How We've Created Duality and Separation, and What To Do About It

How We've Created Duality and Separation... And What To Do About It
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Editor's Note: You may want to read the book excerpt that preceeded this one for a deeper understanding of this topic: "Recovering Our Vastness and Becoming The 5D Humans We Were Always Meant To Be"

 The fourth dimension acts as a bridge between our 3D and 5D expression. You cannot be a human, no matter how conscious, without dealing in some form with the energies and therefore the challenges of 4D.

According to Barbara Hand Clow in The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, all of the messages from the higher dimensions get beamed into 4D, which functions as a canopy over the lower three dimensions. When higher-dimensional messages, which are transmitted through light, enter 4D, its structure divides them into opposing poles. It is the yin and yang of creation. And as with the yin-yang symbol, when the poles are integrated, they feed each other and are in harmonious balance. However, if consciousness attaches to one or the other of these polarities, havoc ensues, which affects the physical dimension of 3D.

The fourth dimension is emotional. Its energies come in feelings, but it has no solid physical form the way that 3D does. In the yin-yang symbol, we see how half is darkness and the other half is light, and they flow into each other. But it seems that those “movie directors” in 4D, whom I would call the less-evolved 4D manifestations of us, have more fun translating those polarities into good and bad, and then taunting or manipulating their 3D human expression into aligning with one pole or the other and throwing creation out of balance.

How We've Created Duality and Separation

When we align with one pole and do not integrate the other, we create duality and thus separation. Since, as 3D humans in modern culture, we are trained to identify with one or the other poles, we therefore become unable to integrate the emotional energies that these 4D messages hold. This in turn mucks up the light canopy of the fourth dimension. Once this happens, our access to higher consciousness diminishes, which feeds the negative cycle and creates more murkiness in 4D and so on.

Mastering our emotional energy is probably one of the biggest challenges to becoming 5D humans. Our conditioned ego tends to get addicted to drama, challenge, and suffering. And we tend to be addicted to our conditioned ego. After all, we are, practically from infancy, made to believe that the ego will keep us safe.

Old dysfunctional psychological patterns and the beliefs that drive them continue to create outer circumstances in our lives that hold us down. Some of these are individual patterns and beliefs, and others are part of the collective. Remember, your 3D nesting doll holds all your soul’s experiences in the third dimension.

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We are born with a set of psychological complexes or patterns and then given an opportunity to work them out in our current lifetime. This can be daunting enough for us old souls, but when you add the pressure of the fear-based collective energies, stepping into our true sovereignty, our true divinity, and then healing and transforming these patterns becomes considerably more daunting.

Embracing Or Fearing Change and Uniqueness?

Instead of embracing change and uniqueness, we are raised to fear both. Our conditioned ego asks that we expend huge amounts of energy trying to create a false sense of security and stability. It chides us mercilessly if we attempt to break out of the dysfunctional norms that our culture has placed on us.

To navigate these energies, to create healthy alignment and speed up our frequency to embody the higher frequencies and attributes of 5D, we have to learn to first notice when we are doing this, and then extract ourselves from the belief that one pole is more holy than the other. This also asks us to overcome our addiction to the drama created by our conditioned ego.

The US election of Donald Trump as president is a good example of the dangers of getting stuck in one or the other polarity. And it is part of the way in which 3D humans stay enslaved in a mechanistic 3D world. For me, it was a huge challenge right after the election to stay out of duality, and I could not do it right away.

I found myself half crazed with fear-based images of a Nazi America and fury at my progressive friends who supported Jill Stein and drained energy from Hillary Clinton, which I saw as the reason Trump was able to step into the presidency. First, I wanted to leave the country. Once I was over that, I just wanted to be with all my children in the same geographical place. My heart was heavy. Much of my powers of self-observation were on hold.

Although I was not personally angry at Trump supporters or voters, I was so angry that we, as a collective, had chosen to do things in what I see as “the hard way.” I could see the level of suffering that was likely to increase because of this coming administration. I held the belief that consciousness would rise just as fast if not faster with a president who would support what I consider to be more humane policies, and I was angry that we still seemed to need crisis and active outrage to create change.

Finally, I was able to calm this out-of-control 3D–4D part of myself. I heard the wisdom of staying nonreactive or “watching the parade,” as my yoga teacher suggested. Finally, I could release the intensity of my emotions and feel a new revitalized connection to spirit. Essentially, I had stopped attaching to one polarity.

Integrating and Holding the Energy of Both Polarities

Barbara Hand Clow points out that the global elite really do not care which polarity people attach to. We give them the power to control us simply by attaching to one pole or the other. When we are able to hold the energy of both polarities simultaneously, which is how we integrate them, this heals the inner and outer fragmentation. To see the big picture, to understand all polarity, is to be integrated.

When we recognize each time we are inclined to attach to a polarity and instead integrate it with its opposite, we diffuse the negative energies from 4D and allow our own consciousness to rise. This, in turn, helps heal the collective and can, if there are enough of us going through this process, reduce the suffering of 3D.

The emotional energy of these fourth-dimensional messages is extremely powerful. This is the primary reason we must learn how to clear and keep clearing our emotional body. If we have no process to deal with these messages, which in 4D end up collecting and becoming archetypes, of demons and angels, if you will, then we are continuously stuck in its dysfunctional energy.

Staying In The Center Of The Storm

To love and befriend both demons and angels, without letting the demons run the show, is the trick. Realize that the demons are merely representations of the dark disconnected from the light, the yin disconnected from the yang; once they are integrated, they enrich our imagination and creative expression. If we cannot do this, then when our emotions are stirred, we have no healthy outlet. It is like an inner tornado.

In turn, this can create enormous anxiety, which, sadly, we tend to drug or numb rather than learn how to work with. It is now the time to stay in the center of the storm. This frees us from the collective angst and 4D mind control and will unleash huge creativity to power our evolution.

Here’s how Barbara Hand Clow sums this up:

Messages from higher dimensions are the source of human creativity, which 4D intelligences split into dark and light possibilities. This process informs our feelings in 3D, so it is possible for us to encompass the magnitude of the higher dimensions. Many humans choose to ignore these juicy impulses since acting them out might change their lives.

As for archetypal beings, we humans are the creators in 3D since we can make solid things. Fourth-dimensional beings can think and plot all they want, but they cannot create in 3D. So they seed their hot desires in our minds and incite us to create realities . . . but we must choose to be masters of our world.

Emotional Flow

All feelings are made up of emotional energy. Emotional energy travels in waves and has its own natural rhythms. To be able to tune in to this energy and allow it to flow through us is our ideal emotional state. Instead, we are taught to repress or act out whenever certain emotions arise or build up inside us.

Imagine damming up the ocean in mid-wave. The energy buildup would be formidable and would begin to break through any type of dam we could possibly create. If we dam up our own emotions, they, too, become formidable.

For those who are afraid of their anger, or conditioned for other reasons to not feel their anger, where does that energy go? Obviously, it stays in the body and creates havoc. The most common is depression, in which a person unconsciously turns the dammed-up energy against themself. Disease is another clear by-product. Exploding or in other ways acting out rage is another. We can only dam up this energy so long before something has to burst. And in either scenario, it causes us and those around us great suffering.

This dammed-up energy is part of what creates the murkiness in 4D, which then makes it more difficult for us to access a -higher-dimensional perspective and higher-dimensional wisdom. In turn, this keeps us stuck in our 3D expression. On the other hand, if instead of damming up the energy, we let it explode in ways that are harmful to others, this has the same effect in 4D as repressing it does. Our rage and violence circulate in that dimension, feeding those archetypes who take glee in smiting, raping, and pillaging, which creates thicker barriers in the canopy.

Modern-day psychiatry treats this blockage by prescribing pharmaceuticals, which no doubt has Freud, Jung, and their colleagues turning over in their graves. These drugs further deaden our higher-dimensional energy and feed the 4D murkiness even more, and the suffering on our planet continues to increase.

Providing Healthy Outlets for Emotional Expression

If instead, from the very start, we allow the emotional waves to come and provide healthy outlets for their expression, they will just move on out, and we will be free of the waves until the next one arises. In my book Journey to Wholeness: A Guide to Inner Healing, I speak in depth about how to identify, express, and release emotions in a healthy way. If this is an area you are still struggling with, you might want to read this book. What I did not know in the 1990s, when I was writing that book, is how it related to multidimensionality and the Ascension process that so many of us are currently engaged in.

Hand Clow points out how indigenous cultures were able to stay in what she calls the archetypal stream: they allowed the 4D emotional energies to get expressed through creativity, such as dance, drama, and song, as well as through dream states. She also talks about the difference between the lower or astral plane of the fourth dimension and the higher expression where we find divine inspiration.

We have a choice; we just need to make sure that our 4D nesting doll is aware and empowered enough to make this choice. Learning to observe and feel our emotions without becoming attached to them and learning to quell any reactivity that wants to arise is how we can stay in the flow of higher-dimensional inspiration rather than in the astral energies of lower 4D.

Keeping Our Reactivity At A Minimum

The more we perfect our powers of self-observation, the more we are able to keep our reactivity at a minimum. For me, I get a body sensation usually in my solar plexus area when I begin to feel emotionally reactive. Because I have been practicing it for many years, I usually notice it quickly and make a mental note. This process alone calms the reactivity somewhat because the act of observation creates some distance from the emotional reaction.

Next, I do some deep, centering breathing, which also helps me disconnect from the reactivity. Then I write about the experience in my daily journal.

If this does not transform the reactive emotion, then I do some exercises to release the anger, judgment, fear, and so on. Thus, it is rare that the reactivity stays with me long enough to feed the lower astral plane. Mostly, I am able to go through life feeling open and peaceful. And I know that this is available to everyone.

Self-love and unconditional self-acceptance are the next most important elements in helping us transverse 4D. When we are in this state, we are open to seeing any feelings or thoughts that may arise without negatively judging ourselves; instead, we are able to send ourselves love for just noticing.

People tend to back off from wanting to do this out of fear that if they do not judge themselves harshly for “dark” thoughts and feelings, then they must be bad and may even be feeding planetary negativity. In fact, just the opposite is true. The more we can accept and love our darkness as well as our light, the more balanced we become. This helps us neutralize any negative effects from the polarization and gives us the ability to integrate the polarities instead. It is only through a process such as this that we can genuinely set ourselves free.

Overcoming Our Attachment to Judging Ourselves and Others

Until we overcome any attachment to judging ourselves and others, until we overcome the belief that something is either “right” or “wrong” versus discerning whether it is loving or unloving, we continue to feed the lower astral plane of 4D, murking up our individual lives as well as the collective consciousness of our planet.

If we are unable to notice the dark feelings and thoughts because of our conditioned ego insisting that they are unacceptable, we shove them into the unconscious, where they become extremely dangerous. If we attach to these dark feelings or thoughts, it will fuel resentment, victimization, hatred, and inner disharmony.

If, instead of doing either, we continue to go to our hearts to love and accept all that may arise in our awareness, we realize that the quest is not about being a “good” person but about being a loving person, a person whose actions come from wisdom and compassion. Then all dark thoughts and feelings lose their power, and we all get to live in a loving, sane world where emotional flow is the norm.

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Activating Your 5D Frequency: A Guidebook for the Journey into Higher Dimensions by Judith Corvin-BlackburnWe are in a time of great transition. Higher frequency light is flooding our planet, awakening large numbers to reclaim our original nature as fifth-dimensional humans. As 5D humans, we live from our heart’s wisdom, from Unity Consciousness, unconditional love, and unbridled creativity. 5D humans have highly developed inner senses of empathy, telepathy, clairvoyance, and clairsentience--qualities that are opening for many as we go through this dimensional shift. While this journey is exciting, its demands can be overwhelming. In this hands-on guide to activating the 5D potential lying dormant in our DNA, Judith Corvin-Blackburn shows us how to navigate the Ascension process, including how to handle emotions, resistances, and fears and welcome our 5D frequencies.

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