Four Simple Steps to Attain Inner Peace

Four Steps to Attain Inner Peace

Q: How can I find some of that inner peace you hear the saints of old attained?
                                     -- D. R., Des Moines, Iowa

A: Finding peace begins by looking at your diet.

It is difficult to find peace of mind or body if you are consuming too much caffeine, alcohol, or toxic foods. These place a load upon your nerves. The secret to peace is to keep your nerves calm and efficient.

Also, for the body, begin a cardio program. That's right, get out and move, walk, ride a bicycle, climb stairs.

Train your heart to function and perform and you will find that you can more easily handle day to day stress -- which leads to the ability to not lose your peace of mind.

Next, begin to bring peace into your mind.

Make a commitment to be peaceful and to lead a peaceful life.

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Think of someone or a situation that normally has caused you to lose your peace of mind. Resolve right here, and right now, that your peace of mind means more to you than choosing to allow this situation or individual to have further power over you.

Third: Breathe!

Exhale out and take in all of the pain, upset of the moment, and breathe it symbolically into your heart.

This is a great secret. Your heart is a transforming device. It will turn negative energy into positive loving energy -- then breathe out this positive energy and give it back to the situation or individual that tried to upset you. Repeat as often as necessary.

Fourth: At a spiritual level, remind yourself to have no false Gods.

Don't exchange the profound peace of Spirit for a temporary anxiety. Send peaceful thoughts into your mind and body. Thoughts such as:

God is with me now.
God is guiding me in this moment.
God is protecting me.

From my heart to yours -- Namasté 

Article written by the author of:

The Initiation
by Prema Baba Swamiji (as Dr. Donald Schnell).

The Initiation y Prema Baba Swamiji (as Dr. Donald Schnell)The Initiation is a journey of self-discovery, allowing abundant possibilities. With the power to open minds, Swamiji's words allow a spiritual awakening, and an affirmation of identity. A true story capturing one man's profound experience in India, The Initiation bears a timeless, transformational message.

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About The Author

Prema Baba Swamiji (Dr. Donald Schnell)Prema Baba Swamiji (Dr. Donald Schnell) is the author of The Initiation, a spiritual adventure story about his initiation into the Ancient Order of Swamys by the eternal Babaji in India. He is a widely respected expert in the fields of metaphysics, occult phenomenon, Eastern spirituality, medical hypnosis, nutrition, exercise, and yoga. Visit Dr. Schnell's Facebook page.


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