The Hidden Gift: Transforming Adversity Into Opportunity

The Hidden Gift: Transforming Adversity Into Opportunity

Adversity comes when we're getting something that we don't want, or we want something that we're not get­ting. Either way, life is not going exactly as we'd like it to go — or is it? What if, on a subconscious or a soul level, we set ourselves up to experience some adversity in one form or another? Sounds crazy, doesn't it? But when you think about it, it could be that maybe, just maybe, that's what we're doing. But why?

The Law of Adversity is the counterpart to the Law of Agreement, and it offers us many insights about our uncom­fortable experiences. The Law of Adversity says that along with every challenge or problem we encounter, an opportunity also presents itself.

Being Alert: Turning Opportunities Into Gifts for Ourselves

It is important for us to be alert and aware so that we can spot these opportunities and turn them into gifts for ourselves. For this to happen, though, it helps if we realize that we made an agreement to be here at this time. We set it all up — all of the chaos, adversity, resistance, limita­tion, all of it — so that we could rise above it and reach our highest calling in life.

How else would we get stronger, unless we had chal­lenges along the way to bring out the best in us? How else would we learn to treasure a peaceful life for ourselves, if we hadn't been through a conflict or two? How else would we conjure up courage, if we didn't have a few fears to rise above? We need our challenges. We agreed to deal with them so we could evolve to a higher, happier place.

Challenge Time: The Test Must Go On

I don't know about you but I'm being tested a lot nowa­days. Recently, I was driving Highway 89A, the awe-inspiring narrow road that runs out of Flagstaff into Sedona, Arizona. I was on my way to Phoenix, where part of my soul family was gathering in preparation to take The Intenders Road Show out to the world.

About halfway down the mountain, on the steep road that snakes through Oak Creek Canyon, my van started smelling weird, like something was burning. Since there was no place to pull over and no mechanic in sight, I decided to keep going — and I intended that I would make it to town safely.

By the time I reached Sedona, smoke was billowing out of the right front side of the hood. With the burning odor so strong I could hardly stand it, I coasted into the parking lot of a local health food store — just as my brakes gave out!

Behind Every Wall is an Opportunity... and With Every Challenge a Gift

Can We Do It? Transforming Adversity Into Opportunity

Parking behind an adobe wall, I got out to take a look and saw that my right front wheel had been on fire. Something inside (it turned out to be the rubber boot) was still smoldering. Now, I'm a bit of a mechanic, but without special tools and a few new parts, there was no way I could work on it — especially in a health food store parking lot. All I could do was intend that I find a good mechanic and also intend that he or she charged me less than the $800 I had to my name at the time.

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Looking around and seeing only tourist shops, I decided to go into the health food store and find a phonebook to locate a mechanic or a tow truck. As I walked across the hot asphalt, a pretty lady who was having coffee on a patio nearby smiled and waved at me like we were old friends. I walked up, intro­duced myself, and told her of my plight.

The Solution is Always Waiting for You

She said her name was Garielle and asked where my van was. I showed her, and she pointed to the adobe wall and said, "On the other side of that wall is the main street. And right across from us, behind those trees over there, is my friend's shop. His name is Karl, and he's the best mechanic in town."

Long story short, in less than two minutes we were in Karl's office; within thirty minutes, he had given me a quote of $600 to replace my front brakes, rotors, calipers, boots, and wheel bearings; and by the end of the day my van was working perfectly again and I was back on the road, heading for Phoe­nix with $200 still left in my pocket!

What Do You Think? Will it Work Out for the Highest Good?

Not too long ago, I would have gotten flustered at this seemingly strange turn of events. But this time I didn't. I stayed on the bright side, made my intentions, and knew that it would all work out for the Highest Good.

And you know what? It did! In fact, looking back on it all, I was filled with gratitude throughout the entire experience. I made several new friends, got to hang out in Sedona all day, and I eventually ended up living there for part of the winter. My van couldn't have broken down in a better place!

Be open for all opportunities, because sometimes
they come in different packages than you are imagining.

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The Law of Agreement: Discover the True Power of Intention by Tony Burroughs.The Law of Agreement: Discover the True Power of Intention
by Tony Burroughs.

Tony Burroughs offers examples and stories which show how the Law of Agreement, and its partner, the Law of Adversity work simultaneously. Full of real life stories, examples, and solutions, The Law of Agreement is a practical and world-changing book.

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