What Lessons Has Humanity Yet To Learn To Generate Awesome New Creative Potentials?
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Beloved, know that once humanity views reality through the more expansive lens of life-awareness, you will open up new opportunities that would have seemed impossible from a narrower and more self-conscious perspective.

Once enough people have grounded within them a life-aware perspective, you will concentrate your collective will and direct your inner lights outward, until together you radiate more light than you need to absorb in order to fuel yourselves. In this way, human consciousness will learn to create much more than it can possibly ever consume. Humanity will then become a perpetual living flame of love that will blaze throughout the entire universe—as is meant to be.

Whatever living experiments you may choose to pursue in the future will be a function of the present state of your environment, your technologies and creative capacities, and the lens through which you are viewing reality. By encouraging more people to shift to life-awareness—and by inviting them to direct their inner lights outward, your will grow your collective capacity to co-create a regenerative world. Newer, more cooperative human systems will be imagined into being. These systems will birth with ease and grace, from the power of the love that fuels your collective imagination.

When computers were first invented, none of you could yet imagine the birth of the Internet. It would have been impossible for a person without a computer, or one who did not understand how computers worked, to appreciate that one day your entire species would communicate instantaneously by using wireless energy fields that enable you to engage with others at every single point around the world.

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And Yet...Here You Are

Therefore, encourage others to realize that your amazing ingenuity and imagination, when filtered through the perspective of life-awareness, holds the power to generate awesome new creative potentials that none of you can, as yet, begin to imagine. This is why I encourage you to trust the living process to adjust itself to meet you wherever you are. For you live within a self-organizing, self-scaffolding field of living love that manifests as light.

Remind others that they cannot control this living field. To imagine that they are in control is self-consciousness perceiving itself as separate from the larger field that contains them. However, demonstrate that it is possible to commune with all aspects of the field at any time. Be open to receiving new insights from wherever they are emerging within the field, and give form to the formless wisdom of the living field. Experiment with what you create and explore what seems most useful to life here and now.

Encourage others to be patient because the evolutionary process unfolds in its own time. Remember that lessons still need to be learned to awaken enough of you to into shifting direction by embracing life-awareness.

What Lessons Has Humanity Yet To Learn?

These may not be the lessons you want, but they are the lessons you need.

1. Humanity needs to accept that it is part of something larger; and that it cannot thrive while the living world that supports and sustains it suffers.

2. Humanity needs to embrace the fact that individualism is precious, in the sense that each person’s unique capacities—when allowed to flourish and benefit the whole—creates system abundance that fuels the whole and that indirectly benefits all others.

3. Humanity needs to accept that the best form of growth to strive for is not physical expansion; but intellectual, emotional and spiritual elevation. For wisdom has no upper limits and can expand without consuming excessive energy or inflicting harm upon the living whole. Indeed, wisdom replenishes, and even expands, the volume of energy flowing within the cosmos, and it does so in novel ways that cannot be predicted.

4. Humanity needs to learn that change cannot be avoided. Change energetically inspires the creativity of the whole cosmos. Therefore, how well humanity adapts—not how hard it forces reality not to change—will determine how well you will thrive as a life-aware species.

5. Humanity needs to accept that cooperation serves it better than hostile competition—and more specifically, destructive competition. In time, your species will accomplish greater things through life-aware cooperation than you have ever achieved through self-conscious competition.

6. Humanity needs to appreciate that the quality and creative capacity of life matters just as much as does the amount of material goods and energy that it has at its disposal. Your species has yet to realize that it cannot sacrifice quality on the altar of worshipping quantity and still thrive.

7. Humanity needs to learn that violence is not the answer to all of its problems. Rather, the impulse to do violence points to where you need to conduct new experiments and learn how to ask better questions to heal your shared pain.

8. Humanity needs to learn to pay closer attention to the feedback it is receiving from all around it. You need to cease rationalizing away the truth because it feels distressing or implies that you are going to have to change the way you behave.

9. Humanity needs to learn to honor diversity, and to appreciate human specialization for the benefits that it conveys upon your species as a collective. You need to learn how to value all functions being performed with both respect and appreciation.

10. Humanity needs to learn how to allow all others to be free to experiment and explore their capacities, talents, desires, passions, and skills to their highest ability, even if it doesn’t understand why another feels called to explore a specific arena.

11. Humanity needs to accept that every aspect within the whole exists to birth into existence a remarkable something that nobody else can offer. You need to realize that giving your gifts to the living world is both your birthright and your greatest reward.

12. Humanity needs to learn that it lives eternally in the now, and that the now is filled with an infinite flow of energy and creative potential. You exist to serve as love’s intelligent, feeling material probes in the realm of matter. That is why you hunger to learn ever more about the world, and why you dare to venture into the vast unknown. .because you can. Succeed or fail, you need to appreciate every experiment that humanity runs, because each will benefit you by providing new wisdom—no matter the outcome. Failure does not deserve to be either punished or condemned, but honored as a necessary byway that transports the river of life ever closer to truth.

13. Above all, humanity needs to learn how to perceive itself as creative potential embodied, by expressing the truth of reality as love. Rather than feeling angry, dejected, or unhappy that you have not yet attained some imagined state of perfection, I encourage you all to love the perpetual journey. .because you are on it. When all of humanity appreciates that perfection is an active, internal process instead of a static object or goal that can be acquired, you will free yourselves from the endless self-abuse that arises from judgment, and will fall in love with the wonder of your boundless becoming.

When You No Longer Need These Life Lessons, They Will End

Beloved, know that I may not always gift you what you desire, but I will always gift you whatever you need. Therefore, when you inform me—by in-forming yourselves—that you do not need any more of these life lessons, these lessons will end.

Know that as your species moves collectively through each of these valuable lessons, you are setting the stage for your future evolution. Your social systems will someday encourage all of Earth’s children to realize these truths for themselves, until every person embodies these truths as they enter into adulthood. Your old systems, which taught you to focus on serving yourselves at the expense of the whole, will fall away. They will be appreciated, and they will be also be fully forgiven, for doing what they were intended to do—to create processes that would birth and support the emergence of self-consciousness in the world.

Know that new schools will spring up in society that will focus on self-realization. These will nurture every child’s unique desires and capacities, and will call forth their passions and curiosities. Healthcare systems will spring up to promote holistic wellness, and that will inspire all to make life-affirming choices from an early age. Judicial systems will spring up that no longer seek vengeance or focus on punishing any human misdeeds. Instead, they will emphasize reconciliation and offer supportive therapies to encourage those who continue to struggle within the self-conscious perspective to blossom into a life-aware way of perceiving reality.

Economic systems will spring up that will graciously provide all with their basic needs, and will grant each person ample time to explore their skills and passions so that everyone can deliver their gifts to the world. Scientific and technological systems will spring up that will focus on seeking intelligent ways to be in loving relationship with Earth’s living ecosystems, as well as with all other species. You will learn new modes of cooperation based on the way that your surroundings behave.

Social systems will spring up that focus on community, intimacy, sharing, learning, and giving to others from the joy of being free to self-express at your highest capacity. Political systems will spring up that focus on maintaining dynamic balance between the quality of life and the material creations of human society, while ensuring that all personal needs are met. Communication systems will spring up that focus on distributing truthful and useful wisdom and information, and that will spread the news of what is succeeding so that others can run their own experiments with those new ways of being. Spiritual systems will spring up that encourage humanity to perceive itself as within God and no longer set apart from God. They will invite all to realize that God moves through them as light, dancing love into the living world of form.

A New Iteration Of What It Means To Be A Human

Beloved, I tell you now that what is emergent will not look much like what exists today. As a consequence, human beings themselves will seem very different from the way they appear today. One could say that your present, self-conscious species is gradually going extinct, and is making way for a new iteration of what it means to be a human on Earth. What you are undergoing now is nothing less than a quantum leap in your own capacities. Yet because each of you possesses free will, each person remains eternally free to reject all the gifts that I offer. You are equally free to embrace which of my gifts you may care to explore with an open heart, and then see what happens.

Know that everyone remains free to decide if they feel as yet worthy of expressing the truth of who they already are. And because the Formless One Life is doing the choosing within each person, no choice that a person can make will ever be wrong. What wants to emerge will emerge in time— through humanity, and in spite of all your imagined limitations. For humanity will always and ever be part of what wants to emerge.

Excerpt from: Raindrops of Love by Eileen Workman © 2017
Reprinted with permission.
Publisher: Muse Harbor Publishing

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