Paying Attention: Signs & Wonders

Paying Attention: Signs & Wonders, article by Mike Bara

As I’ve joked many times, I am a card carrying member of the military\industrial complex. But in all my years in the technical fields, I have not known many happy scientists or engineers. But everyone I know who spends more time in their hearts than they do their heads seems to lead a gloriously happy life.

The ancients understood this. That’s why the scientist and the mystic were one until very recently in human history. They certainly got more out of their shorter life spans than most of us do. And all because they simply watched the stars… and wondered.

So as we feel our own spirits lifted, as the stars tug not on our conscious minds so much as our hearts, what will we see if we start to look up? As I look forward, I (like the Maya and the Hopi long before me) feel change in the air. We all want to know what will happen in 2012, and the truth is that what will happen is already happening. The number of unusual astronomical events taking place in the next couple of years (all of which were known by the Maya centuries ago) firmly convinces me that something is going to radically transform our world very soon.

May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse

The next major eclipse event takes place on May 20th, 2012, and I suspect that one will be a really big deal.

There are several reasons for this. The first is that the eclipse takes place simultaneously with a New Moon on the same date. New Moons are symbolic of new beginnings and new opportunities. So it stands to reason that our consciousness will be affected during this period because the eclipse is likely to amplify the already active tendency to look for a fresh start. In fact, as we look at the physics of this eclipse, it is almost a guarantee that we will experience a major shift in our thinking (if not our living conditions) around this time.

On that day, the annular solar eclipse will pass across the northern hemisphere literally between East and West (an annular eclipse means that the Moon and Sun are in perfect alignment, but the Sun is not totally blotted out because the Moon is a little too close to Earth to create a total solar eclipse).

A Balance Between East & West

The eclipse first begins just off the coast of China, right on the Tropic of Cancer. The tropic of Cancer, interestingly, is the exact midpoint between the Earth’s equator and the North Pole. The exact moment of greatest eclipse is literally on the International Date Line. The exact midpoint between East and West.

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“A balance between East and West.” That is literally what we are seeing. And, as you track the path of the eclipse, it gets even more interesting. By the time it reaches the shores of the United States, where the eclipse ends, the Moon is positioned directly over a very significant spiritual center: Mount Shasta, California.

Paying Attention: Signs & Wonders, article by Mike BaraMount Shasta has long been considered a sacred spiritual locus by many faiths. The mountain itself is completely isolated, towering more than 10,000 feet above the surrounding terrain. Local Indian tribes have long worshiped in the area, believing it to be hallowed ground. In addition, there is a Buddhist monastery on the mountain.

Everybody who has visited the place believes it is sacred and special. But what will happen on the day of the eclipse is perhaps even more sacred and special. When the eclipse of May 20 comes to an end, the Moon’s shadow will effectively be in the fourth contact position, identical to the external contact position of the Venus transit of 2004. If form holds true (and according to the physics it must) there will most likely be a profound and easily detectable effect on all kinds of electrically charged instruments; including, I suspect, our brains.

Coincidence or Significant Event?

To me, being open to these kinds of resonances in the physics, this is amazing. To have an eclipse during a period of time which is supposed to be a uniting of East and West (according to Calleman), start exactly in the East (on the Tropic of Cancer), reach its mid-point at exactly the International Date Line, and end exactly in the West over the most sacred natural landmass in the United States is way beyond anything I can call coincidence.

Add to that the fact that it also happens on a New Moon, and I have to say I think we are finally seeing down the rabbit hole here. If Calleman’s interpretations are correct, this eclipse is an overwhelmingly important marker in the transition we are experiencing. This eclipse will bring balance. Balance between east and west. Balance between the North Pole and the equator. Balance between the masculine and feminine. Balance between the mind and the spirit. Balance between those who believe…and those who do not.

What Comes After May 20, 2012?

After May 20, 2012, there are still three very significant astronomical events taking place before the Long Count cycle ends. And the changes they bring may have nothing to do with our thoughts and feelings, and everything to do with the physical state of the planet we live on.

Just a few days after the eclipse comes the June 6th, 2012 transit of Venus, the second in the cycle that began in 2004. Then in November comes a second eclipse covering most of the southern hemisphere. And then, on December 21, 2012, we have the Yod and the other astrological alignments.

What we have to do between now and then is to pay attention to these signs, to take the warnings and the portents seriously, and to use our own power, the power of spiritual thought, to set the intent of the planet for the future. We have, each of us, enough energy to make this world into anything we wish it to be.

It is for us to Choose.

This article was excerpted with permission from the book:

This article is excerpted from the book: The Choice by Mike BaraThe Choice: Using Conscious Thought and Physics of the Mind to Reshape the World
by Mike Bara.

Reprinted with permission of the publisher, New Page Books, a division of The Career Press, Inc. ©2011.

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Mike Bara, author of the article: Paying Attention -- Signs & WondersMike Bara is an aerospace engineering consultant, lecturer, and the coauthor of the New York Times best-seller Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA. He is currently starring in the documentary film Moon Rising, and will be starring in and producing his own documentary film based on Dark Mission (for Sacred Mysteries Productions). In his previous career, Mike spent more than 25 years designing and consulting on engineering and Computer Aided Design for a variety of aerospace companies. Visit his website at

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