Testing and Validation

The Creator blessed me with the most beautiful of children. They are the greatest of souls. I find them to be the truest of blessings, and I derive tremendous joy in watching our lives blossom together.

Being conscious of and recognizing how my own journey affects us both, I always try and honor them by carefully listening to what they have to say. Many times their words or actions have redirected my course.

One such redirection occurred when one of my children brought to my attention a TV program that he was watching.

Testing Intuitive Gifts

On the program, a scientist was testing individuals who had gifts similar to mine. My child said, "Mommy, you need to call that man so you can help him with those studies. "As a mother who believes in the intuitive capabilities of her children, I did just that.

I made a call to the University of Arizona and got in touch with Sabrina Geoffrion, the Research Specialist Senior at the Human Energy Systems Laboratory (HESL). Even in that initial conversation, I felt a sense of familiarity and comfort with her.

As we continued to talk, I began to relay information to her of a truly personal nature. The information dealt with past, present, and future events pertaining solely to her. Our conversation turned out to be hours in length. A meeting was set up with Dr. Gary Schwartz, the Director of the laboratory.

I met with Dr. Schwartz and tests were scheduled. Over time, I would take part in extensive tests and experiments conducted in the lab. The results from Dr. Schwartz's experiments would show that consciousness does not cease to exist after death, but simply changes form.

Intuition and Working with Scientists

I was instructed by One Feather to go to great lengths to work with the scientific community. The process of connecting with the other side would no longer be about blind faith, but offer a new level of credibility. Many tests would be conducted - always with the same results.

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The mediums involved, including myself, would relay messages of closure, comfort, peace and unconditional love from the other side. The experiments themselves were blind and double blind in nature.

In layperson's terms, this meant that I had absolutely no previous contact and no direct feedback with the person I was reading.

I would be located in one area of the building with the scientific crew, and the subject would be located in another area.

In this extremely controlled environment, I would give details about the person, their private life and the lives of their family and ancestors.

I was also able to predict future events for the subjects, and these predictions were documented ahead of time. The information I received was from those family members who had already crossed over and from my other psychic abilities.

Science and Spirituality

The new data was nothing short of miraculous. For me, this was an opportunity to observe different purposes of my destiny being fulfilled. I was participating in the joining of science and spirituality, and I was ecstatic.

Because of the suggestion of a child, and the willingness to listen, I had aligned myself with possibly one of the most brilliant visionary and open-minded scientists of our generation. A man who was not afraid of what he would discover. A man who would be brave enough to face the public with his newly discovered data and knowledge.

Such people are not unknown throughout our history. At one time there were those who declared that the Earth was round not flat. They were ridiculed and scorned. Then there were those who said the Earth went around the Sun. They too were attacked. Following them were those who said we would one day fly like birds through the air, and eventually walk on the moon. They were called lunatics.

Even so, we have since discovered that the earth is indeed round, and that it orbits the sun. We have flown in the sky with the eagles, and have walked on the moon to gaze back at the earth in all its beauty.

Psychics and Life After Death

Dr. Schwartz, and spiritual mediums such as myself, declare that consciousness survives after the death of the body, and that there is evidence to prove it.

We are criticized, ridiculed and even attacked. Such is human nature, but in this case I choose to leave the results in the hands of history, again.

As I continued working with Dr. Schwartz, I realized that this union of science with spirituality was in truth a sacred joining. It opened up for me a new perspective. I grew to realize that my gift was not one of simply telling people what they could expect in their own lives. I was not meant to entertain society with my ability to talk to or see dead people.

The purpose of my journey was greater than my own evolvement to the other side. It was to combine the sum of all parts. It was about serving as a direct and credible link, a messenger between the Creator and other souls. By serving as a connecting bridge, I knew that others could better understand the process of their own lives, the part they play in His Grand Design, and how to "Live in the Moment."

Living in the Moment by Mary Ann Morgan and Michelle Fitzhugh-CraigThis article was excerpted from:

Living in the Moment
by Mary Ann Morgan with Michelle Fitzhugh-Craig.

Reprinted with permission of the publisher, 1st Books Library. ©1995. www.1stbooks.com

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Mary Ann MorganAbout the AuthorsMichelle Fitzhugh-Craig

From the time she was a small child, Mary Ann Morgan has been able to communicate with what she calls "those on the other side." In 2001, she established the Mary Ann Morgan Charities Program, dedicated to bringing funds and resources to established institutions. Mary Ann also works with law enforcement agencies throughout the country. She has appeared on national radio and television programs including Nightline, Discovery Channel, MSNBC and Odyssey. Individuals wishing to contact her concerning her charities program can do so by visiting www.maryannmorgan.org .

Michelle Fitzhugh-Craig is a reporter with The Arizona Republic newspaper in Phoenix. As a news reporter and feature writer, she has worked several beats including features, news, cops, entertainment and local communities. Michelle is a longtime supporter of community organizations. She is secretary for the Arizona Association Black Journalists and vice-president of Juneteenth Tradition, Inc.



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