Bring Your Heart To Work and Make a Difference a Day: The Business of Kindness

Bring Your Heart To Work and Make a Difference a Day: The Business of Kindness
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The character each of us brings to our work, volun­teering, or anything we do in life says a lot about us. Whether you work from home, commute to a full-time job, or volunteer, your work, when purposeful, can be a wonderful opportunity to live and give of your best self out loud. And love it.

Some professions require a large dose of empathy; however, being compassionate wherever we go helps us connect to something greater than ourselves. When we show up as a caring coworker, a devoted employee, a passionate volunteer, and someone who looks for ways to brighten the lives of others, our lives become pur­pose filled. When we take on another person’s burden as if it were our own, we lift each other up.

Like most of us, you likely spend a large part of your life working, so infuse it with purpose no matter what you do or where. You never know another person’s story, and we all get hit sometime in life, so bring your heart to work.

The Business of Kindness

Whether you own a business or work for someone else or from home, you can be in the business of kindness, bring your best self wherever you go, and in the process transform your life at work. From initiating an employee volunteer program at your place of business to mentoring another or asking to be mentored by someone you admire, you can have an impact at your workplace.

Joey Reiman, author of The Story of Purpose, was named by Fast Company as one of the one hundred people who will change the way the world thinks. Joey shared:

Make a loving, not a living. Ask yourself three questions: (1) What do I love? (2) What am I good at? and (3) How can it help another? The key to these questions is the order. First you need to love what you do. You can learn to be good at just about anything, but loving what you do is all-important. Lastly, all we have is what we can give away. The best way to wake up in the morning is with a why! People can dictate who you talk to, where you will work, when you need to be somewhere, and how much they will pay you. But no one can take your why away. Define yourself, or you will be defined. The purpose of life is to live your life on purpose.

Recently, a gentleman shared how he admired a company of the past whose name was IXL. The com­pany and its name stood for its motto of excellence, “I Excel.” Think about your signature style when it comes to your own work ethic.

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Here are a few promises I make to myself that inspire me daily:

  • Show up kinder than necessary.
  • Overdeliver and do my best.
  • Leave things better than I found them and envision the way things should be, every single day.

What’s your work ethic? Create a mission state­ment and stick to it. Review it at the end of each day and ensure that you’re on track being the kind of per­son you want to be more often.

Make a Difference a Day

Every morning before you go to work, say out loud, “Today I will make a difference.” Consider all the ways you can help, chip in, and make someone else’s day better or contribute in positive, productive ways. At the end of each day, ask yourself if you indeed made a difference.

Emily Hutmacher, a nonprofit executive, adds:

Giving is important because it’s something that we all need at different times in life. We all have a basic need to feel connected and can do so by helping others. We need others to also invest in us in different ways throughout life, and giving comes in many forms, not just dollars. Giving time, expertise, guidance, and mentoring feeds the human spirit and unites people across varying circumstances who might otherwise never connect. Having worked in hospice care and among seniors, it seems most people want one thing to be certain when they die: to know without a doubt that they have made a meaningful difference for others here on Earth. Every day you are here on Earth, you are granted that powerful opportunity.

Kindness Works!

Our actions tap dozens of people daily, and a kind word can positively affect another’s day, their job, and even their life. We can add miles of smiles to our work, whatever it is — be it volunteer­ing, logging hours remotely, or staying home raising children.

There will be times when you spread love like wild­fire, and others when you will be the one who needs the world to lift you up or give you a hand. Being a gra­cious receiver is as important as the role of the giver. Welcome the love when others share their genuine in­terest and concern for your well-being. If we all work at spreading kindness and let our kind hearts do the talking, we can truly build a better world.

Kindness works! When love goes to work, we em­ploy kindness. Sign up and apply today!

LOVING OUT LOUD: At work and throughout your life, share good deeds, kind words, and thoughtful actions. Celebrating each other in purposeful and cre­ative ways at work makes people feel cherished. Share a love for others everywhere you go with your signature touch.

Three Loving Out Loud Things You Can Do Today at Work

1. Get to know a coworker better every week. Reach out today and take the time to make a connection with one coworker, colleague, or employee. Create a rapport that lets someone know they are important.

2. Give sincere praise freely to others. Show genuine gratitude to the individuals you work or volunteer with, and get to know their contributions. How do they make your workplace better? Noticing what others do right creates a spirit of teamwork. It helps to be surrounded by people you value and enjoy.

3. Think of ways you can make your workplace or volunteer organization better because you are there. Envision the outcome. Add your signature for success. It’s a simple concept, but every day and in every way you can give thought to your possible impact and help contribute to a better, more effi­cient, earth-friendly work environment.

Excerpted from the book: Loving Out Loud.
©2019 by Robyn Spizman. All Rights Reserved.

Reprinted with permission of the publisher,
New World Library.

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Loving Out Loud: The Power of a Kind Word
by Robyn Spizman

Loving Out Loud: The Power of a Kind Word by Robyn SpizmanLoving Out Loud is a little book with a big message: you have the power to make a positive impact on someone’s day, every day, and it isn’t nearly as hard as you think. Robyn Spizman has spent her career finding ways to make others happy with gifts and actions. Observing how the smallest compliment or remark of appreciation can transform an awkward moment into one of connection and joy, she set out to find words and acts designed to let someone else know we are paying attention, we care, and we appreciate them. With LOL Snapshots and LOL daily suggestions in numerous categories, Loving Out Loud is poised to inspire a movement toward a kinder, more engaged community. (Also available as a Kindle edition.)

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