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"Who are they?" is a question many of us ask when wondering who's behind the curtain pulling the strings. Many a book and film have been written about that intrigue and the truth is probably even more mysterious.

"Where are they?" is the question a friend asked as we discussed corruption in politics and agreed that real leaders have personal integrity and are guided by a commitment to public service, not by personal agendas or doing the bidding of their financial backers.

That's when he said it: "Where are they?"

Do The Other Things...

Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, Gandhi, Mother Theresa ... history is highlighted with rare individuals who took a stand for truth. Examining their personal lives, we often discover shadowy elements that historians ignore or downplay. For instance, JFK was a notorious womanizer. But he also inspired the nation with his "going to the moon" speech in 1962.

Historians have puzzled over one comment in that speech by JFK. He said: we choose “to do the other things.” I’ve wondered too, just what were those other things? Doesn’t this seem like an odd phrase?

But it’s what follows that gives us an insightful clue to our current leadership vacuum. Here’s the rest of that sentence: we choose “to do the other things, not because they are easy but because they are hard.” Note the wording. He said: “because they are hard,” not: “even though they are hard.”

Taking The Easy Road?

We live in an age of convenience. Every day, all day long, we are offered products and services to make our lives easier. The fundamental mindset is: Easy - good, hard - bad. In fact, making something hard easy is the key to successful marketing. Easy ways to make money, lose weight, find love, get healthy, etc. But what has that mindset produced?

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Without exercise, which is often hard, we become weak. And that's what's happened at the leadership level. They have taken the easy road: "Here, take this money for your campaign, we'll talk later." And we have bought into their empty promises: "Elect me and I'll fix everything. It's easy, just vote, then go back to sleep. Leave it to me. And, of course, my invisible friends."

We Are the Leaders the World Has Been Waiting For

Well, while all this may be obviously true, what do we do about it? Simple. We turn "they" into "we" and then into "me". We are the leaders the world has been waiting for... wait, let's rephrase that, I am the leader the world has been waiting for.

Could the waiting end, as I write and you read this sentence?

It's hard to always do the right thing. You can lose friends, a job, it can hurt. But will we, will I, come to the end of this life time and know: "Wow, I really did it. I lived a true life!" Or, will we be haunted by regret like a friend of mine was as he died? I sat by his bedside, hearing him recite how he wished he'd lived his life differently. It was too late for him.

From the Easy Way to the Right Way

This is the moment to commit to being true to ourselves, by shifting that mindset - which is more like our primary operating system - from taking the easy way to taking the right way. It's hard? Good, that's going to build my internal muscles.

BTW, this isn't philosophical, it's practical. For instance, I don't like using a water pic to clean my teeth. But I do it because it's good for my gums. I don't really like working out. It's hard. I could list a bunch of other things I'm choosing to do that are hard or not fun but important and right. You can make your own list.

But the list is one thing, checking them off is another. I find it's like waking up from a spell of laziness, one hard choice at a time.

But doing "the other things because they are hard" is the real way things get easier. We change at a fundamental level from wanting life to be easy to embracing ongoing personal growth and leading by example as our reason for being.

This is how we actualize our gratitude for the gift of life.

It would be nice if a super hero or three showed up to save us. ET's included. But this is the age of us, of me and you, the time of our lives when we live our true lives.

"Where are they?"

"Where am I?"

"Where are you?"

Right here.

Leaders wanted. Apply within.

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