Let Go to Let Grow: The Difference Between Desire and Desperation

Let Go to Let Grow: The Difference Between Desire and Desperation

Harnessing the power of the universe requires you to come from the most surrendered place possible. There is a direct relationship between surrendering control and manifesting miracles because of the difference between desire and desperation. Desire pulls things towards you, while desperation pushes them away.

If you chase after things you think you need  out of desperation, they will tend to run away from you. Pursuing goals with fear-based intentions, such as to avoid sadness, be valued by others or gain respect can cause you to become attached to your goals – to the point that you may think you need them. However, need im­plies desperation.

Know What You Want, Then Let Go of Needing It

Attachment creeps into goal achievement if you mistakenly believe that your happiness, peace or love is dependent on external fac­tors. If you believe that you can’t be happy until you get the promotion, then you are attached. Or if you believe that you need to meet someone in order to experience love, then you are attached. Even if you get someone to love you, it will be a relationship based upon fear, not love, as you immediately become scared of losing the person you think is your source of love.

Attachment makes you slave to life’s golden carrots.

Irrespective of what the external outcome is, if you need it  then you are giving away your power. In the process, because you need it to make you feel happy, peaceful or loved, you can become highly controlling and manipulative in an attempt to get your own way.

At­tachment is exhausting! It is made worse by the fact that attachment feeds the illusionary unenlightened human experience that you are separate from peace, love and joy. You are not. All these wonderful experiences are built into the fabric of your Being.

Attachment Pushes Away Miracles

Let Go to Let Grow: The Difference Between Desire and DesperationYou always get what you focus on. If you become very attached to achieving goals, to the point of needing them, you can start focusing on trying to avoid not achieving them. Your focus on trying to avoid failing to achieve them can actually obstruct your goals from flowing into your life; you will actually be focusing on not achieving them. And again, this kind of focus can also shift your intent from love and abundance to fear and scarcity.

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Embracing the new makes it possible to desire things without becoming attached to whether you achieve them. You can be detached and still be very determined. When detached, you take action in the moment, notice how things change and then choose new actions in the next moment. You are willing to welcome new, unexpected events and things into your life. You are embracing the new, melting into the magnificent moment and trusting that you will get what you want in the perfect way at the perfect time. To approach manifestation in this way is to have faith in the abundant nature of the universe.

When attracting what you want, never demand
when you should receive as this can postpone it!

Trust that the Universe Is Never Late!

Some formulas for goal achievement tell you to be clear on when it should happen by. Although I agree it can be useful to have an idea of when – so that you stay motivated and have boundaries to work within – I strongly urge you to let go of being attached to any fixed calendar date.

Living a miraculous life is about letting go of having to get what you want within specific time frames. Instead, trust that you will get your goals at the perfect time. Quite often it is far sooner than you expect, but sometimes not. It won’t matter if you are filling yourself up with the abundance of this magnificent moment. Enlightened living causes you to enjoy your journey so much that you won’t have time to care if you are getting your goals or not!

By now, if you’ve applied what I’ve shared so far, you will be much more content, appreciative and fulfilled with how your life is, right now. Anything you might want in the future will have be­ come a bonus, but not something you need to be happy, peaceful or experience love as you know these are all experiences that come from being, not doing. From this liberated problem-free perspec­tive, you are ready to harness the power of the universe for the benefit of yourself and all of humanity.

The More You Give, The More You Receive

When you throw a pebble into a pond, the ripples go out for a while until they reach the shore ... at which point they come back, multiplied in both size and quantity. The same is true for when you give in life. The more you give, the more you receive. It may seem an odd concept – to give away what you want – but you get more of what you want by giving more of what you have away.

People can live their lives by not giving until they receive. For instance, they postpone doing their best at their job until they get paid more. Or they don’t show love towards other people until other people show love towards them. However, this is an ineffective strategy.

By holding on to what you’ve got, you have no room for more to flow into your life. You end up holding back the natural flow of the universe. But if you live with a more “what goes around comes around” attitude, by giving what you want, then you will end up enjoying a far more abundant and fulfilling life.

Decide What You Want and Find Ways To Give It Away!

Feeling unsatisfied with parts of your life usually means you aren’t giving away what you want in these areas of your life. If you want affection, give your affection. If you want encouragement, give encouragement. If you want money, then share some of yours. It’s as simple as that.

What you give will tend to come back. It is all about the flow of giving and receiving. And remember, giving in order to receive is not giving. It’s about giving without concern for getting, in the knowledge that you can afford to give it away because the universe is infinite and the universe exists within you.

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New Beginnings: Ten Teachings for Making the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life by Sandy C. Newbigging.

New Beginnings: Ten Teachings for Making the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life
by Sandy C. Newbigging.

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