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The focus for today is:  I find my talents and use them in harmony with Good.

We are all much more powerful than we think we are. We use only a small portion of our brain, and we also are using just a small portion of our heart. Putting the two together and allowing the power of the synergy, miracles can happen. 

We are all unique and we each have our own talents which connect us to our power. Our talent depends on our using our whole being -- mind and heart -- to manifest itself in its glory.

The more we learn to trust ourselves as a whole synergetic being, the more we can accomplish in this world. We then become active participants in the healing and creation of a world in which all can be proud and happy to live.

Today's Focus was inspired by the article:

Knowledge That Comes Through The Great Spirit: God's Medicine Man
Written by Lakota Wisdomkeeper Mathew King.

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This is Marie T. Russell, publisher of InnerSelf, wishing you a day of getting in touch with your talents (today and every day)

Join me again tomorrow for the Daily Inspiration and focus of the day.

Today, we find our talents and use them in harmony with Good.

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