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InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration

December 1-2-3, 2023

The focus for today (and the weekend) is:

I choose to constantly marvel at existence and at the world.

Today's inspiration was written by Pierre Pradervand:

One of the greatest secrets of life is to know how to constantly marvel at existence and at the world. And one of the greatest avatars of history told us 2000 years ago that if we did not become like little children, we would not be able to enter the realm of inner fulfillment or know happiness.

One of the countless wonders of life is that it is constantly full of opportunities for amazement at every turn, and one of the tragedies of our consumer society is that it devalues those opportunities through relentless media hype.

I have a friend in his 85th year who is a Vesuvius of enthusiasm. The smallest flower on a cliff, a particular bird song, a special sunset, an act of kindness that is out of the ordinary…. absolutely everything is an opportunity for him to get inspired.

Today's inspiration was adapted from the article:
     The Art of Constant Wonder: Thank You, Life, for This Day
     Written by Pierre Pradervand.
Read the complete article here.

This is Marie T. Russell, co-publisher of, wishing you a day of marveling at existence and at the world (today and every day)

Comment from Marie:
As humans we seem to have a tendency to focus on what's wrong, what's missing. However, the law of attraction is at play whatever we focus on. So best to focus on the good in our life -- present, past and future -- and thus attract more of the same. Thinking negatively is a habit, and habits can be changed. We can do it!

Our focus for today (and the weekend): I choose to constantly marvel at existence and at the world.

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