Is The World the Way You Want It to Be?

Is The World the Way You Want It to Be?, article by Neale Donald Walsch

Why bother to heal the world if — as Conversations with God declares — everything is perfect just the way it is? Well, you know, there is really only one reason to do anything — wear the clothes we wear, drive the car we drive, join the group we join, eat the food we eat, or tell the story we tell — and that is to decide who you are.

Everything we think, say and do is an expression of that. We are in the constant process of recreating ourselves anew in the next version of ourselves.

We are doing this individually and collectively every minute of every day. Some of us are doing it consciously, and some of us are doing it unconsciously.

Awareness Changes Everything

If you are aware of what you are doing, and why you are doing it, you can change yourself and change the world. If you are unaware, you will see yourself as an observer. As a passive witness. Perhaps even as a victim.

That is not what you are, but that is what you will think that you are.

This is how it is when you are creating yourself and your world unconsciously. You are doing things, you are putting energy out into the world, but you have no idea what you are doing.

On the other hand, if you are Aware, if you know and understand that every thought, word and deed places creative juice into the machinery of the universe, you will experience your life in a totally different way. You will see yourself as George Bailey in the movie It’s a Wonderful Life, understanding at last that there can be incredible end-of-the line impact from your in-the-moment choices and actions.

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Is The World The Way You Want It To Be?

If the world is right now the way you want it to be, if it is a reflection of your highest thought about yourself and about human beings as a species, then there is no reason at all to “heal” anything.

If, on the other hand, you are not satisfied with the way things are, if you see changes that you would like to see in our collective experience, then you might have a reason to tell your story. For if, indeed, the world as you witness it does not present an accurate reflection of your highest thoughts for all of us, then yours is the opportunity, as was mine, to come forward, to tell your truth, to share your story, and to lift us all up in our Awareness.

We have a chance now to move to the next level. Or, we can continue to operate on this planet as a primitive culture, imagining ourselves to be separate from God and separate from each other.

Making the Shift: Consciously Creating Our Own Evolution

The extraordinary futurist and visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard says that, for the first time in human history, the members of our species are not merely observing their own evolution, but consciously creating it. We are not only seeing ourselves “becoming,” we are choosing what we wish to become.

Of course, we have always been doing that. We simply didn’t know it. Now, many of us see that we are making it happen.

We are doing this by moving from the place called “effect” to the placed called “cause” in the Cause and Effect Paradigm. Yet if more of the human race does not make this shift, we could easily go the way of other once-great civilizations that thought themselves to be hovering on the verge of greatness.

They had developed marvelous wonders and extraordinary tools with which to manipulate their worlds, yet their technologies raced ahead of their spiritual understandings, leaving them without a moral compass, without a higher understanding, without any Awareness at all of what they were doing, of where they were going and why. They went, therefore, the way of self-annihilation.

Major Crossroad for Humanity: Earthly Society At the Edge

Now, once again, our Earthly society has come to this same precipice. We are on the brink. We are at the edge. Many of us, individually, can sense it. All of us, collectively, are impacted by it.

We have come to a major crossroads. We can go safely no further with our limited understandings. We must grapple now with larger questions, embrace now larger answers, consider now larger thoughts, imagine now larger possibilities, hold now larger visions.

Sharing Our Experiences, Stories & Sacred Truths

Here is what I think we must do. We must share our stories about the sacred things we know, which we have learned in the most sacred moments of life. For it is in these sacred moments that sacred truths are made real for the Culture Entire. And it is in the living of its most sacred truths that a culture advances as the universe evolves, and in the failure to live those truths that a culture expires.

But let’s be clear here. I am not talking about forcing anyone to believe anything. I am not talking about proselytizing or converting or even convincing. I am talking about simply sharing our experience, rather than hiding it. Because we don’t wish to expire, but wish to advance.

Telling Stories Around the Campfire... or the Internet

Let’s return to our nights around the campfire. Let’s share our stories, even if they sound a little weird. Maybe especially if they sound a little weird. Isn’t that what sitting around the campfire is for?

Our campfire today is the Internet. The Internet, yes, and, still, good books. Good books, like good nights around the campfire, are always remembered.

And then there is simply good, old fashioned, in-person sharing — which can bring the feeling of the campfire to wherever it occurs, and so, probably makes the highest impact of all.

Let’s tell each other what is so for us, what is going on with us, what is true about what we have seen and experienced in our lives. Let’s tell each other our innermost truth about God, about ourselves, about spirituality, about love, and about all the higher callings of life, the callings that stir the soul, and give us evidence of its existence.

Reprinted with permission of the publisher, Hampton Roads.

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Moments Of Grace: When God Touches Our Lives Unexpectedly
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When God Steps In, Miracles Happen
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