How To Experience More Joy in your Life

Where Are The Paths to Experiencing More Joy in your Life?

The Joy Ray enhances the vibration of joy and supports you to see the joy that already exists right here and now. It helps you entrain to the high vibration of joy, to take an energetic journey into a higher state of awareness and frequency. This alignment with joy is fundamental to enhancing health, wealth, and happiness, because joy is in vibrational proximity to these qualities.

Tuning In: Open to Receive This Divine Transmission

To assist your system in receiving this divine transmission, please find a comfortable position in which you can relax and begin to focus on your breathing. Notice your breath coming in and going out of your body. Allow your breath to slow down naturally and to deepen. As you are breathing begin to focus on your feet. Feel your feet and breathe into your feet. Allow the act of breathing into your feet to represent the energizing of your path and your walk in life.

Bring your attention to the space above your head and breathe into your higher self, which exists about an arm’s length above your head. Focusing on and breathing into your higher self energizes the part of you that knows—the part of you that is intuitive.

Having breathed into your feet and your higher self now begin to focus on your heart center. Breathe into your heart. As you are breathing into your heart and energizing your heart, focus on the emotion of gratitude. Notice what you are grateful for and what you appreciate in your life. The energy of gratitude and appreciation helps open your system to receive this divine transmission. Feel your heart open wide.

To complete this process of preparing to receive, inhale from your higher self above your head and focus on this breath going all the way down through your heart and down toward your feet. Now exhale from your feet up to your heart and up to your higher self. Practice bringing the breath up and down and then down and up again.

Increasing Joy in Your Life

Our purpose is to assist you in increasing joy and through that increased joy to increase the amount of happiness, health, and abundance that you experience in your life. We are doing this through these words but mostly through the vibration of this divine transmission of frequency and energy.

This is a freewill universe, so you are in charge of your experience. You are in charge of how much benefit you get from our encounter. You are in charge of how much benefit you get from our interaction.

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A Choosing Exercise: The Willingness to Live an Exquisite Life

Allow yourself to feel, hear, know, see, taste, and sense the energy transfer that is happening in this moment. With your free will ask yourself this very important question, “Are you willing to experience more joy in your life?” This seems like the simplest of questions and you may rush to answer: “Yes.” You may desire to be happier, to have more joy, and to have more fun. These things may be what you have been longing for.

On the surface it is easy to answer yes, and that is actually all that is necessary. Yet on a deeper level are you actually willing to be happy, to be at peace, to see life as a joyous and fun experience? Are you willing to move beyond what you know of separation consciousness or lack? Are you willing to move beyond the lack of happiness, health, joy, money, time, peace, vitality, and energy?

Are you willing to own that you know everything that there is to know about not having enough, about not being enough, and are you willing to step into the unknown of consistent moment-to-moment joy, bliss, and unity?

"I Am Willing To Have An Exquisite Life"

From our perspective we feel that you have learned everything there is to learn from your repetitive patterns, from your sense of feeling unfulfilled, and that there would be more to learn from living an exquisite life. Take a moment through your intention to preserve the conscious and unconscious learning from your life up until this point.

If it is your choice, say out loud, “I am willing to have an exquisite life.” By simply having made this choice, this decision, and having set your intention to experience more joy, your entire being is able to receive more consciousness. Focus on the cells in your body and allow this transmission of energy to be received from the level of your cells. Take all the time that you would like to bask in the enhanced energy of your cells. When you feel complete, stretch your body and gently open your eyes.

Energetic Exercise: Remember and Awaken Joy

We will spend a few moments in silence transmitting energy to assist you to come into a greater resonance of joy. At this time we are transmitting the Joy Ray to assist the transmission and the receiving of this joy frequency.

The Paths to Joy: Experiencing More Joy in your LifeFocus on a time where you felt joyful, where you felt bliss, fun, ecstasy, and laughter. As this memory of joy is coming into your awareness, have a sense of your cells dancing, have a sense of the energy within your body beginning to bubble like effervescence, like bubbles in champagne. By simply remembering this time of joy, something within you is awakening; something ancient and deep, familiar, and fun is awakening within you. Allow this joy to erupt within you, to activate within you, to awaken.

It is your divine birthright to be joyous. Spend a few more moments of concentration remembering and activating this Joy Ray. Notice if it has a certain color for you or a certain word associated with it. Ask for a symbol in which you can connect to it in the future. Knowing that you can call upon the Joy Ray whenever you would like, gently bring your focus back to feeling your body and noticing your breath.

Remembering and awakening the joy inside you opens a door in your life. Once opened, the paths to joy are countless—so long as you are willing to recognize them. The next exercise will help you connect with the energy of these joyous opportunities.

Support Exercise: Create a Joy List & Connect Daily to the Joy Ray

We would invite you to create a joy list; a list of activities that make you feel joyous when you do them. Place this list close to you where you can see it. You may even contemplate putting activities on your list that you have never done, but the idea of them brings joy.

We would also recommend that you call upon the Joy Ray for five minutes a day. You can begin this segment of your day by stating out loud, “I am willing to have an exquisite life. I call upon the Joy Ray.” Then focus on your symbol, your word, or your memory to activate this Joy Ray. Then just allow yourself to be in the energy of the Joy Ray for the next five minutes of the exercise.

During the exercise you can also imagine that you are doing the activities on your list. Spending five minutes a day consciously connecting to the energy of joy in its purest state will increase the joy in your life.

The Vibration of Joy

You may think about joy as an emotion. This is partially true. In actuality it is a vibration; it is energy. In its purest form it elicits a very harmonic resonance and a very peaceful state. As you are connecting to this energy, to this frequency of joy, it encourages your body, mind, emotions, and spirit to align with oneness: to come into a state of unity, into a state of harmony. From this state of harmony you are able to connect to the deepest parts of you: to your spirit, your soul, and to your heart’s desire. All of you functions as one unit.

One of the main reasons that you may feel discontent in your life is the splitting of your energy. Your mind thinks one thing, your emotions feel another, your body is in tune with something else, your spirit is singing an entirely different tune, and you may feel confused, scattered, or not present. By introducing the Ray of Joy, the energy of joy, into this incoherent vibration there is a unifying effect. You are so much more than you can see, touch, and feel. Your essence is actually timeless; it is eternal.

Support Exercise: Immerse Yourself in Joy

We invite you to think of something that brings you a lot of joy; it could be a memory, thought, person, place, or a color. As you are thinking about and connecting to this energy and memory of joy, allow it to spark the natural rhythm of joy within you. Immerse yourself in this feeling of joy and allow it to permeate every aspect of your being.

When you are ready take a couple of deep breaths, stretch your body, move your fingers and toes, and return to this time and space.

Choosing Joy

There is the thought that your external environment is what is dictating your feeling of happiness in your life. If there is something in your life that is not to your liking then you feel negative, unhappy, or discontent. If there is something that is to your liking you feel happy and at peace. From our perspective this is one of the main reasons why people feel unhappy.

It is a no-win situation to allow your inner state and your inner feelings to be dictated by your external environment. The amount of time that you are perfectly the right temperature, have the perfect amount of rest, the perfect amount of nourishment, and all of your conditions are perfect is a small window.

Your environment is always changing. If you shift your focus from allowing your external environment to elicit a state of joy or a feeling of joy and you consciously decide to be joyous regardless of any situation, then you will have a joyful life. If you choose joy moment to moment then you will have a life of joy.

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a division of Inner Traditions Intl. ©2013.

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The Council of Light: Divine Transmissions for Manifesting the Deepest Desires of the Soul
by Danielle Rama Hoffman.

The Council of Light: Divine Transmissions for Manifesting the Deepest Desires of the Soul by Danielle Rama Hoffman.Offering an opportunity to form a direct connection with the Council of Light, this book provides practical tools to move from a life of worry, debt, exhaustion, and isolation to one of joy, abundance, purpose, ease, and connectedness, with a team of Divine supporters to assist you along the way.

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