Pisces Rising Sign - Pisces Ascendant

Pisces Rising Sign - Pisces AscendantPisces Rising Sign - Pisces Ascendant

When Pisces rises, there seems to be no question that the characteristics of the sign will work at the deepest level of the personality. Here, perhaps more than in any other case, the Sun-sign will dominate, but underlying that particular set of characteristics will be the sensitivity and emotion, and every other quality that is quintessentially Piscean, working both positively and negatively. 

Pisces Rising Sign - Pisces AscendantThose who get to know well someone with Pisces rising will develop their astrological technique considerably, because of the very clear-cut way in which the two elements of the chart emerge in this particular combination, irrespective of the Sun-sign. 

Pisces rising does not make for a wishy-washy kind of person, for there is a powerfully critical edge which will chiefly surface in the individual's reaction to a partner, and will hardly ever be expressed to colleagues or friends. 

They do not suffer fools gladly, even if they seem to when in argument or in direct personal contact. Their critical attitudes and complaints about other people's stupidity will emerge in conversation with the wife or husband at the end of the day, and encouragement will have to be given them to take defensive action as and where necessary. 

This placing will take the harsh edge off most Sun-sign types and add a delightful gentle quality; but Piscean faults must be recognized and countered.


 Pisces Rising Sign - Pisces Ascendant

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