Beyond Cataclysm

I wish to bring you some understanding regarding the changes which are about to occur on the planet Earth, especially with regard to the Earth changes. I, Pelleur, work within the core of the Earth with a group of ascended beings. Our role is to stabilize the planet, which is especially important during this time of rapid transition, and to guide her evolution as a physical being. In other words, her body is constantly undergoing changes, just as your body is.

"Do unto others as you would
have them do unto you.
This is the law of karma.

Change is the order of the day. As the higher octaves of light pour into the planet, the Earth must work harder than ever to release her resistance to growth and evolution. Such is the nature of form. It always tends to want to maintain the shape which it has been given, even in the face of the need for continued evolution.

Planet Earth: It's Alive & Well

The Earth has been doing quite well, despite what many think. Yes, she has much damage on her surface, but you must understand that she is an enormous living being, whose life is not just limited to the small area of the surface. It is humans, unfortunately, that are more affected than the Earth. And it is for these reasons that I speak to you now.

The great laws of life are forever and uniformly the same, no matter where in the cosmos one is. One of these simple laws is that which Master Jesus stated so clearly, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". This is the law of karma, which is, despite many opinions to the contrary, one of the most benevolent laws in God's kingdom. Karma is the great teacher, the mirror of one's state of evolution. It allows us to clearly see where we are at any time, based upon the unfolding events in our life. These events are always a direct reflection of how we have embodied and demonstrated the principle of divine law. They are unceasing in their action and effect.

Reaping The Harvest of Our Actions

Mankind must eventually reap the harvest of what he has sown. There can be no other way. It would be unloving if he were not to experience the effects of that which he has created, good or bad. How else would he come to fully know and understand his greatness? For as God that you are, you must understand that God is infinitely creative. So, each of you is also infinitely creative. You are constantly qualifying energy from your I AM Presence.

There can be no other possibility than the constant inpouring of the Light which is the sustaining force of life itself. But it is up to you how this light is qualified. This has been a teaching that we have stressed for so long, yet to our dismay, humanity has been slow to learn this simple law. The pure light of the presence is always pouring through, and it is what you hold in your thoughts and feelings which determines how the light is qualified. The light, being infinitely creative, must outpicture exactly what is held within your consciousness; there is no other possibility. It is quite simple.

What Is Your Responsibility?

Then, what is your responsibility? It is to be aware of what is in your consciousness at any time. Thoughts of hatred, greed, anger, or jealousy toward others are instantly propelled into creative activity, even if you are unconscious of this happening. You are always responsible for your thoughts and feelings; it can be no other way, for they are your thoughts and feelings.

Now, mankind has not been so responsible for its thoughts and feelings for some time. As a result, there has been a great accumulation of discordant energies, which have built up in the atmosphere surrounding the Earth. If you could see the clouds of discord and negativity which reside over some of the regions of the Earth, you would be shocked. For the Earth to make her next steps, she must begin to clear these clouds -- that is unless humanity claims responsibility for its creation, and redeems it of its own accord.

Claim Your Godhood

If the Earth must move to clear this accumulation, the effects shall not be so pleasing for humanity, for the law of karma must then be played out. This would mean that human beings will have to experience the mirror of these discordant thoughts and feelings entering into physical demonstration in their lives. Can you imagine the effect of all the thoughts of hatred, loathing, and destruction coming back upon the human family? This is why prophets have always seen such destructive events at the close of the cycle. They could foresee the potential cataclysms which might unfold, if humanity must experience the direct karmic return of this accumulation in a short period of time. It is cosmic law that this accumulation must be dissipated before the Earth can be raised into the next level of her experience.

There is another possibility, and it is this potential that we hope those who are awakening on the Earth will now embrace. The great cosmic law does not require that karma be played out as a physical occurrence. No, in fact, all that is required is that one claim responsibility for one's actions and the energetic qualification which results. Oh, how humanity seems to have such difficulty doing this! It is far easier to blame other than to see that all discord and in harmony in life is a direct result of one's own creation.

The Great Cosmic Law

If crisis is to be averted or lessened, a group of humanity must begin to live the great cosmic law. This group need not be large. Remember the tale of Sodom and Gomorrah, for this is a true account of the great cosmic law in action. God would not destroy the city if there were but a handful of good people. By good people he meant "God people". And to be a God person, one must act as God.

The truth of the matter is that each of you is just that -- an aspect of the Divine. The God Presence is within you. It is time now to claim this, and the authority and responsibility that goes with it. It only takes a few of humanity to realize that they are the presence of God incarnate to change the course of history.

Look what your older brother did. One man who walked here two millennia ago changed the course of history. Without his coming, the cataclysm would have come much sooner, with the potential of the destruction of all of humanity. Well, this has been averted, but the job is not done. If you wish to enter the golden age of peace, in peace, then now is the time to claim your God dominion. That means to think, talk, and act as Gods.

This begins with the responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions. This must be a primary commitment if you are to bring forth the full magnificence of your divinity. There is no other way. For unless you become clear channels, the light of the Presence cannot pour forth without misqualification.

The moment any of God's children makes the commitment to fully awaken to the I AM within, the course of history shifts, for grace and divine assistance are mobilized beyond the understanding of anyone who is not of the ascended state. Please let me assure you that if you but change your intention and commitment, you will be lifted upon the wings of angels. The assistance that is waiting to help you all will surely lift each of you and the planet into the ascended state, and quickly.

It's Up To You

We ask that you now consider what is important in your lives -- to continue in the broad path of the world of sense attachments which never bring fulfillment, or to choose the straight path homeward to your own God Presence. In the days ahead, the impact of this most basic choice will become increasingly important.

We of the Ascended Host await your decision. We stand ready to pour forth assistance to any of God's children who firmly, within their heart and soul, make the commitment to be raised into the splendor of their God Presence. It only takes a few of you in sincere embrace of this for the destructive prophesies of the future, to be greatly lessened, or even avoided entirely.

We await your call. We stand ready to guide you homeward.

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The above was channeled by Barry Snyder. He can be reached at: 133 Orange St., Ashland, OR 97520.


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