How To Make Mothers' Day Special For Mom

How To Make Mothers' Day Special For Mom
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Whether your mother lives in her own home, with you, in a facility, or a long distance from you, there are many things you can do to make Mothers' Day a special day for her.

* Plan to spend loving, compassionate, quality time with her.

* Engage her in discussions about her past and where she is now in this stage of her life.

* If mom has accessibility to the Internet, send email greetings, photos, stories and links to special sites for her to view.

* Prepare her favorite meal using her recipe instead of taking her out to dinner. Yet if she is dreaming of eating out...go for it!! 

* Make a special toast to her.

* Let her know all the past is in the past and that forgiveness prevails.

* Plan an outing, a picnic, and take a drive to a special place. If your mom is not able to go for a drive, create it wherever she resides and reminisce of wonderful things in the past.

* If no other relatives are near by, invite some of your mother's friends who might be feeling lonely and have a special celebration and gathering for all to enjoy.

* If your mom isn't allergic to animals, arrange to bring a pet that she loves to visit her. Check with the facility if she is in one if this is permitted or perhaps you can create this outside the actual building. You can arrange to take pets out from the local shelter.

* Sit together and go through photo albums.

* Bring a small tape player or CD player and play music...your mom's favorite. 

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* Bring a nice aromatherapy lotion and massage her neck, hands and feet...this is especially good if she is in a facility. The healing power of touch is so important.

* Watch one of her favorite a TV / VCR if she is in a facility so that you can spend time viewing it alone with her in her room.

* Bring fresh flowers or a potted plant with blossoms, especially if she is in a facility. 

* If she has her own garden, perhaps you can get out there and do some planting together.

* Let your imagination and creative juices flow to give your mom the truly special day she deserves. 

* If you are harboring resentment, guilt or even anger towards her, now is the time to let go, forgive, heal and open to love. Love, after all is the greatest gift we can give from ourselves.

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Whose Face Is In The Mirror: The Story of One Woman's Journey from the Nightmare of Domestic Abuse to True Healing by Dianne Schwartz.Whose Face Is In The Mirror:
The Story of One Woman's Journey from the Nightmare of Domestic Abuse to True Healing
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