Archetypes of the Divine Human and our Hidden Potential

Archetypes of the Divine Human and our Hidden Potential
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Mythic descriptions of the Divine Human date back to our earliest religions, as if there were, from the beginning of consciousness, an archetypal memory of this experience and an expectation of its return. Our earliest ancestors sensed consciousness as mysterious, alive, omnipresent and holy, a sentience that created the perception of living in a divine landscape of sacred beings.

With the development of language, we learned to name and explain everything, creating a secondary world of thought. As conceptualization overlaid pantheistic consciousness, humankind’s capacity for direct experience of the sacred diminished, generating a deep and poignant longing for a savior to restore the divine world. This hoped-for figure has been termed the “Mythic Hero Archetype.”

We can identify this savior archetype in numerous mythic figures such as Osiris and Moses in Egypt, Dionysus in Greece, Adonis in Syria, Attis in Asia Minor, Marduk in Mesopotamia, Mithras in Persia, Krishna and Buddha in India, Baal, Moses and Jesus in Israel, and King Arthur in England. The archetypal parallels across their mythic life stories include a prophesized and miraculous conception, a kingly father or divine parentage, childhood hardship, a heroic adventure to heal humanity, eventual murder and resurrection, and a presence in the afterlife. The feminine counterpart of this archetype can be found in goddess figures, including Isis in Egypt, Persephone in Greece, Aphrodite in Syria, Cybele in Asia Minor, Ishtar in Mesopotamia, Magna Mater in Persia, Sarah in Egypt, and Mary in Israel.

Humanity’s Universal Mystical Potential

These archetypal figures reflect a common longing for a new Divine Human. Rather than being copycat myths, they represent allegories of humanity’s universal mystical potential for divine incarnation and the restoration of a sacred universe. The Divine Human comes to heal the culture’s abandonment of the realized divine.

At this moment in our spiritual evolution, this savior represents a hidden potential in each of us. It is time to recover our divinity and its enlightened consciousness to heal our lives, transform our world, and reclaim the pantheistic awareness that is our true nature. With time on our hands, love in our hearts, and the wisdom years, we Elders need to get serious about incarnating divinity.

As a young child naturally knows the mystical world, gradually surrenders it during school and adult years, and can return to its sacred consciousness in old age, so human culture was born in mystical consciousness, abandoned it for the conceptual world, and is now on the threshold of return. Put another way, human consciousness first centered in right cerebral hemisphere aptitudes associated with spatial relationships and mystical awareness. With the development of language, and its tremendous survival value, left cerebral hemisphere functions became dominant, so dominant in fact that mystical consciousness was superseded by thought, language and belief.

It is time to balance our hemispheres. We are not seeking to eradicate thought but to divinize it, to merge mystical consciousness with conceptual thought to live and communicate as divine beings.

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Thought Can Be Divine

Thought is an immensely powerful tool that can be used in the service of love and creativity, or terrible violence. The question is, does our thinking serve Ego or Soul? When conflicts intensify and emotions erupt, when fear, shame and rage take over the Ego and thought races out of control, consciousness is quickly lost and terrible things are said, done, and justified.

Speaking from the experience of conscious being, on the other hand, allows us to communicate from our deepest Self, which is, by definition and direct experience, peaceful, loving and divine. From this center of consciousness, our words arise from our divinity and a wholly different conversation emerges, one that can alter the way humans relate and support a new stage of spiritual evolution.

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The Divine Human: The Final Transformation of Sacred Aging
by John C. Robinson

The Divine Human: The Final Transformation of Sacred Aging by John C. RobinsonWith our unprecedented longevity, aging has become a new developmental stage in the human life cycle. Conscious sacred aging now offers humanity profound opportunities for psychological, spiritual and mystical transformation, expanding not only our lifespan but our awareness of God as well. What if we discover in this awakening that we are already divine? What if this realization transforms our very nature and purpose in the world? The Divine Human answers these questions and more, revealing the ultimate meaning of the New Aging.

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John C. RobinsonJohn C. Robinson is a clinical psychologist with a second doctorate in ministry, an ordained interfaith minister, and the author of nine books on the psychological, spiritual and mystical potentials of the New Aging. He is the author of The Three Secrets of Aging, Bedtime Stories for Elders, What Aging Men Want and Breakthrough. You can find out more about John’s work at

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