Awareness Tune-Up: Meditation and Telepathy Exercises

Awareness Tune-Up: Meditation and Telepathy Exercises
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There have been many books written on spiritual unfoldment and developing one's awareness. I recommend that you research and experiment to find out what really works for you. The following techniques have worked for me and have psychically jump-started many of my students. Take your time, have patience, and enjoy the process.

Meditation Exercises

I've found that the art of meditation (along with breath work) can be one of the most beneficial ways to begin your journey into awareness. I find that meditation allows me to look at a problem or situation instead of being in it. It's a chance to stand back and view an issue with new eyes and a new understanding. There's a saying I love, which goes: "They say when you pray, you're talking to God, but when you meditate, you're talking with God." Meditation just might be the spiritual window you need to open yourself to a whole new world.

The word meditation for some brings to mind a guru chanting atop a mountain or a monk sitting alone in a cave. Meditation is simply a state of being in which the active mind slows down. It will bring you to a place where you can shut down your mental chatter and become more aware of the subtle energies inside of you.

We strive for financial success, good jobs, nice cars, and all those material things we think we need. These are all fabulous, but they're not the ultimate answer. When we reach for things outside of ourselves, we often move farther and farther away from our spark or life force. The most important thing in life is to feed our soul and try to maintain a balance.

We must learn to pull way back from the strains of daily life and go within to find that peace. Meditation can do that for us. It can also produce great health benefits. For instance, the relaxation and calmness that comes from meditating can enhance the immune functions of the body, reduce blood pressure, increase physical energy, and assist in your overall well-being.

Now let's be honest. You may have the best intentions to start your meditation practice, but life will try to stop you. That's why you have to make an effort to devote time to this practice. Try starting with just 15 minutes each day. Soon you'll learn to increase the length of your meditation, and you'll look forward to your special time with yourself and your spirit.

So many people think that meditating means that you must force your mind to go blank. That's impossible. However, you can learn to watch your thoughts come in and go right out again. Soon, these same thoughts will no longer have any power over you.

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The meditation below is one that I use in my workshops because it's a great introduction to the process. I find that it helps to do it the same time every day, whether in the early morning or in the evening. Let's begin to clear our minds....

Our Meditation

Please find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed for at least 15 minutes. Turn off the phone, play some soft music, and sit in a comfortable chair. It helps to wear loose, unrestricted clothing as well. The general principle in meditation is to sit upright, with the least amount of strain on your muscles and joints. By choosing this posture, your body can relax, and your meditation won't be hindered by physical discomfort. I find it helpful to uncross my legs and keep both feet on the floor.

It's best to have an intention before you start your meditation -- whether it's to develop your awareness or to just let go of the day and check in with yourself. You can choose whatever intention you like because this is your time. Let's begin.

Close your eyes and simply focus on your breath. Breathe into your stomach slowly, and let the air move up to your lower lungs and then into the chest area. This is known as the "complete breath." Take it slow and easy. Each breath in will bring more and more relaxation, and each exhalation will let go of all stress and tension. Just do this for five minutes, lightly focusing on the regular rhythm of your breathing. Soon, you will naturally be more and more relaxed with every breath. Your breath is your instructor -- trust that your next one will come without any effort. Just let it happen. Let it all go, and relax. If your mind starts to wander, just bring it back to your breath. Let your thoughts come in, acknowledge them, and slowly watch them leave again. Notice how it feels to be completely relaxed. Focus on your breath while you let all that mind chatter slow down and evaporate.

In your mind's eye, or third eye, I want you to imagine a symbol of your choosing. It can be a flower, a religious figure or icon, a word, or whatever is pleasing to you. Make it your own special symbol that you use every single time you meditate. At this point, just focus without straining on your symbol. I want you to inhale with a complete breath and bring your awareness up to your third eye as you focus on your symbol. It's almost as if you're breathing in and out through this center. Do this for another five minutes. If your mind wanders, focus on the breath and your symbol to bring you back.

During this relaxed state, it would be a great time to ask Spirit for an answer to a certain question. You can even ask if there's anything that your intuition has been trying to tell you. You may see an image, a scene, or beautiful colors. You can also allow your spirit guides to make themselves known to you. Your answer may not be immediate -- it may even present itself in a few days. Or you could be at the right place, at the right time and receive your answer immediately. After about 15 minutes, slowly move your fingers while remaining aware of your body, and bring yourself back into the here-and-now and become aware of the room around you. Remain seated for a moment, contemplate your meditation, and see how you feel.

Meditation is an amazing practice because it's filled with many wonderful surprises. If you meditate before you go to sleep at night, a dream will often come to provide you with answers. For this reason, it's always helpful to keep a journal handy after you meditate and when you wake up in the morning. I suggest that you write down everything you feel when you first open your eyes -- before your feet even touch the floor. Do this before your mind brings you back into full waking consciousness.

The Way of the Rose

Another type of meditation I have my students experiment with is "The Rose Meditation." You can try this with a friend. Have them tell you the name of someone they know whom they've been in contact with recently. It's better if you don't know the person they have in mind so you can be objective.

Next, go into your meditation, but instead of focusing on your symbol, picture a rose in your third eye (choose whatever color rose you wish), and concentrate on the person's name you were just given. Notice if the rose is opening and blooming ... or is it slowly closing? Is it wilting, or is simply just bending? The rose will give you a clue as to how that person is doing in their life. If the rose is opening, you'll know that they're in a happy space right now. If it's wilting, then maybe they're going through an emotional time. Let your own intuitive awareness interpret what the rose means for that person.

Explain what you've received to your partner so they can confirm if you're on target. This is a great way to start trusting and stretching your abilities. It's only through practice that you'll be able to discriminate between your psychic self and your imagination.

Telepathy Exercises

To experience your own spirit communication, you should educate and experiment with the workings of telepathy. This shouldn't be too difficult, since we all possess this ability already, although most of us don't know it.

To help you, I'd like to share some exercises that I use with students in my workshops. Please realize that some people are better senders than receivers -- you truly need to work on this skill to hone your own abilities.

Okay, let's practice! First, find a friend who's willing to help you and who might also be interested in developing their own psychic abilities. If you can find a class on this topic or an awareness group taught by an experienced teacher, then you're really on the right track.

Use the meditation mentioned earlier to still your mind before you begin. Also, have a pen and paper ready so that you can write down everything you're receiving. Although these exercises may seem simple, don't fool yourself. You'll be using a form of energy that we humans have moved away from -- you'll need it to retrain your psychic mind.

In my classes, I usually divide the room in half and show a photo to one group of students -- it might be a boat on a serene lake or a picture of a roller coaster. Each side then takes turns sending and receiving the images and the emotions that go with them.

You can also try this at home. Relax, and have fun with this exercise. You and your partner should take turns sending and receiving different images from pictures you clip out of a magazine. Sit back-to-back in chairs, and try to pick up the colors and textures of the image. I also want you to feel the emotion that goes with the picture. Ask your psychic self these questions: Am I calm as I'm focusing, or is there an intense feeling? Are there any people in the picture? Are they indoors or outdoors? After a few moments, you'll see how your mind picked up the image in its own unique way. Next, you should switch with your partner and let them try it.

You may also have your partner place different photos in envelopes, which they then pass to you. Your job is to write down what images and feelings you're picking up. Don't hesitate and change your mind. I want you to write down your first impressions. Telepathy is simply a tool. Don't be discouraged if you don't get many right at first this is like any other skill that requires practice, patience, and experimentation. If you give it time, you'll be able to stretch and strengthen your spiritual abilities and stay connected forever with those in your life and those who have gone on before you.

Spirits are constantly trying to send you signals to let you know that they're fine. It could be their favorite song playing on the radio at the exact moment you need to hear from them, you may smell their perfume or cologne, or simply just sense them. They'll also come through to you in your dreams, which is when the door to the Other Side is open and your conscious mind is taking a break. Watch for small signals and so-called coincidences, for they could be the spirits' biggest opportunities to say "Hello" or "I love you."

My last piece of advice is this: Keep an open mind, and read all you can about the gifts of the spirit. Realize that you're born with your own unique and special talents. I know that some of you are saying, "But I don't know what mine are!" Go back to your childhood and ask yourself what you loved then or what your passion is now. God gave each and every one of you individual talents to develop and share with others. That's your special gift -- your signature on the world.

Mediumship is just one of these gifts, but there are so many others -- writing, music, art, inspiration, and love, for example. And you're all capable of so much more. What you do with what you have is truly what matters. Seek your own experiences, and you'll attain your own awareness. In turn, you'll be able to make up your own mind about how you want to follow your own spiritual path.

God bless you. I wish you well. Enjoy the journey called life, for it's the most precious gift of all.

Reprinted with permission of the publisher,
Hay House Inc. ©2003.

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Born Knowing by John HollandGiven the phenomenal change in attitudes about life after death, public interest in the Other Side is ever-increasing. Born Knowing will show you that even after the loss of a loved one, you’re never truly alone. Born Knowing is John Holland’s first book. In an open and candid way, he explains how he dealt with his conflict of coming to terms, and finally accepting, his rare ability as a spirit messenger who helps people connect with those who have passed on.

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John Holland is an internationally renowned psychic medium who has spent more than 20 years investigating and developing his abilities as a psychic medium. John regularly lectures on both the East and West Coasts, and his public demonstrations provide his audience with a unique glimpse into the fascinating subject of mediumship. John's work has been featured on TV in Unsolved Mysteries. Website:

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