Addiction Treatment: One Step on the Road to Recovery

Addiction Treatment: One Step on the Road to RecoveryExhaustion was the catalyst that took me to a recovery program. I was just so tired — tired of being sad and lonely, tired of fighting everything and everyone, and tired of living with my strange thoughts that would surely lead me to insanity. Do your days feel like an exercise in frustration and misery? Do you wake up with a feeling of...

Accept Pain or Get Relief?

Accept Pain or Get Relief? article by Chönyi Taylor

When the pain is too much to handle, then some relief gives us space to rest and recuperate. But if we choose to numb our pain all the time, we can end up in a closed and lonely world. If we choose to face our pain, then we have the opportunity to understand its source and that helps us to...

How Acupuncture Can Help Those Who Suffer from Hay Fever and Asthma

Few would deny that acupuncture is an effective system of altering bodily responses—its dramatic effects in producing local deadening of the nerves, so that surgeons can operate on a fully conscious patient, are convincing evidence that this is a powerful form of treatment. Whether acupuncture effectively treats all the ailments for which it is offered is another matter.

Natural Herbal Supplements for Allergies

Natural Herbal Supplements for AllergiesThere are various herbal medicines on sale that claim to alleviate hay fever and perennial allergic rhinitis. The following ones have been tested: Butterbur (Petasites hybridus); Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica); Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba); Luffa complex (also marketed as Pollinosan); Grape seed extract; Quercetin; Perilla 6000 (contains Perilla frutescens)

Natural Remedies for Hay Fever

Conventional medicine has some powerful weapons against hay fever but many people still turn to other forms of treatment. This chapter looks at all those that we have come across and tries to assess whether or not they may help you.

Unblocking Nasal Congestion with Natural Remedies

Unblocking Nasal Congestion with Natural RemediesThe traditional treatment used for colds—inhaling steam—can be very effective in hay fever. Use a mixing bowl from the kitchen, pour in boiling water, put a towel over your head and shoulders, and sit with your face over the bowl so that you are inhaling the steam. Menthol, eucalyptus, and other essential oils with a decongestant action are sometimes added to the hot water to improve...

Conventional Medicine and the Placebo Effect in Hay Fever Cures

Conventional Medicine and the Placebo Effect in Hay Fever CuresYou will, no doubt, meet people who have "found the cure" for hay fever. There are two things to bear in mind when considering such claims. One is that most people grow out of hay fever as they get older, usually before the age of 30. The second point to consider is the placebo effect, a phenomenon well known to medicine. Belief that the treatment will work is the crucial element...

Is Reality the Leading Cause of Stress?

Reality is the Leading Cause of StressDo we have to "put reality on the back burner" to have fun? That's what it seems like. After all, with all the problems in the world and all the stress in our lives, escaping reality seems to be required. Our current life circumstance is putting pressure on us to...

How to Care for the Skin

People with acne may try to stop outbreaks and oil production by scrubbing their skin and using strong detergent soaps. However, scrubbing will not improve acne; in fact, it can make the problem worse. Most doctors recommend that people with acne gently wash their skin with a mild cleanser, once in the morning and once in the evening. It is important that patients thoroughly rinse their skin after washing it.

If Your Smoker Tries to Quit...and Fails

Try not to worry too much if your smoker tries to quit and fails. A study by the University of Ottawa found that most smokers try to quit five times before they finally succeed. If your smoker doesn't quit this time, he or she will quit next time. If not next time, then the time after that. Your smoker will succeed. If you can honestly enjoy your smoker's predicament, laugh about it, and make light of it, your smoker is more likely to do the same...

Immune to Tetanus

Two out of three senior citizens may lack adequate immunity to tetanus, a life-threatening central nervous system ailment contracted when bacteria invade an open wound, usually a deep puncture or cut made by a nail or a knife, University of Florida researchers report.

Menopause Organizations

Menopause Organizations. Various organizations supply information and other assistance to women experiencing or approaching menopause. Phone numbers and addresses sometimes change. If any of these are out of date, please let us know.

Menopause and Mental Health

A popular myth pictures the menopausal woman shifting from raging, angry moods into depressive, doleful slumps with no apparent reason or warning. However, a study by psychologists at the University of Pittsburgh suggests that menopause does not cause unpredictable mood swings, depression, or even stress in most women. In fact, it may even improve mental health for some. This gives further support to the idea that menopause is not necessarily a negative experience.

Keeping Healthy throughout Menopause

Good nutrition and regular physical exercise are thought to improve overall health. Some doctors feel these factors can also affect menopause. Although these areas have not been well studied in women, anecdotal evidence is strongly in favor of eating well and exercising to help lower risks for CVD and osteoporosis.

Hot Flashes

Hot flashes, or flushes, are the most common symptom of menopause, affecting more than 60 percent of menopausal women in the U.S. A hot flash is a sudden sensation of intense heat in the upper part or all of the body.

Am I Crazy or Menopausal

My first thoughts were that I was going crazy. I was sure of it. After all, what else could possibly be causing the sudden and unexpected onset of memory lapses, anxiety, depression, night sweats, and phobia attacks that had completely turned my life upside down? My initial visits with my internist had turned up nothing, further convincing me that I was losing my mind...

But Why Do I Have ADD?

Many people with ADD or ADHD are very intelligent, always thinking of new possibilities and ways to make things better. Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Winston Churchill are classic examples. The inability to get along in school is not necessarily the sign of a failure for life.

Cancer Prevention and Sunlight

In some respects cancer is to industrialized countries today what tuberculosis was to the 18th and 19th century: a major cause of death and misery which defeats the best efforts of conventional medicine. Then, as now, all of the emphasis was on removing the manifestation of the disease and not on enhancing the patient's ability to overcome it.

Are Medications Affecting Your Memory?

We will present medications that have been identified as possibly causing temporary or permanent memory impairment. If you find that you are taking some of these medications, it is best to consult your physician and ask about alternative medications that might be available.

Strength Training for Healthier Aging

Strength training, especially when combined with aerobic exercise, is a surefire way to control body weight. Why? Because muscle burns calories and fat. But left to its own devices, the body loses about a half pound of muscle every year after age 30. If we don't keep ourselves strong...

Boost Your Immune System

You've probably noticed that there's a healing side to exercise: It can chase the blues, help fight stress, and raise your energy. Qigong, t'ai chi, and yoga were used purposefully in ancient cultures as a complement to medical treatment.

Addictions to Coffee Sugar Caffeine

Current estimates suggest that addictions affect one-third of the population in the United States. Of course, when most of us hear the word addict, we think crack, or cocaine, or heroin... Certainly we don't think about, say, sugar -- and yet sugar is the most prevalent addictive substance in the world!

Become AWARE of Pain

Become AWARE of Pain by Bruce N. Eimer, Ph.D., ABPP

by Bruce N. Eimer, Ph.D., ABPP. All of us who have chronic pain know that it tends to change our personality. Over time, the continued struggle with pain tends to zap your energy and strength. Life is harder and more stressful when persistent pain is a central part of it. Fortunately, now there are...

Can Words Cause Cancer

Is it possible that people who are diagnosed with cancer die of a sophisticated form of voodoo? Does the victim's belief in the power of vicious cells, like belief in the power of a hex, lead to his death? 'Cancer' is a demon word -- the destructiveness of cancer begins as soon as the diagnosis is uttered. The word strikes terror to the heart...

Nearsighted Personality

From interviews of tens of thousands of nearsighted patients, I've been able to catalog patterns of personalities and their potential behaviors that can present clues to direct you into a deeper self-understanding, helping you to know who you are behind the illusionary perceptions and beliefs of your present way of seeing.

Are You Looking... or Seeing?

A great deal of research has been done in an effort to understand the structures and processes that are necessary for vision. What is obvious is that each eye feeds specific information through the visual pathways to the two sides of the brain.

Electromagnetic Fields (2)

by Herbert Ross, Keri Brenner & Burton Goldberg.

Electromagnetic fields are a type of low-level radiation generated by computer terminals, microwave ovens, and other electronic devices. While the intensity of these fields is small, studies continue to show that they may be a factor in a number of chronic illnesses, including cancer, heart disease, and sleep...

Arthritis Diet Eating the Right Foods

Dietary practices have a major impact on arthritis. In fact, if you eat the typical American diet, it could be making your arthritis worse. The right foods can keep you free of stiff joints, swelling, and fatigue. Changing the way you eat will change the way you feel. Among the offenders are...

Balancing Female Hormones - Naturally

Women's lives are deeply affected by the ebb and flow of our hormones. Our female hormones make possible our greatest gifts for only we can bring forth life. But hormonal lack or imbalance can also be our most consistent enemy, causing the all too common miseries of PMS and menopause. Most women are still unaware of the fact that...

Breast Cancer Deception (Part 2)

Fifty years ago the incidence of Breast Cancer for a woman's lifetime risk was one in twenty. Now it has skyrocketed to one in eight. Clearly the so-called war on cancer has not even made a dent in the breast cancer epidemic as the rates continue to climb at the rate of one per cent per year.

Causes of Cancer

Food can make or break our health and, increasingly, factors related to food -- its quality, its nutritional constituents, even how it is grown and processed -- are considered a primary agent for contributing to the initiation and promotion of cancer. According to the National Academy of Sciences, 60% of all cancers in women and 40% of all cancers in men may be due to dietary and nutritional factors...

The Candida Question

Candida albicans is a yeast thought to be responsible for little more than irritating skin rashes or infections of the mouth or vagina. Yet, it also results in poor digestion, food intolerance, bloating, and altered bowel habits. An overgrowth of candida can inhibit the absorption of essential nutrients, creating vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Premenstrual Cramps

Cramping starts when the adrenal gland has been drained of its cortisone reserve. Progesterone is a precursor of cortisone, which is made by the adrenal glands. Cramping at the onset of a period can be painful and disruptive, but progesterone helps alleviate the discomfort by assisting the adrenal glands to create...

Causes of Disease

According to Chinese pathology, there are three principal causes of the disharmony that brings about disease: external factors, emotions, and irregularities in day-to-day living. The importance of a balanced state extends to the emotions and mind as well as the body. Any imbalance is seen as a potential...

Causes of Migraine Headaches

Doctors now believe there has to be a combination of triggers present for an attack to start. If you can identify and remove one or more of your personal trigger factors, you may be able to stop having migraine attacks for good. Most people think migraines are caused by chocolate, cheese, stress, anxiety....

Are You in Pain?

Being in pain, hour after hour, day after day, rips away your strength, your hope, your personality, and even your love. Your pain can probably be cured. Your own body has a healing force that will enable you to rise above your pain, and feel whole and happy once again.

Chronic Pain Syndrome

Being in pain, hour after hour, day after day, rips away your strength, your hope, your personality, and even your love. Your pain can probably be cured. Your own body has a healing force that will enable you to rise above your pain, and feel whole and happy once again.

Being Diagnosed with Cancer

Upon receiving a cancer diagnosis, you may find yourself facing this frightening experience without any knowledge or understanding of how best to help yourself. The sheer volume of information that is now available about cancer and various treatment options can make the aftermath of diagnosis even more distressing for you and your family.

Diet Nutrition Cancer

by W. John Diamond, M.D. and W. Lee Cowden, M.D.

The leading nutritional problem in the United States today is the eating of too many empty-calorie foods, says Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., a biochemist and nutrition expert. This contributes to nutrient deficiencies that can rob the body of its natural resistance to disease while weakening overall physiological performance.

Eye Body Connection

Vision problems are very frequently accompanied by specific patterns of muscle tension and weakness. As with other types of physical problems, it is very difficult to say with accuracy, This tension created that problem or That problem may have caused this tension...

Fertility & Subfertility

Subfertility is a relatively common problem but, because it is one that strikes deep into the psyche of couples who experience it, it is often concealed, so that it is far more common than is generally realized. It is estimated that as many as one in six couples have difficulty in conceiving the number of children they want when they want them.

Fibromyalgia Pain

Americans who suffer from fibromyalgia live with a two-edged sword: excruciating pain, accompanied by the doubts of many who dismiss it as a made-up illness invented by a troubled mind. But researchers at the University of Florida and elsewhere are beginning to piece together clues that reveal the physical...

Gene Therapy to Treat Obesity

University of Florida scientists have successfully used gene therapy to control appetite and weight in obese animal models. "This would be the couch potato's dream: You can eat what you want but stay lean," said Sergei Zolotukhin, a research associate professor of molecular genetics and microbiology in...

Tension and Headaches

Approximately 90 percent of headaches are tension headaches. Tension headaches can be caused by almost any type of stress: too much or too little exertion, too much or too little excitement, too hot or too cold temperatures, too much or too little sleep, too erect or too limp posture, too much or too little food, and so on.

High Blood Pressure

by Maureen Keane.

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a very difficult health disorder condition for a number of reasons. It is very common, affecting an estimated 24 percent of all American adults, about 43 million people. Among older adults the percentage is even higher. It is a leading cause of strokes, kidney disease, and congestive heart failure.

High Blood Pressure (2)

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a very difficult health disorder condition for a number of reasons. It is very common, affecting an estimated 24 percent of all American adults, about 43 million people. Among older adults the percentage is even higher. It is a leading cause of strokes, kidney disease, and congestive heart failure.

How The Brain Can Stop Pain

Being in pain, hour after hour, day after day, rips away your strength, your hope, your personality, and even your love. Your pain can probably be cured. Your own body has a healing force that will enable you to rise above your pain, and feel whole and happy once again.

How Pain Works

Being in pain, hour after hour, day after day, rips away your strength, your hope, your personality, and even your love. Your pain can probably be cured. Your own body has a healing force that will enable you to rise above your pain, and feel whole and happy once again.


Scientists have tried through the years to attribute schizophrenia to one brain abnormality or another, but solid proof has been lacking. Now University of Florida researchers have found that subtle differences in 10 brain structures can provide a strong indicator of whether someone has the disorder.

Prostate Health: What Not To Let Your Doctor Do

When your doctor gives you a diagnosis of prostate cancer, he or she is also likely to tell you that you must have treatment immediately or you will die. Each specialist urges you to opt for their approach (surgery, or radiation, or hormone therapy), insisting that it's absolutely the best thing to do, and that you should do it right now.

Are You Sleeping Enough

Insomnia and fatigue are now considered America's top health problems. Researchers have identified lack of sleep as a cause of serious disorders ranging from diabetes to high stress levels. The results show that it is taking a huge toll on the quality of life -- and the health -- of millions.

Beware Tamoxifen

There has been much ado in the press about the wonders of the drug tamoxifen (Novadex) for the treatment and possible prevention of breast cancer. But as is the case with all pharmaceutical drugs, there are serious dangers. It has potential lethal side-effects.

Diaphragmatic Hernia

The method doctors traditionally use to treat diaphragmatic hernia, a life-threatening birth defect, can actually worsen the lung condition and should be abandoned in favor of a "revolutionary" treatment strategy that dramatically increases the survival chances of affected newborns,

One Minute Treatment for Acne

Although acne is an all-too-common problem for teenagers, adults experience it as well. Skin symptoms are most likely internal problems that are manifesting on the skin. The skin is considered the third kidney ? it is another organ of elimination that the body deploys to externalize oils and other matter not excreted from the body in the urine or stool. Thus treating skin problems is an inside job.

Healing Asthma - The Natural Way

Deaths in children from asthma are growing at an alarming rate. One can't help but wonder if the powerful steroidal drugs that are used to control symptoms and that also suppress immune function play an important role in this death toll. Don't let this type of drug abuse hurt your family. Seek out alternatives and consider these strategies.

Getting Rid of Constipation

Although constipation itself is not an illness, it is a symptom of something wrong. Is your diet adequate? Is there too much stress in your life? Were you exposed to certain toxic substances? Is it a side effect from a medication?

Getting Rid of PMS - Premenstrual Syndrome

Approximately 50 percent of all women experience a variety of symptoms from the biological warfare occurring in their body, including cramps, breast swelling and tenderness, water retention, moodiness, irritability, headaches, backaches, insomnia, fatigue, constipation, complexion problems, and food cravings.

Viagra and Heart Disease

University of Florida cardiologists say there is no solid scientific evidence that patients with cardiovascular disease face a higher risk of death when they take Viagra. Viagra, the tradename for the drug sildenafil citrate, is used to treat erectile dysfunction, which affects an estimated 150 million men worldwide. Many of...

12 Steps to Recovery

In America, our only "down" time seems to be the daily drive to and from work, which, if it happens to be on Florida's I-95, tends to exacerbate stress and anxiety rather than temper it. By the time most of us are home from a typical day's work...

Depression: When It Strikes Nearby

Clinical depression is an affliction of the mind, body, and spirit that affects over 17 million Americans. If you are the partner, parent, child, or friend of someone who is undergoing a depressive episode, your understanding of the illness and how you relate to the patient can either support or deter his or her ability to get well.

Healing Cancer on My Own

In February of 1975, when I was 29 years old, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. As I thought about what my doctor said, I became convinced that the line of treatment he outlined was all wrong for me. It seemed painful, complicated, and disharmonious with nature.

Healing Quadriplegia A Miraculous True Story

Over the next 2 months I remained hospitalized. I began talking to God (praying) and listening to God (meditating). This became my full-time occupation. I was given this earthly analogy: it is easier for God to heal quadriplegia than it is for a person to scatter the dust of a puff-ball mushroom with a single gentle breath.

Is Suicide the Answer?

I'm 32 years old, and I spent years of my life wanting to die. I'm not here to tell you what the textbooks and the professionals tell those of us who have been suicidal. Nor am I here to talk you out of anything you might be thinking of doing. That's really up to you...

Last Day at the Radiation Clinic

As I stood in the bathroom one morning, my mother's voice told me rather rudely to "check my breast." I always did what my mother told me, even if she had gone to God over ten years before. I wasn't about to argue with anyone that had the power to reach down to me from so far away. She was right. I listened and I am alive.

Fear of Pain

Fear is the major ingredient of pain. It is what makes pain hurt. Take away the fear and only feeling is left. In the mid-1970s, in a poor and remote forest monastery in northeast Thailand, I had a bad toothache. There was no dentist to go to, no telephone, and no electricity. We didn't even have any aspirin...

Learning from Pain and Pleasure

by J. Donald Walters. The pain one experiences if one goes against Nature, and the pleasure if one cooperates with it, is one way all creatures are guided -- not always infallibly, but in a general sense correctly. A child learns, if it touches a hot stove, not to repeat the experiment. Sensitivity to extreme heat is given us for our protection, not for our misery. All living creatures learn, quickly or slowly according to their intelligence, what 'works' for them and what doesn't.

Herbs For Relieving Cancer

This herb gets its name from bur, for its tenacious burrs, and dock old English for plant. Many scientists are skeptical about Burdock and its uses. However, as a healing herb it has a potential for treating cancer. Early Chinese physicians, as well as Ayurvedic healers, used Burdock as...

Addictions R' Us: Coming To Terms with our Demons

Addictions R' Us: Coming To Terms with our Demons by Caroline M. Sutherland

An addiction is anything that has a "hold" on us, such as work, exercise, sex, food (especially chocolate, sugar, and coffee), alcohol, cigarettes, illegal drugs, medications, money, worry, material possessions, relationships, negativity, overachieving, gambling, and so on. People can even be addicted to illness...

Allergies Linked to Diet and Six Common Foods

Allergies Linked to Diet and Six Common FoodsThe American menu is actually made of various combinations of the same foods, usually wheat, beef, eggs, potatoes, and milk products. For example, a breakfast of eggs, sausage, white toast, and hash browns is the same as a lunch of a hamburger, white bun, and fries, which is the same as a dinner of steak and potatoes or white pasta.

Can We Prevent Osteoporosis?

Can We Prevent Osteoporosis?Osteoporosis can begin as early as fifteen years prior to the first signs of menopause -- often around the middle to late thirties. The association of accelerated bone loss with menopause led medical doctors to prescribe estrogen supplements. However, there is ample evidence in the medical literature that the therapy is...


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