t have to like it—but you might want to decide it won’t control you. When you feel emotions that are loosely labeled as fear, resentment, anxiety, or anger, you get to choose what happens next.

Fear and Anxiety

Science has been able to tell us some pretty significant things about the emotions of fear and anxiety. Fear is the real danger of a physical threat; anxiety is the presumed danger of a perceived threat!

Fear is a physical response and causes you to act, take steps to escape, or do battle. Anxiety is an emotional response that may cause you to slow down. Both are perversions of “time” and are based on our ability to remember or to project and have nothing to do with being in the present moment.

Finding ways to stay in the present will assist you in staying out of fear and anxiety. Finding physical balance with exercise like qigong and walks in the park puts you in sync with your “now.”

What If You Could Control Your Response?

Emotions can get out of control because they can cause a person to self-reflect on the emotion, rather than the present, while re-creating the experience. This can create a circular pattern of anxiety, thereby perpetuating and escalating it! The “programming” to deal with anxiety through medication is only one solution. The prescribing of anxiety medication has been on the rise in America, with over 40 million persons taking some kind of drug to relieve anxiety, representing 8–10 percent of all prescriptions filled.

What if you could use the power within you to control your emotions? Emotions can seemingly perpetuate themselves because humans are the royal creator of emotions! This is part of the grand spark imbued in humans as cocreators. You can learn to cocreate with your emotions, but first you must learn to notice and modify the emotions that play into your weaknesses so that you can be the cocreators you were meant to be.

There are agendas from beings that benefit from your fear and worry. Knowing that there is a benefit to beings whose agenda runs counter to your own is helpful to improve your determination. There is reason to be concerned and I recommend you revisit that discussion by accessing this blog post

What Are Emotions and How Do They Work?

Emotion is the fuel of creation, energy in motion. Emotions are qualified chi (chi that you have infused with a purpose), which allow you to expand and to experience more. Emotions are a driving force in manifestation. Emotions allow you to reflect and reexperience events that are both pleasing and painful.

Creating from positive emotions is a well-known technique in manifestation. In the manifestation method of the Genie system, found in my book Be a Genie, emotional energy is one of three important elements used to manifest. (The other two have to do with real-time conversation and visualization.)

Emotions take universal high “God energy,” or chi, and fill it with a purpose. Chi is unlimited universal energy that is located everywhere. We know that biofeedback can be used as a tool to transform your body’s autonomic responses and respond to your commands.

Mastering your emotions may be easier than you think and using your emotions to help you fulfill your mission propels you into your fifth-dimensional self. Your joyful emotions can expand and fuel your manifestations based on joy. Your sad emotions create fractures in the energy fields that you create, albeit unawares. By doing this, you then create a “wall” to sustain and maintain the fractured part rather than heal it!

Remember that emotions are the energy of expressions (powered-up purpose) that you can use however you see fit. 

What Is Really Going On?

Humanity is transforming into fifth-dimensional beings, along with a fifth-dimensional Earth, as a shared experience. Gaia is ready and waiting for critical mass to occur. Remember, you will not transform everything overnight. We humans generally follow a sine wave in terms of our evolution, moving from ideal expressions to the old familiar ones, and then back to an even higher ideal expression.

As explained in the book Waking Up in 5D, it’s like being teenagers. When they finally express wisdom you are so relieved, until they do something stupid. And then they step up even higher. Humanity and life are evolving and shifting through change similarly.

Even though you’ve heard it before, it bears repeating. You are not your earthly body. You are a cosmic being, a butterfly going through chrysalis. Who knows what you will be when you finally emerge from your cocoon!

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Maureen addresses concerns such as the electrification of the planet, showing how you can work around EMFs and other kinds of unseen toxicity. She also shares a revolutionary new chakra meditation. With this book you can learn fluid ways of thinking, doing, and vibrating to open the portals of light within yourself as well as in the fifth dimension.

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