Tragedy seldom unifies Americans today. Americans used to unite over tragic events − and now are divided by them

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I want to note that fat is not a bad word. Fat activists and leaders of the body positive movement all over the world are working hard to reclaim this word. When I say, “My mother is fat,” I’m not...

The key to raising secure children: Why parental sensitivity matters for fathers and mothers

What bodily secretions like blood, wax and tears can tell us about our health

How secure are banking apps? Here are some key steps all banks – and users – should be following

If countries cannot keep fossil fuels in the ground then they should at least keep their ads off the air.

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Homeowner insurance policies can be scary. Many homeowners aren’t sure what their insurance covers or how much insurance they really need. While we all want a good deal on insurance, choosing limits b...
How we attune to ourselves or others may be different for each of us depending on which of the four styles of empathy—cognitive, emotional, intuitive, and spiritual—we relate to most strongly.
When conception and pregnancy come with effort, or not at all, the risk is to set oneself up to feel like a failure or, alternately, to try everything in the hopes of being “good enough” to conceive.
As an interior designer, I focused my process on first understanding how people felt in their homes, and how they wanted to function there going forward. Sometimes that meant helping my clients embrac...
My surgeon told me I should never run again. As a competitive runner, outdoor athlete, and writer, I was determined to prove him wrong. I trained my mind to heal my body.
One of the biggest blocks to empathy is a fear of being vulnerable and then overwhelmed. It either seems too painful or unsafe to lovingly explore your own emotions or that you risk getting burned out...
I never knew how extreme an impact reviewing one’s life can have, or writing a book about it. I’ve learned that in facing traumatic memories, it’s essential to have the support you need to proceed.
This article is written with the purpose of asking your employer for feedback, however some of its tenets can also be applied to asking friends, loved ones, where you volunteer, committees you are on,...
If there’s one phrase in the English language that has both befuddled and enraged people for generations, it’s let it go. It infuriates us because despite our deep longing to do such a thing, letting...
For a while after my family returned from a year of travel around the world, it seemed we had ruined sightseeing for my children.