Self-Healing: Returning to Your Natural State of Health and Happiness

Returning to Your Natural State of Health and Happiness
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All is possible when you are able to see your own body in the same way you see the bodies of others, as just the vehicle for the consciousness within, and furthermore, just part of an energy system.

Ideally, of course, you will never need healing, if you stay in touch with yourself, always being yourself, understanding your consciousness and the language it uses, and always responding consciously. While it is true that not so many beings on the earth have so far achieved this level of perfection and optimal functioning, it is also true that there is no reason to believe that it is anything but available to you in any moment, including this one, now.

If some symptom presents itself to you, you can have some compassion for yourself, recognizing that you are still learning, and have not yet finished working on yourself. If you see that the symptom to be healed in you is a repeat of something that happened before, you will know that you need to change something in your consciousness, so that the same thing does not happen again. You will also know what it is that needs to change.

You can allow yourself to be reminded many times, just to be certain, or you can choose to get the message earlier and earlier, staying in touch with your inner directional system, your intuition.

Returning to Your Natural State

You can either choose to allow yourself to be healed by another, or to do the healing yourself. Do whatever is necessary to release yourself from the symptom, and return yourself to the state of being in which you are happy and healthy. It’s your natural state.

The healing can be in the form of first aid, or in the form of a healing meditation.

Healing in the Form of First Aid

When healing yourself as a form of first aid, you will be able to remove headaches and pains in the same way that you would if you were working with another subject. You can use thought forms, pressure valves, and so on. You must choose to see yourself in that moment as only an energy system, and not be emotionally involved in the symptom you are releasing. Then, you can just lift away the ache or pain, and feel it go.

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You can heal cuts or bruises by holding the area, and imagining the healing taking place, watching the process as blood vessels reseal, as flesh mends, insisting then on seeing it as healed, and deciding that it is so.

If it is a headache that you are releasing, and you feel it leave your consciousness, you will notice that certain thoughts leave your consciousness at the same time. It will be like a cloud leaving. You will know that they were the thoughts associated with the symptom, which had created it.

Do not chase the thoughts, wanting to remember what they had been. Just watch them go, and experience the clearer consciousness that remains.

One Foot In Each Reality

If you are spending time with one foot in each reality, sometimes being in one bubble and sometimes another, you will be able to see the effects of your thoughts. You will see that when you have that particular thought, you will experience that particular symptom. When you release the symptom, you will feel the thought that created it leaving, also, being replaced by another perception that is clearer for you.

You will then be able to keep your attention on the ideas and consciousness you experience when you are symptom-free, and maintain that as your usual state of consciousness, who you really are, and what is real and true for you.

If there is some emotional involvement with the symptom, because it is happening within your body, the effects of the healing may take a bit longer to manifest, but it will still be much more rapid than leaving the symptom to be handled only in physical cause-and-effect reality.

Setting A Time Frame As A Goal

It helps if you set a time frame as a goal. This can be any reasonable amount of time—a week or a month, for example. You can decide that at the end of that time, you will see where you are, and measure the degree of healing that has taken place. You have decided that there will be improvement, and the only question remaining is the degree. Then, you can have a sense of when the process will be complete.

In the experience of this writer, the time I decided for my healing was two months, to release totally a tumor that had been growing in my spinal cord, at the level of my neck, and so the degree of improvement was geared to the time available for its completion. Finally, after two months, it was necessary to decide that the process was now complete, and to receive the feedback from the medical authorities that had diagnosed the tumor, that it was no longer there.

It was obviously also necessary to deeply promise to myself to make whatever changes in my life that were necessary for the release of the symptoms, and to keep that promise.The same is true of any person healing any symptom, even though the severity may be less.

The healing process is a co-creation. You are playing the part of both the healer and the subject. Watch the healing happen.

You know that anything can be healed.

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by Martin Brofman

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Martin Brofman, Ph.D.Martin Brofman, Ph.D. (1940-2014), a former Wall Street computer expert, was a renowned healer and founder of the Brofman Foundation for the Advancement of Healing. He developed a special healing approach, the Body Mirror System, after he cured himself from a serious terminal illness in 1975. He helped many people over his more than 30 years in practice. Martin had said that he would not live to be 74 years old. In 2014, three months before his seventy-fourth birthday, he was gone… Since 2014, his wife, Annick Brofman, continues the legacy of his work within the Brofman Foundation in Geneva, Switzerland.

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