No Mind, No Thoughts: The Secret to Inner Peace

No Mind, No Thoughts: The Secret to Inner Peace

No Mind, No Thoughts: The Stopping-Thought Exercise

Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Pay attention to your thoughts, following them wherever they may lead. Simply watch them come and go. After you’ve watched your thoughts for five to ten seconds, ask yourself the following question and then wait, in a very alert state, to see what happens immediately afterward. Here is the question: Where will my next thought come from?

What happened? Was there a short break in your thinking while you waited for the next thought? Did you notice a space — a kind of gap between the question and the new thought? Okay, now reread the instructions, and perform the exercise again. I’ll wait. . . .

Did you notice a slight hesitation in your thinking — a pause between thoughts? If you were alert immediately after you asked the question, you will have noticed that your mind was just waiting for something to happen.

Watching the Mind: No Thoughts in the Gap

Eckhart Tolle, the author of The Power of Now, says that this experience is like a cat watching a mouse hole. You were awake, waiting, but there were no thoughts in the gap. You may have heard that it takes many years of arduous practice to clear the mind of thoughts, but you’ve just done it in a matter of seconds.

Please try the exercise again. Do it for two to three minutes with your eyes closed. Every 15 seconds or so, ask the original question or use a substitute such as: What color will my next thought be? or What will my next thought smell like? The question isn’t important, but paying attention is.

Watch the gap closely when it’s there; look for it when it’s not. Attention will expose the gap — the space between thoughts. This gap is the source of thought. It may be fleeting, but it will be there. As you regularly become aware of this mental pause, it will begin to work its magic on you.

Now close your eyes and do the exercise for two to three minutes. I’ll wait.

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No Thought, No Mind: Becoming More Relaxed, More Peaceful

No Mind, No Thoughts: The Secret to Inner PeaceFinished? Good. How do you feel right now? Do you feel some relaxation in your body? Are your thoughts quieter? Do you feel stillness or peace?

How can this happen? All you did was observe the gap between thought; and automatically, without effort, your body became more relaxed and your mind more peaceful. That is what happens when you begin to function and live in the quieter levels of the mind. The body and mind are intimately related, and when the mind stops thinking so hard, the body gets to relax and become more rested.

The Secret to Inner Peace: Learning to Combat Mental, Emotional, and Physical Stress

You already know how to make your body tense and rigid by becoming mentally stressed. Tight neck and shoulders, headaches, digestive problems, constipation, and hypertension are all manners of physical ailments resulting from a chaotic, runaway mind. However, you have just discovered how to combat the problem of mental/emotional/physical stress in three minutes. Remarkable, isn’t it? And this is just the tip of the QE [Quantum Entrainment] iceberg. This simple exercise enables you to get a feel for the potential of embracing Nothing.

Now let me ask you this: When you were observing the gap between your thoughts, were you worried about paying your bills, making dinner, or remembering your spouse’s birthday? Of course not. Your mind was completely still and free of worry.

No Mind, No Thoughts: How to Make Fear, Anxiety, Remorse, and Guilt Disappear

It is impossible to be completely aware of Nothing and suffer from fear, anxiety, remorse, guilt, or any other discordant or destructive emotion. If you did nothing else but learn this forceful lesson, you would be able to dramatically alter your life’s course toward more prosperity, creativity, and love. But there is much more.

If just a few minutes of observing the gap between your thoughts brought you peace and relaxation, imagine what joyful adventures await you when pure awareness infuses your thinking, eating, working, and loving. Discovering pure awareness at the bottom of your mind and vibrating outward through the simplicity of atoms to the symphony of the spheres is the first step to living a full and bounteous life. Teasing it out to support and nurture your every activity is the next step.

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The Secret of Quantum Living by Frank J KinslowThe Secret of Quantum Living
by Frank J Kinslow.

Within the pages of this powerful book, you will learn Dr. Kinslow’s process of Quantum Entrainment® (QE) and discover how to enrich and enliven all areas of your life. It doesn’t require previous training, and it’s so simple that a child can do it. The Secret of Quantum Living is fun to read and exciting to apply. You’ll begin seeing results from your very first session. Give it a try . . . you’ll be surprised how quickly the process works for you!

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