Active Daydreaming Techniques for Tapping into Nature

Active Daydreaming Techniques for Tapping into Nature
Image by Stefan Keller

We are born into this life to give it shape and to be powerful. Whether you’re simply fixing lunch or dreaming of leading a self-sufficient life in the country, these are all ideas waiting to be put into practice in the best possible way.

When we have an idea, we are playing with different thoughts and scenarios in our head, and we move easily and effortlessly in the realm of the possible. When we daydream or imagine things, we conjure up pictures in our heads, sensual experiences and good feelings.

Imagine walking barefoot on the beach, and notice how your body reacts: it creates a sense of relaxation, the soles of your feet feel warm, and you might even taste salt on your tongue; it’s exactly the same experience as being at the beach itself.

Active Daydreaming

Active daydreaming means imagining something, picturing it to yourself, and retaining this image in your mind for a short while; in so doing, you are combining deep concentration with a concrete goal—this is a valuable tool for working with the energies of Nature.

If you feel a task is too much for you and you want to look to Nature for help, visualize yourself going about the task in a relaxed fashion, and then let your gaze wander about you. Your eyes may come to rest on the rubber plant in your sitting room, for example, and you can maintain this contact until you feel better. You have linked a concrete goal (relaxation) with concentrating on the rubber plant, and your goal of greater relaxation has become reality. Ideas that become reality are simply a question of energy and application.

The recipe for effortlessly tapping into the energies of Nature might follow this example: take a thought, combine it with pleasant feelings and sensual experience, and add concentration on a particular element. This immediately creates a dynamic and vital recipe and unleashes an unstoppable force.

Active daydreaming and/ or visualization creates a synthesis of forces in which our needs and the energies of Nature combine. The universe has a solution for everything: Creation has consciously equipped us with the forces of Nature. Let’s make use of this wealth of power and richness.

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Four Ways of Tapping Into The Elemental Forces Of Nature

Here's where I show you an excellent tool used by the great healers: four different ways in which you can make use of the energies of Nature. It is an approach with significant advantages: you can choose your preferred way., like picking a channel on television.

One of the secrets of the great healers is always to choose the way that best reinforces your own strength and the power of your ideas. Here is an example:

Four people are walking toward a wood.

The first notices the distance to the trees and calculates how long it will take to reach them; for this person the wood is just a waypoint on that day’s walk.

The second concentrates on the beautiful color of the trees’ foliage and the buzzard hovering over the treetops, feeling the connection with the wood in the powerful steps he is taking. The wood is the source of his power.

The third has connected with the wood and wants to move in silence among the trees and follow his own thoughts. For him, the forest is an oasis, a space for meditation.

The fourth dives straight in at first sight of the wood and forgets all the others around him. He identifies so strongly with woodland that he feels how it feels. For him, the wood is a way of immersing himself in a completely different world.

Each of these people is using the power of the wood in a particular way, a way that is best suited to their personal needs and gives them strength and power. You can play around with these different ways as well.

Take the example described above, and let’s suppose you are the first walker. The wood is a waypoint on your hike, which you want to finish at a particular time so you can catch the bus back home. You’re running a bit late, you’re stressed, and you want to be making progress to reach the bus stop in time. Seen through the eyes of the second walker, you immediately feel more strength and drive, and you can pick up the pace. The third option will help you to find a new direction for your thoughts; the calm of the forest will give you confidence that you will reach your goal. In the fourth option, feeling at one with the wood will help you to put time pressure to the back of your mind and simply be in the moment, just breathing and keeping going.

Each of these options is a way to tap into the elemental forces of the wood, and depending on the situation, one or other will produce the best results. Try it yourself.

Here’s a general guide to show you the essentials of each option:

Option 1

You focus your attention on the individual components of the bigger picture, analyzing, evaluating, and identifying details. You understand things rationally and intellectually, but you can take action quickly, keeping your distance, recovering from emotional upset, and examining a situation soberly.

Option 2

You tap into the elements of Nature, speak to them, and receive answers. You exchange thoughts, feelings, and images; this is the world of telepathy. You communicate with the beings of Nature, animals and plants, and connect with the forces of Nature.

Option 3

You use the energies of Nature as a symbol. A tree, a shower of rain, or a bird feather can be an omen, a talisman, an object of power, or a sign to do something. Anything you encounter in Nature that catches your attention will be suitable for this; you decide what it means and what support it can give you. In this way, you are intimately connected with the primordial power of the elements.

Option 4

You sense and experience Nature holistically. You are Nature, a tree, a lake, or the wind, and you feel this power within and around you. This is very useful if you are working with the weather, starting something new, or want to discover something new about yourself.

Exercise: Try different options

For this exercise, choose a plant and explore its power in different ways.

* Look closely at the plant, its stalk, its leaves, and flowers. Describe their shape, colors, and size in as much detail as possible.

* Feel your connection with this plant; perceive it as a living being with which you can communicate, a being that is receptive to your thoughts and feelings. Send out loving thoughts to it and imagine receiving a loving thought in return.

* See the plant as a symbol of yourself, of something associated with you, your personality, your dreams, or your preferences. What does it make you think of?

* Imagine yourself getting smaller. Shrink yourself down and squeeze inside the plant. Feel how the plant feels in your position, how it is faring, and what it needs.

* Leave the plant, and decide which option you found most pleasant. Linger with this feeling for as long as you like before returning to your daily routine.

Look After Yourself

In shamanic cultures there is a rule that I strongly recommend, and that is: “Whatever you do, do it with as much power as possible.” A small power boost can be extremely effective.

However, this is not asking us to simply keep going until we’re flat on the floor, so exhausted that we want to extend breaks and rest times for as long as possible; instead, we should take stock every so often and look at how our power reserves are holding out. This has a very positive effect on our condition after completing a task.

Exercise: “What element would help me feel powerful now?”

As you go about your daily life, always ask yourself the same question: “What element would help me feel powerful now?” Trust your intuition and take the first thought that comes into your head. There are many possible starting points for interpreting our thoughts; we just have to “read between the lines.”

If you are seeking more power right now, let a mighty fall wind fill your sails. If you are feeling very cold and tired, wrap yourself in a sunshine coat. If you feel listless and unable to concentrate, picture yourself under a waterfall. Do whatever occurs to you on the spur of the moment. This is a very simple and highly effective way to stay powerful.

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The Seven Elemental Forces of Huna: Practices for Tapping into the Energies of Nature from the Hawaiian Tradition
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The Seven Elemental Forces of Huna by Susanne WeiklIn the Huna tradition of Hawaii, there are seven elemental forces whose all-pervading energies flow around us in abundance. Each of us has the ability to easily tap into this rich source of energy to aid us in any situation, empower ourselves and our actions, and manifest good things in our lives. In this full-color practical guide, Susanne Weikl details how to connect mentally and spiritually with Huna’s seven elemental forces of nature--water, fire, wind, rock, plants, animals, and beings of light, including angels. Providing simple exercises, techniques, and rituals, she invites you to sense and meet each of the elemental forces and draw on their powers for manifestation and empowerment. (Also available as a Kindle edition.)

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Susanne WeiklSusanne Weikl is a Huna teacher and part of the Alaka`i (experts) of Huna International, Hawaii, a specially selected group initiated in a deep way into Huna wisdom. She is a direct student of Serge Kahili King, one of the most renowned teachers of the long-standing tradition of Huna, and she regularly gives workshops in Hawaii and South Africa.

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