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Note: The author uses Sol and Luna instead of generic terms like "sun" and "moon" when referring to the two most important spheres in our solar system. Folk remedies, herbs, foods, micronutrients, and other substances and therapies are included as information and not as replacements for the diagnoses, advice, and treatments provided by competent wellness professionals.

Capricorn builds and preserves traditions, while Aquarius makes sure that those ancient ways which lose their magic are broken down. Change, ironically, may well be the only constant in life. Enter the child of Aquarius. Perennial non-conformists, the natives of winter's second astrological month are reform minded, protective of individual liberties, and in search of the truth no matter what consequences await them at the end of their quest.

Uranus is the planet linked with the month of the Urn Bearer. This unusual orb features western and eastern polar regions, along with a reverse (retrograde) rotational spin. Rolling around Sol like a ball moving head-over-heels, Uranus breaks the mold of normal planetary motion and therefore governs all that is non-traditional, eccentric, and inventive. We rely upon the native of Aquarius to stand up to old ways which have lost effectiveness and meaning.

Break it down again
No more sleepy dreaming
No more building up
It is time to dissolve.
Break It Down Again
-- Tears For Fears

Because the Uranian is charged with the mission of breaking through long-standing barriers wrought by time, Aquarians often seek a better way to make things work. At the very least, natives of this sign often find themselves living life as if it were a cosmic science experiment. Testing and retesting an endless variety of responses to life's assorted challenges, the Aquarian is naturally drawn to mathematics and the sciences, most notably astronomy and astrology. The most evolved of the children of the Urn Bearer go one step further, seeking the best from all the rest. As the Cosmic Scientist, the Aquarian is ever in search of the absolute truth dwelling in the heart of all illusions.

It has often been said that our eyes are the windows to the soul. Our trust in others increases when they communicate with unbroken eye contact. Lovers read each other in silence by locking gazes. It would appear that the "eyes have it" when peering into the soul of another, or when seeking those immutable truths found in the higher realms of selfhood. It is no surprise, then, that Aquarius has long been associated with the eyes, along with the wrists, ankles, and calves.

The child of Uranus is blessed with many useful plants which nourish and heal. Research favors imbibing green tea for reducing the incidence of certain cancers, but avoid black tea, as this can impact negatively on your vision.

To the wise, the herbal beverage of choice during Aquarius is brewed with eyebright, which can strengthen the tissues of the eyes. A hearty glass of juice rich in beta carotene is also favored now, and carrots, apricots, and cantaloupes are ready to send this nutritionally-rich pigment to the liver for conversion into vitamin A. Essential for maintaining effective night vision, vitamin A can be kept in good supply by consuming spirulina, chlorella, and other edible members of the blue-green algae family, as these tiny plants serve as an exceptionally rich source of beta carotene.

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During World War II, members of Britain's Royal Air Force boosted their visual acuity by incorporating bilberry into their diets. Bombing missions were often carried out after sunset, and this relative of the blueberry can help us see better when light is at a premium. The bilberry and blueberry cousins are joined by the cranberry as providers of anthocyanidin, which strengthens any weak capillaries found in the eyes. The seeds of the pumpkin and sunflower plants should also find their way onto the Aquarian's dining table. The seed of the former plant is rich is zinc, the trace mineral needed to transport vitamin A to the retina, while sunflower seeds are thought to reduce the incidence of cataracts.

A few drops of lavender oil applied topically can quickly relieve sprains suffered in the wrist or ankle areas. The essential oil distilled from the root of the sassafras tree may also bring comfort to those suffering from sprains, and it is particularly effective when applied to arthritis-plagued finger joints.

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