Fear Is Our Enemy; Chaos Is Our Friend

Fear Is Our Enemy; Chaos Is Our Friend
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All the ancient calendars and prophecies of diverse ancient traditions are pointing to these days as the time of a great awakening and a time of a great shift. Humanity is being challenged to make a choice: the choice between the path of love, community, and peace, over the path of fear, revolution, and survival.

When we walk the path of love, we draw love and harmony to our lives. When we walk the path of fear, we attract drama, revolution, conspiracy, and survival issues to us. The creative force of the Universe is an impersonal and non-judgmental entity, and will give us just what we want, expect, and most of all, fear. What we prepare for, and what we hold in our hearts, is what the Universe will supply! It is a natural Universal Law. The Universe adds support to the realities that we have put into action in our minds and by our actions. Spirit moves when we do. This is why in these days, we are challenged to live in perfect impeccability and in the highest Truth possible.

What Are You Holding in your Heart?

We must deeply consider what we are holding true in our hearts. We must consider the totality of our Being. What is our main focus and intent? What are we preparing for? What do we believe in, and what do we most fear? The answers to these questions will also be our answers to the new reality we are creating for ourselves. If we don't like the answers, this is the time to change our minds. We are entering a doorway through which what will manifest will be in direct proportion to what we hold in our hearts.

The great dream/hologram is splitting into many paths and focuses. What is most important right now is to anchor the dream you wish to be part of. If your dream is to live in harmony in peaceful community, you now have the opportunity to apply those dreams! If you are a survivalist, you will need the food and tools you have stored and all those survival skills.

Focusing your time and energy on negative, dramatic, conspiracy-based, and survival issues will waste precious time and energy. It will anchor you deeper in the dream/hologram of fear and you'll risk experiencing Armageddon scenarios. Fear also freezes your connection to Spirit and, thus, your best protection, your intuition, is blocked!

The various dream paths are being laid out in front of us. What we choose to involve ourselves in RIGHT NOW is the dream we will find ourselves living very soon. So what are you working on, reading about, thinking about, fearing, or dreaming about today? Are you preparing for disaster or preparing for nirvana? I challenge you to ask yourself why would you want to survive Armageddon when you can live in paradise? It is time for YOU to choose.

Acting From Love, Compassion, and Non-Judgment

Walking and living the path of love is not about putting our heads in the sand and going into denial over the problems in the World. Denial is fear, not love. The problems of the World are real ones that need addressing in any way we are capable. The path of love is about seeing the problems, and acting from love, compassion, and non-judgment, not from survival or fear.

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Remember, it is not WHAT we do as much as WHY we are doing it. Walking the path of love is about adding our energy to the Light. It is a waste of energy to fight the darkness. Buckminster Fuller said "You never change anything by fighting the existing. To change something, build a new model, and make the existing obsolete."

As we enter a new era, old ideas and patterns must die away to make room for the new dream/hologram. Temporary chaos develops when we tear down the old to rebuild anew. It is the natural course of manifesting a new reality. If we wish to enter a New World with ease, we must infuse the idea in our minds that chaos is our friend. Chaos is an indication of an emerging New World. Walking the path of love is having an impersonal but compassionate focus of the events transpiring in the World. When we are attached to the outcome, we enter the world of drama and conflict.

Detached witnessing and learning to flow with chaos -- making chaos our friend -- changes our perspective and makes these events the most outrageous, magnificent shift Humanity has ever experienced! If we can feel comfortable with chaos, we can feed off the energy and excel, instead of letting chaos drain us because we are in fear. Just consider it a great game -- the Spiritual Olympics of which you have been training for lifetimes.

We are living through an unprecedented acceleration of frequencies. What has taken us by surprise is our body's reaction to the changing frequencies. If our bodies are not in alignment with our Spirit, it will be difficult to sustain an opening of our Heart Temples. Every time we receive a stepped-up vibration, our bodies have to work hard to keep up. The heightened frequencies are literally a shock to our systems. If we do not clear our space of fear, negative egos, and clear past emotional trauma, etc., we can create a literal hell for ourselves.

Listen To Yourself and Your Body's Symptoms

The lists of physical symptoms are common around the Globe. Most symptoms have emotional sources that we can work on to help ease the symptoms. Why one person may suffer the headaches, and another an upset stomach, is based on personal, unresolved emotions. The list of symptoms are: headaches, sinus trouble and upper respiratory problems, pressure in the heart, flu like symptoms but not the flu, blurry vision, ringing in the ears, slight nausea, pain or a dead feeling in the solar plexus area, dizziness or spinning feelings, weird fevers that are not from illness, sharp stomach pains, fatigue, confusions, depression, and feelings of emptiness.

If you are having headaches in the forehead and at the base of the skull, work on self-criticism and fear. Kundalini energy is being released from the base of our spines more powerfully than ever before. The kundalini hits blockages and then builds up in the head neck and shoulders and creates a headache. The frequencies are also quickly stimulating the pineal and the pituitary glands. This will help us to open up to the energies of Spirit directly.

If you are experiencing blurry vision, keep affirming that you can see clearly, but also remember that you may be seeing something in a new way in which you have no reference point to understand at this time. Do not fear the future. If you are experiencing ringing in the ears, it may be caused by your body adjusting to the new frequencies, but also you may be receiving information in a different form that you have no reference point to understand at this time. Relax, and allow the Universe to teach you. If you are experiencing dizziness or sudden spinning feelings, you need to work on getting grounded and calm down the noisy mind. Do not procrastinate; be fearless, and do what is in front of you to do.

If you are experiencing upper respiratory problems, affirm that you are safe, and it is safe to let yourself be all that you are. Most of all, remember to BREATHE! If you are experiencing sinus trouble, examine your close relationships. and work to harmonize them. If you are experiencing pressure in the heart, this is caused by an unconscious decision to close the heart in an attempt to be safe. This, unfortunately, has the exact opposite effect. The only way we can protect our heart is to OPEN it. When you are radiating outward, nothing negative can get in.

If you are having flu-like symptoms, weird fevers, nausea, what you are actually experiencing is a process of purification. The body is cleansing itself of the blocks that stand in the way of the higher energies. Work on psychic self-protection because you may be absorbing too much energy. Keep affirming that you are safe, and let go of fear. If you are experiencing sharp stomach pain, or a dead feeling in the solar plexus area, look at unresolved issues from the past. Pay attention to any unresolved anger. The solar plexus is where we shove everything we do not want to deal with in the moment. A great deal of energy is working its way through your body. When it hits blockages created from resistance to our issues, it causes pain.

Experiencing Fatigue, Depression, or Feelings of Emptiness?

Are you experiencing fatigue, depression, or having feelings of emptiness? These symptoms are caused by suppressing our feelings. Suppression creates depression. Depression also comes from suppressing your soul's work. The fatigue and depression will disappear when you begin to do what you came here to do. It may be time to change your lifestyle and quit imitating those you admire, and BE YOURSELF. If you are experiencing confusion, stop asking for outside advice. Learn to tune into the Temple of the Heart within, and listen to your own wisdom.

If you are experiencing radical shifts in mood, remember that you are releasing many levels of memory that have been held in the cells of your body. This is a natural part of the acceleration. We can no longer avoid any old or current emotions. The greatest service we can be to ourselves is to allow ourselves to feel whatever is coming up. Avoid going to doctors for drugs that will numb your feelings. You will be delaying what you will eventually have to do anyway. If it gets to be more than you can handle, get some advice from someone who can help you release these energies.

It is time to take total responsibility for ourselves. It is time for us to choose the reality we wish to experience. We need to remember that we are this powerful! It is time to open the Heart Temple and listen to our Inner Wisdom. It is possible to create Heaven on Earth.

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