Life Lessons From Our Opposite Astrological Sign

Life Lessons From Our Opposite Astrological Sign
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Opposite [astrological] signs present great learning opportunities because they embody opposite qualities. We do not experience the opposite energy as an influence directed at us, however, the zodiac signs in our chart activate the polar opposite. People with opposite signs, particularly the Sun sign, can help us fulfill our life purpose by helping us become aware of opposite qualities we may lack. By incorporating some of these opposite qualities, we can achieve a more balanced state. Often, we understand these opposite qualities to some degree but we need to explore and develop them to a greater extent. (Haven't you ever wondered why opposites attract?)

Following is a brief look at the learning opportunities offered by our opposite zodiacal influence.

Opposite Signs: Aries & Libra

Both Arians and Librans need to learn how to behave in relationships. Aries can be too independent, egocentric, and selfish to form long-lasting unions. Libra often tries too hard to blend in with the crowd and harmonize to be liked by everyone. Each can achieve balance by integrating both of these qualities.

Aries can learn to be more cooperative and put others' needs first, and Librans can learn to express their individuality, even in a relationship, so they don't lose themselves in another person or group. In essence, one needs self-awareness to be able to form deep and meaningful unions with others.

Aries & Libra Life Lessons

Aries must remember that a great deal of self-awareness can be gained in relationships with other people. You cannot be a leader and exclude the needs of others, nor can you always blend in with others and never take your own stand on issues. To be effective you need a combination of both.

Aries can learn how to love others from Libra, and Libra can learn to love himself more by spending time alone and in pursuits dedicated to self-awareness. Aries can learn to be less impulsive and consider various viewpoints before making decisions. Libra can learn to be more decisive and less wishy-washy.

Relationships can be rewarding for both of these influences when Libra relinquishes his tendency toward dependence and compromise, and forms a relationship that fosters independence and uniqueness. Aries can learn from Libra how to cooperate and reach others through love and harmony, rather than through force and aggression.

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Opposite Signs: Taurus & Scorpio

These individuals are here to balance material and spiritual needs and values. The tendency of Taureans is to place too much emphasis on materiality, measuring their self-worth based on monetary worth and the ability to acquire physical possessions. Scorpions, on the other hand, focus their energy on spiritual pursuits, often to the extent of renouncing the physical world altogether.

Taurus & Scorpio Life Lessons

Taurus can learn to let go of attachments to the physical world and transcend his interests into the spiritual realm (Scorpio). Scorpio can learn from Taurus how to function in the physical world. Both need to learn how to be "in the world but not of it."

Taurus and Scorpio both have the ability to create. Taureans often create just for the sake of creating, so they need to use their creativity for spiritual purposes and to serve the Creator. Taurus has a keen sense of power over the physical world, while Scorpio wields power over the occult and all that governs the underworld. Both need to wield their power productively.

Scorpio needs to use power to attain higher states of consciousness, while at the same time not shutting out the physical. Taureans can use their determination and self-discipline to remain dedicated to a spiritual path.

Opposite Signs: Gemini & Sagittarius

These individuals are here to learn about the mind and about communication. Gemini understands things from an intellectual standpoint and uses logic and reasoning to reach understanding. Sagittarians learn from listening to their intuition and wisdom, which comes from revelations they receive from the higher self.

Gemini & Sagittarius Life Lessons

These signs can find balance by using logic to understand the insights that come from the higher self, and then applying them in the physical world. If we work just with facts (Gemini), we remain at a physical level only, so Gemini can learn from Sagittarius how to go beyond facts and embrace intuitive insights. Sagittarians need to apply their philosophical ideas to the physical world through reasoning and logic (Gemini).

When there is a balance between ideals and logic, communication flows easily for these individuals and they can be effective as teachers, lecturers, and writers.

Opposite Signs: Cancer & Capricorn

Cancers can help Capricorns be more flexible and sensitive. Capricorns can help Cancers to be more ambitious and use their energies toward some work endeavor. Internally, both need to balance the masculine and feminine energies, so they are neither too watery and sensitive (Cancer), nor too cold, driven, and ambitious (Capricorn).

Cancer & Capricorn Life Lessons

Capricorns may have difficulty expressing their emotions and need to learn from Cancers more about emotional expression. Cancers devote their energies to the home and family, while Capricorns devotes their energy to the workplace.

Both need to achieve balance among the home, family, work, and career. Until then, they may experience inner turmoil around these issues.

Opposite Signs: Leo & Aquarius

Leos and Aquarians are here to learn the art of self-expression and how to love. Leo is a fire sign that enthusiastically and generously spreads love to friends, family, and the self. Leos bring intense passion to their love relationships. Aquarians express love most easily in large groups, resulting from the urge to serve humanity at large.

Leo & Aquarius Life Lessons

Aquarians have some difficulty on a one-on-one basis and can learn from Leo how to be less impersonal. Leos sometimes can be egocentric and can learn from Aquarians how to expand their vision to include more people.

Aquarians are so devoted to group causes that they can lose themselves in the group; they can learn from Leo how to give themselves credit and acknowledge their efforts. Leos can learn from their opposite sign how to let go of egotism and self-centeredness, serve humanity, and sacrifice personal ambitions to aid the world.

Opposite Signs: Virgo & Pisces

Virgo is a detail-oriented organizer who separates the whole into parts for greater understanding. However, they often get lost in the details and lose sight of the bigger picture. Pisces focuses more on the whole and is a great visionary, seeing how all the pieces fit together. The downfall of Pisceans is forgetting important details and losing themselves in the grand picture.

Virgo & Pisces Life Lessons

Both Virgo and Pisces can be more effective by recognizing the need for understanding details to see how they fit into the whole. Virgos can get so caught up in achieving goals that they forget the vision. They can be too practical, narrow, and pessimistic in their thinking. Pisces can be too dreamy, getting lost in fantasies.

There is a need for both to be practical and have focus, while still using their imagination to keep the vision alive. Virgo's overly analytical mind can block the intuition that flows easily through Pisces. Virgo can use discipline and purity of mind to reach higher states of bliss, while Pisces can use perception to tap into these higher realms.

Pisceans can learn from Virgos how to be more realistic and practical, how to bring dreamy visions into reality, how to use keen discrimination, and how to discern their own thoughts from those of others. Virgos would do well to accept themselves and others more, and to learn compassion (Pisces).

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Soul Choices: Six Paths to Find Your Life Purpose
by Kathryn Andries.

This article was excerpted from the book: Soul Choices by Kathryn Andries.

Soul Choices: Six Paths to Find Your Life Purpose shows how to successfully use six different methods of self-awareness to understand yourself and your life mission. More than 130 thought provoking questions, exercises and tasks will lead you to uncover your strengths and weaknesses. This is the first time these 6 intuitive sciences have been brought together in one book. Ms. Andries shows how to synthesize the information from the six methods into a cohesive message that pertains to your life mission.

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Kathryn Andries, author of the article: Opposite Signs & Life Lessons

Kathryn Andries is a graduate of The University of Michigan, Body Mind College, and The Berkeley Psychic Institute. She shares her knowledge of the intuitive arts in a practical, down-to-earth manner. A founding director of the School of Intuitive Arts and Sciences, as well as a teacher, author and lecturer, she has guided hundreds of people on the path to discovering their unique mission in life.

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