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Written and Narrated by Marie T. Russell.

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"There is a rhythm and balance to all life,
a dance between physical reality and the spiritual world.
In our dualistic reality, when we talk of growth,
healing, and enlightenment, we are speaking of
moving out of darkness and into light,
as if darkness is somehow separate, or the opposite of light.
But darkness cannot be separate from light;
they are integral to each other, one and the same."

-- Lisa Estabrook, Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle


We all contain a blend of energies -- masculine/feminine, physical/spiritual, lighthearted/serious, childlike/adultlike, etc. Our task is not to transcend one and embrace the other. Our task is to learn to balance all polarities by learning to dance with them. We must experience the totality of the energies... the light and the dark, the masculine and the feminine, the child-like playfulness and the adult-like discipline, relaxation and action. etc.

It's not a case of either/or. It is a case of tuning in to the rhythm of all the energies that flow to us and through us to create our own tapestry of life. Each thread is a different color, a different warp, a different strength. Yet together they create a magnificent work of art. Our masterpiece needs a multitude of energies from joy to sorrow, laughter to tears, and from doubt to trust. All of these blend and integrate into the one magnificent being, physical and spiritual, that we truly are.

A performer who walks the high-wire does not do it by being rigid. She does it by being flexible, by dancing with the wire, by flowing with the energy. And so it is on the high-wire of life. We must bend, flow, and be flexible, feel the rhythm and attain a moment to moment balance. 


Everything has its own vibration, its own energy, its own rhythm. Some things and people are in harmony with us, and some are in dissonance. Part of being true to ourselves is recognizing what, and who, is in harmony with us, and what isn't.

This does not imply judgment or criticism or even blame. It is simply a recognition of what feels best for us, what is in tune with our inner being, with our heart, or as the saying goes, "what makes your heart sing".

Every day and every moment, we need to tune in to our heart and to our joy. Being in resonance with our heart and our joy is what creates a life that is fulfilling and in harmony with our greater good. When in doubt ask yourself: "Does this resonate with my heart?"


Once we have identified what makes our heart sing, and what doesn't -- or worse, what is for us like nails on a chalkboard -- it is time to learn to set boundaries. We learn to say yes and say no, appropriately.

We say yes to those things that increase our well-being, our inner peace, and our inner and outer health. We say no to those other things that drain our vitality and do not help us live up to our true loving Self.

Boundaries are important for our self-care. As we open our heart to what is best for us, we will also know what, and who, supports us and what, and who, does not. We then realize what is in harmony with us.


Good communication includes both speaking and listening. This includes not only communication with others, but communication with our own self, with our body, with our inner Self,  with our emotions, with our ego. 

Once we have connected with our own truth, then we are able to share it with others. However, we need to be able to communicate with love and without the ego stepping in to state that "my way is the only way".

Everyone has their own truth, their own inner wisdom. And what is true for you is not necessarily true for others, and vice versa. When we speak from the heart, we do not judge, criticize, or hurt others. The key is to listen to our heart before we speak.


When we are pulled this way and that way by the world, by the promises of advertising, by the distractions of life, it makes it difficult to connect with our true Self. When we strive for the unattainable goals of societal norms and social media, we can doubt our very being.

However, once we fully accept who we are, the yin and the yang, the light and the dark, the masculine and the feminine, we can then step forth with confidence to express the best of who we are. We then have the confidence to be true to our inner wisdom and follow our heart. To do so requires bravery and the courage to go against the norm, to go against the prescribed behaviors of a world based on competition and separation.

Yet, once we attune to all of who we are, we then can live confidently from our heart, rather than letting the fears of our ego run the show. And the more we listen to our higher self, the more we will learn to trust in ourselves and in our truth, and the more we will stride confidently toward our dream of a better life and a better world.


To follow our heart and our dreams, we must be independent of others. This does not mean abandoning others, but rather, not being swayed by their beliefs, attitudes, prejudices, and desires. We must be true to our own heart, no matter what others think or say. 

Following our heart is not always the "accepted" way of being as it does not stem from "life as usual". The "norm" often means competition, the need to be admired, the craving for love, making choices based on pride, arrogance, anger, and jealousy, etc.

We can only find our way home and our own path by being independent of the influence and desires of others. The acceptance and unconditional love we need will not come from others, but from our own Self. Our strength and power come not from others, but from within our own true Self. 

Vibrancy and Celebration

Once we acknowledge and accept who we are, we can then let our true Self shine. We can let go of our inhibitions, be passionate about our life, and let our creative spirit soar.

It is time to give ourselves permission to dance and sing at the top of our voice, letting our innate joy bound forth into a life guided by inspiration and love. Our inner child is yearning to express its innate joy, its innate love. 

Every day is a gift worth celebrating. We must show up, express our Self, and make manifest the potential of our own life. It's time to awaken our inner creativity and childlike wonder and live a life that is a shining beacon of Life, Love and Truth. 

Article inspired from:

Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle

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