Listen to Your Body: It Knows What It Needs

Listen to Your Body: It Knows What It Needs

If you are seeking someone to lead you to the physical mastery that will allow you to be comfortably healthy in your body, seek no further than your own physical body. Now, all people, if they were going to pound a nail into the wall, most likely would not use the wrong end of the hammer. And yet, why is it that you feel obliged to use your physical body in a way in which it was never intended? You are surrounded by examples of the harmony of nature, and yet you have been slow to accept that this harmony of nature requires you to live at least in harmony with yourself if you are to be comfortable.

You could say, "But trees get struck by lightning and they must not like that. Sometimes they develop diseases or are infested with insects, and they must not like that." But I will say that the consumption and the recycling of all that is physical reality in this world is but a portion of your reality. You accept that, to some extent. It is just that you have all been raised in an artificial environment.

Look to your ancient tribal cultures, not only in North America, but in South America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and places that have tribal cultures that go way back and that still have members who talk about their tribal wisdom. These people know, whether they tell you or not, how to live in harmony. It may be that they have adopted the ways of the technological world and thence have turned their backs on the natural harmony. But the tribal elders -- they know.

Yet, for the bulk of the readers here, how will you be able to tap into the wisdom of the elders in tribes if you cannot see these people or talk to them? The answer is that you must tap into your own wisdom.

Experience Accumulates in All Physical Matter

You know, all physical matter that exists in your body has been a portion of someone else's body or something else and has been recycled all over Earth for millions of years. Because of the accumulation of experience transmitted into the cellular and atomic particle structure in your physical body, it has more wisdom than you can actually tap and use, much more than your mind will ever be able to garner.

The challenge with your mind is that it is a totally polarized instrument. The ideas of "yes" and "no" are built into your mind as constants, whereas the idea of feeling good is built into your body as a regulating device. You know when you feel good in your body, and you know when you don't. It is true that you do not pick up on all the subtle discomforts, but you usually notice discomforts that come to your attention. In that sense your body provides you with a weather vane effect. You always know when the wind is blowing from a favorable direction and when it is not. 

How, then, to tap the wisdom that has been placed in the atomic structure of the cells of your body simply due to the nature of the physical matter recycling through Earth history? How to do this? It is necessary to make this a non-thinking process. Understand that this is a physical planet. This you know. There is much wisdom here. This you know. There is much mystery surrounding wisdom. This you know. But it will show you, if you desire that it is so and if you allow it.

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How to Allow Your Physical Body to Share Its Knowledge

In order to allow your physical body to share its knowledge, you will have to allow it to do what it does best: that is, to live in harmony with itself. So, homework -- genuine Spirit and Zoosh homework.

Most of you go to the grocery store (the favorite Zoosh homework playground) from time to time. Next time you are there, pick up some food that your mouth loves to eat but that you know the rest of your body isn't too fond of. Hold that food eight inches from your mouth. How does your mouth feel? Maybe you start salivating a bit.

Now move that food down so it is centered in front of your chest or heart chakra. See how that part of you feels. Next, move it down so it is in front of your intestines or your solar plexus. That's where the action is as far as the retrieval of nutrients.

See how those different places feel. Chances are that when you hold it in front of your mouth, you experience at least the guilty pleasure of desire. But by the time that food item descends toward the action places, your body begins to respond with the "oh no" feeling. 

Learn to recognize those physical feelings, because that is wisdom instantly imparted to you from your physical self. It is not laced with multi-syllable words, nor does it contain an intellectual message that is the likes of that which wins Pulitzer prizes. No, it will be pure, simple, and easily understood by anyone. It will give you an immediate message about how you feel.

Next, find some food -- perhaps a vegetable -- that you are not crazy about but will eat if it's placed in front of you with a smile and a nod. Make this a food that you know is good for you, such as broccoli, squash, or carrots. Same test. Hold it in front of your mouth. Chances are that you'll be feeling, "Well, OK". Then hold it in front of your chest. See how that feels. Then hold it in front of your gut. See how that feels. You will definitely notice a difference between that and the food laced with guilty pleasure.

Receiving Communication From Your Physical Body

This is a technique by which you can begin to receive communications from your physical body. It will establish a communications network with the portion of you that has totally mastered physical reality.

It is because you have not listened to these messages that you get into trouble with illness or at least indigestion. Understand what I am saying. If your body gives you a message in these three chakras that the stuff you want feels pretty good, then go ahead, buy it, and eat it. But if there is one portion of you that says, "No, no, I'd rather you wouldn't," then set it aside.

Now, understand that this might very well not apply to every brand, or to every variety of food, for that matter. Say that you pick up a carton of milk and hold it in front of your mouth. "Oh, OK." Hold it in front of your heart. "Well, all right." Hold it in front of your gut. "I'm not so sure; gut feels kind of uncomfortable." Does that mean that all milk is bad for you? No. Hold up a different carton. Hold up a variation on that milk. If it is something you really want, keep trying, but if it does not feel good, especially to your chest and your gut, then let it go for a time. Maybe it will be all right the next time you come back to the store.

Establishing A New Level of Trust with Your Body

Understand that the purpose here is really to establish a new level of trust between your instrument of teaching of the physical-material mastery level that you seek -- otherwise known as your body and your conscious mind. It is your job on this planet Earth to accept the instructions of your physical body as being the most valuable means of determining what is best for your physical body.

Wonder of wonders! Is it possible that your physical body, which experiences the reality that you intend to improve, might just be the most expert in communicating to you in its own language that which is best for it? Could be.

The biggest challenge for you now is to move away from the seduction of the mind. Remember that the mind has been trained to be 100% polarized, analytical, pro and con, yes and no. The mind is never absolutely certain of anything unless it is caught up in rigid dogma, which is always limiting.

The body knows what feels good to it at any given moment. The body has the advantage of being in touch not only with the emotional body, which gets inspiration from the soul and from the Creator through the soul, but also with what I prefer to call the instinctual body, which is an energy field made up of the auric field and the body's interaction with the auric field. The instinctual body knows without thinking what is good for it and what is not. Your body is your own best tool for learning what is good for it.

The above was reprinted, with permission,
from the June 1992 issue of Spirit Speaks magazine.

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