Do You Believe in Miracles? I Don't, But...

Do You Believe in Miracles? I Don't, But...

The perfect parking place shows up every time. A hopelessly lost pet shows up within an hour of a group praying for a miracle. Teeth with cavities grow new gold fillings seconds after a healer prays. The perfect house becomes available, a job opens, money multiplies, the right people appear — all through serendipity too remarkable to be “coincidence.”

I don’t “believe” in miracles like these; I see them in my daily life. I would no more say I believe in miracles than say I believe in cars, or planes, or chairs. They’re just a part of life. At the time of this writing, I travel the world conducting healing services and teaching seminars with Dr. Michael Ulm, a faith healer whose practice includes the rare phenomenon of dental fillings turning to shiny new gold or silver, along with other remarkable manifestations of spontaneous healing.

The miracle of gold fillings appearing, often right before our eyes, may not be necessary for an illness to heal but the phenomenon never fails to delight those who witness it. As one participant put it, “My fillings turning to gold at the healing service felt like a direct communication from God and He was saying, ‘I love you!’"

Nothing is Impossible in an Unlimited Universe

I can’t say I fully understand the mystery of dental gold, but what I’ve observed is that people generally come for healing to alleviate pain and illness. They leave with a renewed sense of wonder and an awakened mind — for if teeth can grow gold right before our eyes, then, truly, what could be impossible? The miracle isn’t just the absence of pain and dis-ease; it’s the dawning awareness of an unlimited universe.

Michael Ulm and I first experienced this phenomenon with one of the great dental healers of the twentieth century, the late Dr. Willard Fuller, with whom we both had the good fortune to study and, at times, collaborate. Dr. Fuller’s work was known for an extremely high incidence of general healings and also for the phenomenon of spontaneous dental healing: old amalgam fillings turning to shiny gold, silver, or other precious materials; crooked teeth straightening; missing teeth growing back; and more.

Through the years, the fillings in my own teeth have gone from the shiny silver I received in my first healing service with Dr. Fuller to gold through the work I do now with Michael. Although there’s no sure curriculum guaranteed to teach our students this art of dental alchemy, Michael and I have seen some students manifest the phenomenon in their own work, their healing touch resulting in gold fillings that weren’t there before.

From "I Can't Believe It" to Commonplace

What’s interesting about this transmutation of teeth is how difficult it is for people to believe before they see it themselves. Even then, some think it’s a hoax, sometimes not changing their mind until they find new gold in their own mouths. Yet after one has attended several group healings in which gold and silver appear in mouths all over the room, the occurrence becomes strangely commonplace.

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As I shared some of these experiences with my friend Thomas (aptly named because he prides himself on being a “Doubting Thomas”), he said, “If that’s possible, why aren’t lots of people getting rich making gold out of nothing? Why hasn’t this ‘materialization’ been taken over by industry for profit?”

Is There a Magic Formula for Miracles?

Do You Believe in Miracles? I Don't...What’s hard to convey to those who doubt is that these miraculous manifestations have no reproducible formula based purely in action. Steps may be taken and actions performed. However, they are fueled by the catalyst of consciousness, energy, vibration, state of mind — things unquantifiable and mercurial, things that are hard to force into being through action alone.

For decades, a rash of literature has shown how easy it is to create miraculous health, wealth, and happiness by following the simplest of formulas or techniques. Many wonderful books have taught us the value of affirmations and visualization, of practicing meditation and yoga, of positive thinking and prayer. Popular movies like What the Bleep Do We Know?! and The Secret make “the Law of Attraction” look like an easy way to have everything we want.

And it really is that easy…except, of course, when it’s not, when no amount of affirmation or visualization techniques will budge life circumstances that feel hopelessly out of our control. Sometimes these techniques backfire comically with results that are literally just what we asked for, as when a woman I once knew affirmed that “My next boyfriend is rich!” Her affirmation produced immediate results, drawing into her life a new boyfriend who wasn’t wealthy but was named Rich!

Miracles: Beyond the Limitations of Thinking

Too often the practices of spiritual healing or intentional manifestation keep our focus on the presence of dis-ease or on a lack of something in our lives. Miracles may include healings and manifestations, but they take us beyond our needs, beyond our wants, and beyond the limitations of our thinking. They’re such a direct experience of God energy that they change us; they don’t simply produce a result on demand.

For example, several days after attending one of my group experiments, a woman came into a large windfall of money after her sister won the lottery and shared it with her. The money definitely helped the woman progress speedily toward the goals she had identified at the group event.

When she recounted the story, she said the real miracle wasn’t the manifested money — it was that her sister shared it with her. The two had had a very strained relationship and this gesture produced a totally unexpected healing.

Miracles can result in all kinds of lovely manifestations but they’re more than these end products. Miracles are always rooted in love, the love of God that transforms us and makes all things possible.

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Making Miracles -- Creating New Realities for Your Life and Our World
(previously released as: Holding a Butterfly — An Experiment in Miracle-Making)
by Lynn Woodland.

This article was adapted from the book: Making Miracles by Lynn WoodlandGrounded in science and metaphysics, Making Miracles: Create New Realities for Your Life and Our World is a growing snowball of group consciousness. It invites all readers to bypass the presumed boundaries of space and time (boundaries that science is showing to be permeable beyond our wildest imaginings) to reach out in loving compassion to every other reader, wherever they happen to be in space/time. The "experiment" involves focusing and directing this collective energy of love to see what miracles we can create for ourselves, each other, and the world beyond.

Click here for more info and/or to order the new edition of this book.

About the Author

Lynn Woodland, author of the article: Do You Believe in Miracles?Lynn Woodland is an award-winning author, international teacher and human potential expert. Dr. Lynn Woodland has worked at the experimental edges of the Mind/Body/Spirit, Transpersonal Psychology and New Thought movements since 1972. Her particular expertise is in what gives rise to miracles and in teaching ordinary people to live extraordinary lives so that miracles become, not just possible, but natural. Learn more at

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