Miracles and Remissions using Attunement with the Body

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Narrated by Marie T. Russell.

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What is more important in our lives than health and healing? Even prosperity and security are found far down the list of our most important values.

Our body is like an orchestra in which the organs play the symphony of life with the greatest virtuosity. If we listen closely, we will experience that what is important is happening in between the musicians, instruments, and sounds. In this "in between" place, we can perceive the intentions of life more clearly and align better with our innermost core, our soul.

We now know that health and illness are processes that affect the whole human: they are much more than a mere description of their condition and a Latin name. To get to the deeper causes, we must look to the whole person. That means not just treating disease, but helping the person come back into balance. Often, it is ourselves who need this support. 

In our book Let Your Body Speak, we presented a spiritual anatomy of the organs of the human body, revealing the great principles of life working within us. Both patients and healers then asked us: How can we put this knowledge of the organs into practice? How can it help alleviate hip problems, rheumatism, the after-effects of a stroke, or even cancer?

In their essence, organs are spiritual presences, and not directly tangible. We cannot "do" anything with their essence, and they cannot be manipulated. This contradicts our usual behaviour of taking pills to change the state of our body.

Of course, we should take advantage of the blessings of modern medicine and use natural healing treatments for health problems or ailments. However, for holistic healing, we need to go beyond that, to a higher level, where the solutions to many problems lie in our inner communication, which largely follows mental, emotional, and spiritual influences. 

Attunement with the Body

When it comes to health and illness, we are guided by the spiritual parts of ourselves, so it is useful to tune in to these levels of our being. To do this, we can do a brief meditation, inwardly say a prayer, or connect with our inner self, our soul, with a few deep breaths.

With this, we achieve what Sigmund Freud called “evenly suspended” or “hovering attention”, a state in which our preconceived images and expectations of everyday consciousness recede into the background and inner spaces open up to new experiences.

My favourite exercise to achieve this reconnection to ourselves is one I have been using for many years. I call it The Energy Flow:

Sit yourself comfortably, feet firmly on the ground, and place your hand on your navel.

Now imagine your feet growing roots down into the earth.

With every breath, feel the rising and falling of your belly underneath your hands and your roots spreading further and further into the earth.

Sometimes, these roots reach so deeply into the core of the earth they touch the magma.

Allow your roots to joyfully splash about in the magma, and observe how all tiresome thoughts and feelings flow into it.

Now move your attention to your crown area.

Imagine you are opening a spiritual sunroof there, and select a beautiful star from the starry sky.

Allow this star to radiate down into you, and feel how this pleasant light flows through your spine and the tips of your roots into the magma.

With time, this light starts to sparkle like a bubble bath around your roots.

In this way, you form a beautiful connection between your outer universe and your inner earth, suffused with light, and you feel how good it is to be an intermediary for energies.

You are now firmly anchored in the present moment.

Feel how, through this connection, all sapping energies drain away and are transformed.

Give space to this flow, and simply listen to the voice of your elemental being.

We can also use this meditation for inner cleansing and healing enhancement:

Now imagine that out of the bubbles of light a flame blazes and its purity consumes all that is disturbing and sick.

The flame brings the essence of the earth into your body and merges with the universal starlight within you.

Everything is healed by this union of energies inside.

Now direct your attention to the areas you want to heal, and observe how healing has presently been enhanced, in your being and your body.

Then come back to your everyday consciousness with the confidence that healing is happening. If we have performed this exercise a few times, it will take only a few breaths to get into this state of “hovering attention”.

First breath: Sink your roots into the earth and into magma.

Second breath: Open your inner sunroof, and flood yourself with light.

Third breath: Enjoy the light spa bath around your roots in the magma.

Fourth breath: Let your own flame blaze within you, and feel the union of the energies inside.

Every time we perform this exercise, the flow of light and energy gets stronger and wider, until at some point we are surprised to find that we are the current itself. At the first tentative steps, we already become aware, in a peculiar and exalted way, that the entire universe is flowing through us, and this creates a field of light that protects us and our work.

Disturbing or burdensome influences, both inside and out, are burned by this mighty beam, either in the earthly magma fire, in the universal star fire, or in our blazing flame. This simple technique is an incredibly strong protection.

Beyond Judgment: No Right or Wrong

When we are in this state of “hovering attention”, we are close to the source of our being, our soul, and the essence of the organs of the body. Here other laws apply; the rational principles of cause and effect are overridden. In this field of light, all aspects are beyond judgement, there is no “wrong” because we are centered in ourselves.

From there, we can move into the “in between”, where the connection between the intentions of our soul and our life in this body becomes apparent. It is an invitation to reconnect with those forces in our lives with which we have lost contact.

Indian sages refer to this as entering the darkness of an ancient cave carrying a light. Even though the darkness may say to the light, “You have no right to be here. I’ve been here much longer than you,” the light will still illuminate the cave.

Our task then is to preserve the light, intensify it, and again and again seek enlightened circumstances. Quite often a tiny light is enough to find our way around and avoid stumbling. When it gets brighter, we are able to see more. Of course, the shadows become bigger as well, but often, the shadow of a grisly dragon’s head on the wall turns out to be nothing more than children’s hands playing in front of the light.

Yes, we have to look at the shadows but we are also allowed to laugh at monsters. So it’s not about finding deficits or working on possible weaknesses. On the contrary. The Body Healing card spreads offer an opening for recollection and a link to the perfection of our innermost essential nature. The organs tell us what we have forgotten, and we get useful hints and suggestions for changes.

As long as we realize that these are all experiences and keep the lines of communication open, we will be able to remember the light of the original idea and set out on a new course. 

Certainly, when we have exhausted or damaged our body beyond its limits for some time, it becomes very difficult to regain physical integrity, but despite possible handicaps we are still carried by our mental and spiritual health in our life. It is important to always look toward the light, orient ourselves to it, and recognize that wherever there is light there is also shadow.

Friendship is based on honesty and an open heart, and speaking directly is sometimes necessary. Just as a good friend offers us their perspective but supports ours, so too do the organs in our body, which are involved in many of our daily escapades, even though they are not at all enthusiastic about it. Think of the organs represented on the Body Healing cards as friends reminding us to do better and showing us our shadow places.

What Can We Expect?

What can we expect? First, a sobering message: Nothing! Expectations are projections into the future based on a mental updating of previous and familiar behaviours, circumstances, and reactions, but it is precisely these emotional and mental patterns that have given us the health issues now calling our attention.

Miracles do undeniably occur. Tumours may disappear overnight, as Barbara Brennan describes in Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field (Bantam 1988), or someone may walk again despite a diagnosis that they are no longer likely to do so.

For medical science, this is incredibly difficult, and “spontaneous remissions”, as they are termed, are ignored. Or the diagnoses is questioned, no matter how clear, as noted by the late Wayne Dyer in his book Real Magic: Creating Miracles in Everyday Life (William Morrow 2001).

Miracles Make Perfect Sense

From another point of view, though, miracles make perfect sense and give us hope. According to people who have experienced them, we know that there was a striking similarity in these miracles: a transformation occurred when the people prioritized spirituality in their lives. For some, this mental change took place before the miracle occurred, as a result of spontaneous insight, inspiration, religious faith, or other experiences that led them to question their concept of life.

Others felt a deep gratitude to life or God following their miraculous recovery and spoke of meeting their soul. Many of these people questioned their accustomed social relationships and roles in life.

This defies the common expectation to “continue as usual”. Health, miracles show us, is the result of our coming to an understanding that emphasizes the readiness to adapt to life’s demands. It is connected with our ability to contact the deepest parts of our spirituality, what German philosopher Max Horkheimer called the “more than what is”.

When we lay the Body Healing Cards into different spreads, we tune in to an inner field of the soul where we question our expectations on unconscious levels. We receive the answers to our questions as sensations, feelings, postural changes, or spontaneous memories or inspirations. Ultimately, the Body Healing Cards provide us with condensed inner soul reactions that project the background of our issues into our consciousness.

Copyright 2019, 2021. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission of the publisher
Findhorn Press, an imprint of Inner Traditions Intl..

Article Source

Body Healing Cards
by Ewald Kliegel (Author), Anne Heng (Illustrator)

cover art of the Body Healing Cards deck by Ewald Kliegel (Author), Anne Heng (Illustrator)Opening up an entirely new dimension of body awareness, Body Healing Cards offers a holistic approach to health for both self-healing and wellness practitioners. Based on Ewald Kliegel’s more than 40 years of hands-on healing work, Body Healing Cards offers an opportunity to intuitively investigate the essence of the individual organs, explore their interconnectedness within the body, and discover their physical, soul, and spiritual layers.

Anne Heng’s beautiful full-color intuitive artwork carries information that addresses the unconscious levels of the organs, opening up buried senses of the soul and enabling us to become aware not only of the pure function of the organs but also of their emotional, soul, and spiritual levels.

The corresponding channeled messages in the accompanying booklet help you develop strategies for resolving stressful situations around your health as well as offering a tool for prevention by pointing toward latent dysfunctions even before illness manifests in the body. The booklet explains how to use the 56-card deck, including the two Male and Female principle cards, and details 7 different card spreads, including the Health Spiral, the Organ Constellation, the Organ Clock Spread, and the complex Health Matrix.

For more info and/or to order this book, click here

About the Author & Illustrator

photo of Ewald KliegelEwald Kliegel has been a practicing massage therapist and naturopath for more than 35 years. He teaches seminars on reflex zone massage and crystal wand therapy in both German and English throughout Europe. He lives in Stuttgart, Germany.

Anne Heng is a painter and illustrator, who specializes in painting on silk, which enables her to convey the quiet beauty of nature. She lives near the Taunus Mountains in Germany.

Visit the author's website here: http://www.crystal-wands.net/

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