Do You Believe That There Is Value in Suffering?

An Old Incorrect Paradigm Belief: There Is Value in Suffering

It may seem ludicrous to think that anyone would want to create suffering, and yet there are times when your emotional body moves into a state of suffering and there is an imagined reason for the suffering rather than what is actually happening in the now experience. You may feel stressed, worried, or have a sense of struggle around how much you have to get done. Yet in the now moment there is only one thing that you need to do.

It may be that this pattern of feeling overwhelmed happens right before you go to bed, when you start thinking about all the things that you need to do. This creates a sense of self-created suffering when really all there is for you to do in that moment is to rest, sleep, and rejuvenate. Whatever self-created suffering means to you, just decide within your own mind, within your own being-ness, whether you would like to continue to manifest suffering, or if you would choose to align with a sense of contentment, fulfillment, and peace.

Suffering Was Valued in the Old Paradigm

There is something about suffering that is valued in the old paradigm of consciousness. It is valued to be seen as someone who has overcome obstacles, who works herself to the bone, and who has overcome all of the odds. There is value in being someone who achieves a great amount from action, from doing, and from stress. There is the idea that if your desires were to magically appear in your life then they would not be as valuable as if they were accomplished through hard work and suffering.

There is a choice point or freewill moment where you have the opportunity to say, “Is that true for me? Do I believe that? Do I believe that it is valuable to experience joy, health, love, fulfillment, and prosperity with ease and grace? Or do I believe that it is more valuable if I suffer?” There are two different roads to the same destination—it is your choice which you take.

The question we are asking is “What road do you want to take to be where it is that you are choosing to be?” There is one road called suffering and one road called alignment, resonance, ease, and grace.

Belief and Creation

Old Paradigm Belief: Value of SufferingYou can create something in two ways. You can create something with a lot of effort or you can create something from your multidimensional body, from the yin manifestation, from the aspect of you that is the creator being. Just notice if there are any beliefs that you have that are coming to the surface that are perhaps out of resonance with creation through contentment and wholeness.

You are a creator being with the natural instinctual awareness and expression of ever unfolding, infinite possibilities. That which you are seeking is seeking you. So much of what you have seen and have been taught is about striving, struggling, forcing, and an action-oriented way of being. To shift to being where you already are and in a state of joy is the alignment process that will create a life of joy.

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Support Exercise: Aligning with Your Desires

We invite you to do this short Venus Ray meditation practice each day for five minutes.The Venus Ray aligns your system with your birthrights of abundance, beauty, radiance, and bliss. The Venus Ray supports the understanding that opulence and bliss are the natural state of the universe and nourishes your system and all experiences that embody the Venus Ray to be in a state of overflowing.

To begin, call upon the Council of Light that is aligned with you. Move into the awareness of the innermost part of your being, the seed of your being, and elicit or activate the Venus Ray. Spend the majority of the time swimming in the Venus Ray, steeping in the Venus Ray. Once the Venus Ray feels solid, bring in the quality that you want to align with or the experience that you want to have, and move between the quality or experience and the Venus Ray until they merge and you have a sense of having the experience and aligning with the experience. You are within the Venus Ray and the Venus Ray is inherent within your experience. Your experience is inherent within the Venus Ray and you. Bask in this energy until this process feels complete.

Seeing Through the Chaos

You may have noticed that when you make a decision to step into a greater level of joy, a greater level of ease, a greater level of grace, or a greater level of clarity, sometimes it feels as if the opposite of that begins to show up in your life.

For some this is interpreted as moving “two steps back, one step forward,” when really it is just dust that is about to settle. It is like a plane landing in the desert and the dust is flying. The plane still landed. The dust is not an indication that it has not landed. Another example is if you are cleaning your house and in the process of it getting clean it becomes more chaotic or the dust flies. This is not an indication that you were never meant to clean it in the first place or that it is not actually clean when it is done. It is just a surface vibration.

When you can train yourself to see beyond the chaos and to just be in that ecstatic bliss in each and every moment, then you will be living unconditionally. It is with great ecstatic joy and ecstatic bliss that we complete this segment in this now moment, knowing that the vibrations and the resonance continue to ripple.

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The Council of Light: Divine Transmissions for Manifesting the Deepest Desires of the Soul
by Danielle Rama Hoffman.

The Council of Light: Divine Transmissions for Manifesting the Deepest Desires of the Soul by Danielle Rama Hoffman.Offering an opportunity to form a direct connection with the Council of Light, this book provides practical tools to move from a life of worry, debt, exhaustion, and isolation to one of joy, abundance, purpose, ease, and connectedness, with a team of Divine supporters to assist you along the way.

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