The Counselor Within: The Wisest Counselor Always There For You

The Counselor Within: The Wisest Counselor Always There For You

"I am here for you now. Never forget the things that I have shared with you on this most important occasion as you shall be asked to prove that you have this knowledge time and time again. Remember, I love you always."

Jackie awoke from her dream with a start. Her body still reverberated with the energy of the voice that had been in the process of delivering a long message to her. However, Jackie could only manage to recall the last few sentences, but how powerful that voice felt! She wrote down as much as she could recall.

I was in a room, just like this. I closed my eyes in the dream and started to get in touch with my breath. How wonderful that felt. It wasn't deep breathing or anything, just my natural flow of breath. I pictured a safe place of mine, a mystical dark green emerald forest, an enchanted forest. I never lost touch with my breathing process. It was as if it were guiding me through each step of this experience. Then I came upon a cottage marked, 'The Counselor' and under those words, 'Enter at your own risk!'

All of a sudden Jackie's pen fell to the side of the paper as she realized that she had no recall of what happened next. All she could remember were the words that she had heard way at the end of her dream.

As the hours of the day moved on, Jackie was troubled that she couldn't remember what happened to her in her dream. Over the next days she tried desperately to recall, but nothing came to her.

"Did I go in that house? Did I pass it by? If I did go in it, what happened? And where did that voice come into the picture? Oh, I hate not being able to remember important dreams!"

Days passed and she became more aggravated. Never had she become so attached to the outcome of a dream as with this one. She had to know and this possessed her every waking moment.

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"Well, what do you think happened next?" she would ask everyone time and time again.

Jackie's friends started to find it difficult to be around her as that was all she seemed to talk about.

Trying to Remember a Dream

Another weekend was about to pass and there was Jackie, in her apartment about to go stark raving mad, vowing not to come out until she had total recall of that experience. Then, an idea occurred to her. She sat in the same chair where the dream occurred and thought,

"If I re-create this experience, maybe I'll find the missing pieces I'm looking for."

So she closed her eyes and, just like she had done in her dream, began to get in touch with her breathing.

She stayed a while with this, not letting any mind chatter come in, and if it did, she would acknowledge those thoughts and then return to her breathing process. She then thought of her safe place, the emerald forest, and all at once, she was there.

She once again found her way to the cottage with those words "The Counselor -- Enter at your own risk" over the door and she realized that the rest was now up to her.

She opened the door, and stepped in.

"Wow, what a place!" she remarked as this cottage was filled with purple and white Light. It was powerful and so peaceful it made heart smile. "How could I not remember this!" she exclaimed.

"You simply forgot, but you forgot for a reason", the very voice that spoke to her weeks ago remarked.

She was startled "Who are you...where are you?" Jackie asked.

The Voice Within

"I am the voice within -- the voice and energy that is always with you, the voice and energy you have often forgotten about in your everyday dealings in life but I Am nevertheless always there. I am the Counselor within, the Divine Counselor within you. Many people often seek the guidance and love I offer, looking everywhere but never once thinking to turn within. In the days, months, and years that are ahead of us, turn to me often for I will have important knowings for you and you shall always be safe and secure as long as you stay connected with me. For you and I are always connected -- did you not realize this?"

"Yes, I think," Jackie remarked.

"Then that was precisely why you could only remember parts of the experience initially. You had to want to know Me deeply enough for you to re-trace your steps here once again so that you would never forget the way back. And not only Am I always here for you, but I Am everywhere, every day, in every way -- I Am your Higher Self, Jackie, I Am you."

The Light in the cottage began to center itself in a big swirling ball. Then, out of the center, a physical form began take shape. It appeared to be a Light form of Jackie herself, with beautiful flowing robes and an aura of Golden Light around it. Jackie, awestruck, fell to her knees. The image of her Higher Self moved towards her as if gliding on air, and extended its right hand. Jackie in turn extended hers, and a Divine union took place.

We Each Have a Higher Self

We each have a Higher Self that is just waiting to make itself known to us. If we but silence the mind and listen with the heart, then there It shall be. In a day and time when there are many fine counselors without, also remember to seek the Counselor within, for no one but It knows exactly what counseling you need, and what your next steps should be. No one else can guide you and unconditionally love you.

Close your eyes, breathe and find your safe place -- a forest, a beach, a mountain, whatever -- and ask your Higher Self to appear there. Turn to your Higher Self, turn to you! Believe, trust, and be open to receive -- it's easier than you think. For you are the wisest counselor.

© InnerSelf Magazine (print edition) March 1993

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About The Author

Robert Landau is a trained, certified hypnotherapist, and Higher Self Facilitator. He offers workshops, seminars and individual sessions to facilitate, clear, heal & empower your connection to your Higher Self.


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