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The focus for today is:  I choose to see all the miracles around me.

Miracles are always around us. Sometimes we just need to open our eyes, and our attitude, to see them.

The sun coming out for a few minutes on a rainy day is a bit of a miracle. The joy of laughter is a miracle even, or especially, in the midst of sadness and hardship. Waking up in the morning is a miracle.

Miracles are every little bit of joy, sunshine, love, the birds singing, the unconditional love of a dog... or a person, unexpected blessings, etc. Miracles are around us every moment. We just need to open our eyes and look for them, and then we will see they are there for us to recognize and appreciate.

Today's Focus was inspired by the article:

Mechanics or Miracles: Which Are You Seeing?
Written by Alan Cohen

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This is Marie T. Russell, publisher of InnerSelf, wishing you a day of recognizing the miracles in your life (today and every day)

Join me again tomorrow for the Daily Inspiration and focus of the day.

Today, we choose to see all the miracles around us.

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