Being Willing to Release Struggle and Embrace the Path of Joy

Willing to Release Struggle and Embrace the Path of Joy

I choose joy.
I choose the path of joy.

I am now willing to release struggle,
and embrace the path of joy.

I relax my body.

I bring relaxation
into my face, head, and neck.

I adjust my posture
so that energy flows easily through me.

I allow my emotions
to grow quiet and calm.

My mind is now becoming serene.
I am at peace with the world.

As I breathe in,
I draw in light.

As I breathe out,
I release any thoughts or feelings
I do not want.

I feel the light of my soul all around me,
embracing me with its love.
I expand into the light of my soul.

My soul sings a song of joy.
I draw my soul's joy into my being.

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I draw my soul's joy
into the cells of my body.

I draw my soul's joy
into my emotions.
I draw my soul's joy
into my thoughts.

I sound a note of joy
that reverberates
throughout my being.

I think of an area of my life
in which I would like
more joy.

As I think of this area of my life,
I ask my soul
to permeate
this area
with its note
of joy.

I affirm that I can release anything
in this area of my life
that does not
bring me

I ask my soul
to assist me
in releasing
any thoughts,
and behaviors
that do not contribute
to my having
a joyful life.

I believe that I can
have joy in this
and in every area
of my life.

I open to
and experience

I am aware of my inner being
throughout the day.

I connect with my soul often,
and as I do,
I draw in its joy.

Joy becomes the keynote
of my life.

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Duane PackerSanaya RomanThis meditation was "given" by Orin and DaBen, both timeless beings of love and light, channeled by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. For a free subscription to their newsletter which includes messages from Orin and DaBen, write to: LuminEssence, P.O. Box 1310, Medford, OR 97501. Phone: 541-770-6700. This meditation is reprinted from their website with permission. Visit their website at


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