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Awakening to our Cosmic Heritage

Awakening to our Cosmic Heritage
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Narrated by Billy Joey, AI

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Making contact with a non-human cosmic race occurred since before I was born. These beings were my family be­fore I came to the Earth domain, and I had a close rela­tionship with them which continued after my birth.  — Tracey Taylor

Since the founding of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN) in 1997, I have worked with more than 3,000 individuals and their families who feel they have had some sort of “anomalous” paranormal ex­perience. The main aspect of my work has been to support people encountering beings of Non-Human Intelligences (NHI). I have been particularly drawn to highly intuitive individuals, who feel a strange connection to the stars and other galaxies.

All this research has led me to discover major changes in an emerging generation of children. Their common feature is the demonstration of increased psycho-spiritual awareness, which appears to be resulting in an overall transformation of human consciousness. The following are extracts from my interviews, research, and conclusions about the awakening star seeds I call the “New Human.”

Dormant DNA: The Next Step In Human Evolution?

Visionary and scientist Nikola Tesla said in 1942, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

“Awakening to contact” or “Activation,” as it has been called, was an extremely profound process for Dr. Maree Batchelor. This occurred spontaneously on a spiritual jour­ney visiting a temple in India. Dr. Batchelor told me that at the time she felt she received some sort of download that instantly expanded her conscious awareness and ultimately changed her life. She reports that:

“Previously I was living as a GP, married to a surgeon with four amazing children. In 2014, I experienced this download of what I would call now ‘Cosmic’ frequencies. And boom—suddenly I am in Cosmic Consciousness. This event propelled me into the realms of energy medicine and the holographic field.” (Dr. Maree Batchelor, in an e-mail message to author  in 2016)

Dr. Batchelor feels she operates more as a “shamanic healer” than a doctor. She calls herself a “DNA galactic re-wirer” upgrading humans through her galactic connection. Dr. Batchelor states her mission is to “awaken” individu­als by helping to activate their dormant DNA in the people she works with. She says the new DNA looks golden with codes and symbols that create the transformation...She adds that “I believe the ‘new children’ [coming onto the planet] are already activated.”

Over and over again I have met experiencers who feel that they have been “turned on” or activated by their encounters with NHI (Non-Human Intelligences). Some liken this to a spiritual expansion, like the bestowing of a multidimensional awareness. They feel as if they have been asleep their whole lives and now they have awakened to a much greater reality. As Dr. Batchelor says, “I wake people up . . . this is reality.”

The New Generations of Human

The awareness of the “new children” can override the dominant conditioning and programming which occurs from birth. Superior mental and analytical capabilities link directly to the subconscious, superconscious, with an innate connection to the universe, balanced by spiri­tual understanding.  — Tracey Taylor

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The further research I have done with more than 3,500 families and children has indicated to me that each suc­cessive generation follows a pattern of greater shifting that included heightened dimensional attunement as well as expanded physical senses. Children who displayed these abilities have been called in metaphysical terms “Indigos,” “Crystal Children,” “Children of Light,” and so on. How­ever, other less positive labels such as ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) along with forms of autism such as Asperger’s syndrome and dyslexia have been placed on these new children. Could some of these misunder­stood symptoms really be the indicators of evolutionary capabilities not yet understood and currently underused?

Molecular biologist Dr. William Brown certainly be­lieves this is the case. He feels that we are witnessing a program of upgrading, indicating a more multidimen­sional mind. Brown feels:

“. . . genetic modification is oc­curring right now in utero, and is actually producing a New Human. This is shown by the exponential increase in autism, ADD, and Indigo children. The new genetic architecture allows them to see the world in a multi-dimensional fashion. Their brains work faster and they have access to more information. In the classroom, their learning is much faster than normal, I believe they already ‘KNOW’ what is being taught . . . I believe research would show dormant genetic regions are being integrated into the biological systems and occurring in all of us to produce expanded awareness . . . The modification of the DNA is more the remodeling of the genome to make dormant regions accessible again . . . and can be accessed with greater efficiency to produce savant-like characteristics.”  (Mary Rodwell, The New Human, Chapter 14)

Neil Gould is a contactee, researcher, and author of Close Encounters of the ADHD Kind. He shared with me that he didn’t know he had ADHD until he was in his middle years. He then realized that the label of ADHD indicated that he had an expanded awareness others didn’t have. Neil refers to ADHD as “Always Dialed into Higher Dimen­sions.” 

In 2013 I was approached by scientist and molecular biologist Dr. Lena Ohlson, who personally experienced a profound NDE (Near- Death Experience) that included encounters with many different forms of “otherworldly” in­telligences. She describes herself as a “letter person” (ADHD, Asperger’s) and acknowledges the intergenerational progressive pattern of these experiences, which was evident to her from her parents and subsequently her children. Dr. Ohlson states, “Individuals with ADHD, Asperger’s, and autism do not have ‘faulty’ genes, but are a human upgrade.” (Mary Rodwell, The New Human, Chapter 14.) 

Homo Novis: Upgrades Guiding Humanity

Lea Kapiteli describes herself as a Homo Novis (a new human). I met Lea when she was just nineteen years old; she told me she had numerous contacts with non-human intelligences. As a talented artist, she draws portraits of many of these beings, as they appear totally real to her. Likewise, Lea wrote about her many past lives on different planets in a book called A Soul Remembers (2019). In this incarnation her mission is to help with the awakening of humanity: “Homo Novis is here so humanity survives, we (as a species) are being upgraded to Homo Noeticus. The Homo Novis is trying to wake humanity up through drawings, music, sacred sites. All [those] born after 2002– 2001 are Homo Noeticus; they are literally the next step and will be able to do things that Homo Sapiens never dreamed of.”

Awakening to who and what we truly are as an evolving conscious species seems to be supported by incarnating souls from many levels of existence. Their mandate is to help with humanity’s transition to another level of being. Are we being primed for some grand ac­tivation to come at some time in the near future? 

In my research speaking to many children under ten years old, they are not only conscious of their cosmic origins, but are fully cognizant of their interactions with many non-human in­telligences, that is until they are compromised through ed­ucation and the reprogramming of beliefs.

The profound and stunning statements they can make as a young child are extremely compelling, as indicated by a long-term friend of mine, experiencer Mike Oram in the United Kingdom. In the 1950s, at just four years old, he shocked his mother by saying:

“Something of great importance is going to hap­pen on this Earth, not in your lifetime but mine. It will affect all units of consciousness whether they are min­eral, vegetable, animal, or man. It is to do with global consciousness and that is why I am here at this time, to experience this change. The ‘energy’ is heading this way and the essence of that energy is light. The energy will repair our DNA, it will make us complete and who we really are.’ My mother never forgot that conversation.” (Mike Oram, Does it Rain in Other Dimensions? p 36– 37.)

In my book The New Human, I particularly focused on the exceptional clarity of information coming from these new generations of children and teenagers. This included their understanding of themselves, soul mandates, their multidimensional abilities, and why they consented to be on Earth at this time. Cathy from Sweden at nine years old shared that she is being taught by her extraterrestrial guides to be a teacher to her family and other adults: “My ET guides teach me different knowledge so I can teach adults! To help humanity to awaken.”

The New Human is awake and emphasizing that we are a species waking up to who we really are and the truth of our cosmic heritage. The future has already begun.

Chapter 10 was reprinted with permission.
Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved.
Publisher: St. Martin's Essentials.

The Author of this excerpt (Chapter 10):

photo of Mary RodwellMary Rodwell is Australia’s leading researcher and writer on the UFOs/contact phenomenon. She is the author of the highly acclaimed book Awakening: How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life. She also produced the award-winning documentaries Expressions of ET Contact: A Visual Blueprint? (2000) and Expressions of ET Contact: A Communication and Healing Blueprint? (2004).

Her latest book, The New Human (2016), documents the next level of human development she calls “star children.” As a skilled regression therapist Mary brings contactees back to their time of encounters or before, helping them bring through ET messages. In this regard she founded the Australian Close Encounter Re­source Network (ACERN) in 1997 to provide professional coun­seling, support, hypnotherapy, and information to individuals and their families with “anomalous” paranormal experiences and abduction—contact experiences. 

Her website is www. alienlady. com.

Article Source:

Making Contact: Preparing for the New Realities of Extraterrestrial Existence
by Alan Steinfeld

book cover: Making Contact: Preparing for the New Realities of Extraterrestrial Existence by Alan SteinfeldMaking Contact presents multiple perspectives on what no longer can be denied: UFOs and their occupants are visiting our world. The book answers questions which remain in the wake of the recent Pentagon’s disclosures as to who and why these beings are here.

At this critical juncture in the government’s official acknowledgement of the reality of UFOs/UAPs, scientists, politicians and mainstream news outlets have no idea what to make of these startling revelations or the outpouring of sightings and “contact” experiences currently being reported on a global scale. The book stands as the most comprehensive clarification to date on the intent and intelligence behind the phenomena. The variety of viewpoints expressed in the volume provide a solid foundation for the “preparation” of the greatest challenge to ever face humankind.

Making Contact stands as the essential handbook for embracing the most exalted moment in history: Meeting the cosmic others.

For more info and/or to order this book, click here. XXX

About the Editor of the book

photo of Alan SteinfeldAlan Steinfeld is an explorer of consciousness. For over 30 years he has hosted and produced the weekly television series New Realities in New York City. Additionally, with 68,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel of the same name, there have been over 20 million viewers who have seen his programs. These include interviews with luminaries in the field of health, spirituality and UFOS. With his media appearances, lectures, and conferences he informs millions about human potential, remote viewing, and the nature of alien contact.

For the over five years he has emceed the largest UFO event in the country, Contact in the Desert. He feels that only when the inner explorations of the soul are combined with the outer adventures of the mind can we achieve a harmonious understanding of our place in the cosmos.

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