Written and Narrated by Rabbi Daniel Cohen.

Many of us are hitting a new stage in response to the pandemic as we enter its third year. Pandemic slog is the feeling that no matter how much progress we seem to make, we feel stuck, anxious and a general malaise. We are less motivated and inspired to transcend inevitable obstacles and disappointments. 

In a sociological survey conducted by the University of Chicago, 24 percent of Americans reported they were “not too happy” with their lives in 2021, which is up from 13% in 2018.

Despite COVID waning, fear is giving way to dejection and melancholy. Brief spurts of hope when cases start to wane become dashed by the emergence of a new variant. Many people remain unhappy. 

7 Steps To Get Out of Pandemic Slog

Everyone possesses the capacity to respond constructively to the unpredictability of life and transform walls into doors and obstacles and into opportunities. We can live with joy regardless of our external circumstances.

To do that, here are 7 steps to extricate yourself from pandemic slog and get back to living...

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