Creating A Sacred Environment For Sleep

Creating A Sacred Environment For Sleep
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The mastery of sleep is to know what sleeping conditions you need and recognize the sacredness of those conditions. For exam­ple, if you are experiencing insomnia, creating a sleep-chamber environment using certain scents, sounds, or mood lighting can help promote well-being, supporting your nervous system to relax and surrender into sleep. Not using electronic devices or being in stimulating environments a few hours before you sleep will also help with this.

If you are protesting that you do not have time to recognize the sacredness of sleep right now, that’s okay. See and know that. Acknowledge that right now you may be prioritizing busyness over sacredness, for you think the two cannot coexist. And yet, sacredness creates the space for soul-led doings.

Human busyness simply perpetuates more busyness. There is a difference. There is no busyness in sleep, but there is great doing and great undoing. There is great revealing and great releasing. There are great fears and great joys. There is great learning and great loving. There is the possibility for everything within sleep. So take time to exam­ine the sacredness of your sleep chamber.


Those who have vivid dreams may believe that the images are the strongest part, but when the story is vivid, it means that feeling is operating at the highest level. And you have to understand that dreams feel big and vast, for they do not take place in your mind. They are not restricted to the limits of that physically sourced fac­ulty of the human body. Dreams emanate from and are projected throughout your whole energy field, so they are wide in scope and vibrationally alive.

Some dreams initiate processes and put things in motion for you. For example, one evening you may dream about love, and that is the catalyst for the realization that you are ready for partner­ship. And over a period of three to six months, you are inspired to get yourself more and more ready for love’s arrival.

Other dreams may resolve things for you or give you clues to what is going on in a specific part of your life. And some may give you the emotional tonic you need for rebalancing and healing. Those going through loss, grief, or great fear, where sleep is the only place love is felt at high levels, are often surrounded by angelic beings waiting to be invited to bring their support. More help is given to these individ­uals through their sleep than at any other time.

So remember this: help will always find you, and sleep is a way to receive it.

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Sleep is your friend. It is your ally. It is rejuvenating and regenerating and readying you for the next day. Every single night when you go to sleep, you release the past. And depending on how good at releasing the past you have become (how willing and how open to change you are), sleep becomes a fast track of the awakening process. You may feel tired when you wake up because you are doing a lot of inner work during sleep. If this resonates with you, know that it is a sign of success, for it means you have started to accelerate your rate of release — release of the past and any corresponding patterns of limitation.

Upon waking each day, you are returned to the wonders of the earth and all that is felt, seen, and experienced here. In sleep, you are returned to the wonders of the world inside. The world that is bigger than your physical body. The world for which your physical body is the central point of focus in this grand life expe­rience you are having.

If you are one who is psychic and occasionally have psychic experiences at night that frighten you, the fastest way to remedy this is to commit to your psychic experiences in the day and study what is coming through you. “Study” means whatever seems right to you. It may simply be a commitment to self-observation, or it might involve going to a workshop, reading a book, or keeping a journal of your extrasensory experiences.


Not surprisingly, the best time to sleep if you want to have the broadest energetic experience is when the majority of people sleep, especially if you live in a densely populated area. The col­lective energy quiets down and becomes lighter. Less density is felt when you walk around a city when people are asleep, for example. That is because there is less involvement of the human ego and physical body at that time. On the other hand, this is precisely why some individuals find it such a joy to stay awake in the middle of the night and create, or just be, for there is so much space energetically.

Do you like being awake at night, too? Do you enjoy it when the world is quiet? What does the spaciousness give to you, or in what ways does it inspire you?


As we come to the end of this conversation, once again look at what a healing experience sleep can be for you. Recognize what freedom the journey of sleep can provide. And remember the power of stating your energy remedies before you sleep.

Love yourself through your sleep. So many have challenges of the heart when stepping into self-mastery. If you are one who is having challenges, sleep will be the answer. This, we can assure you. If you are one who is opening to the understanding of how energy shifts work, start talking to yourself before you sleep and create your energy remedies.

It is extraordinary what you can reconfigure by consciously directing your attention in sleep. If you are experiencing something difficult or painful, are you willing to surrender it to sleep? Could you possibly allow sleep to solve something for you, something that you have been struggling with from all angles or trying to release? Why not offer it to sleep?


Take some time to reflect upon the key moments that arose for you during this conversation. Even if the concepts are not brand-new to you, the energy of what these words mean to you can spark positive and even profound change. You may have created a new doorway into a world of self-healing that will accelerate your prosperity, growth, happiness, and health, or deepen your sense of connectedness to everything, including the heart of humanity. When you connect to the heart of you, it cannot be otherwise.

Sleep is a key to your heart. Use that key. Use it to unlock whatever dreams and desires you wish to unlock.

The space of sleep is created for your transformation and regeneration. Har­ness that knowing. Feel safe in that knowing. And begin to cel­ebrate and enjoy your sleep again — perhaps more deeply than ever before.

The Sleep Affirmation

Sleep is a healer of my body, mind, and soul.

Standing on the shores of sleep each night,
I gently release any and all limitations
into the ocean of consciousness.
And I am softly bathed in the exact energy remedy
I need in the moment —
even if I’m not consciously aware of what that remedy is.

Sleep is my faithful friend.

©2019 by Lee Harris. All Rights Reserved.
Excerpted with permission. Publisher: New World Library

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