What Difference Does It Make Who Created the Earth?

What Difference Does It Make Who Created the Earth?

An all too tragic truth is that much too often we exhaust ourselves arguing and even hating over who or what created the Earth, when we ought to be uniting and acting to stop the Earth's degradation, and the degradation of those who dwell on this amazing planet of ours.

Leaving the Body: Death is only a Transition

Leaving the Body: Death is only a Transition

One afternoon I received a somewhat desperate call... My friend called to see if there was anything that I could do to assist her dad. She felt as if her dad was going to die. She knew from our conversations that sometimes healing work isn’t about fixing a problem but can also be...

Awareness is the Key: You’re Never Lost in the Present Moment

Awareness is the Key: You’re Never Lost in the Present Moment

The present moment was Thoreau’s great theme in his Walden experiment. He defines it as the line of meeting of two great eternities, the past and the future. Mindfulness practice is the attempt to “toe that line.” No action or experience was outside Thoreau’s practice, and nothing need be outside ours...

Breaking the Chain of Normality & Living in a Transcendental Reality

Breaking the Chain of Normality & Living in a Transcendental Reality

Just as there are exceptional people who make themselves successful in this realm, you can be an exceptional person who succeeds in the other realm, so that you don’t just circulate in the normal reality but live in a Transcendental Reality. In fact, that is what the Spiritual Path is all about...

Cultivating Wise Elders

Cultivating Wise Elders by John Welshons

by John Welshons. Once when I was at a lecture, a woman approached me during the break and said, "One of our problems is we don't cultivate wise elders in this culture.  People are surrounded all their lives by the belief that old age is a time of misery, defeat, irrelevance and meaninglessness..."

When A Companion Dies... Grieving, Mourning, Healing

When A Companion Dies... by Gary Kowalski.

While time is required, the mere passage of hours is not enough to resolve a grief. It is also important to make time our ally, working with it rather than against it as it carries us toward new cycles of life. How can we cooperate with time, the great healer, and let it perform its task?

Connect with True Wisdom using the Heart Breath

Connect with True Wisdom using the Heart Breath

In order to be most effective in any intentional act of healing, co-creation, or transformation, all Planetary Healing work starts from and is threaded through the heart center. True wisdom is perceived from the heart. The Heart Breath practice will...

Yes, I Talk to My Dead Sister: Communicating with Loved Ones on "The Other Side"

Communicating with Loved Ones on "The Other Side"

For me, ever since my sister's death in 1987, not only have I grown closer to her, I've also come to see that every decision, risk, adventure, accomplishment, deed, job, presentation, award, relationship, and experience — basically everything in my life — has been impacted and inspired by my relationship with my sister and her heavenly guidance.

Consciousness: The Bridge between Science & Spirit

Consciousness: The Bridge between Science & Spirit

Traditional scientists seek to understand a phenomenon through careful observation. They reduce distracting data, or “noise,” to a minimum and control factors that may disturb their observations. Mystics do the same in the realm of mind. They seek to minimize the noise of mental distractions by...

Goof Off! Erasing All Sin (Self-Inflicted Nonsense)

Goof Off! Erasing All Self-Inflicted Nonsense

I now see this product as symbolic of forgiveness. The name acknowledges that you made a mistake ("goof") but also that it can be undone ("off"). If you have been subject to the tyranny of guilt, this offers an especially important lesson...

Our Future is Golden: World Peace & Cooperation

Our Future is Golden: World Peace & Cooperation

We will have world peace and co-operation. We will live in a world without bound­aries, where all are abundant. Our future is golden. During the transition, you and the entire world will be catching glimps­es of the glorious future, a time when...

Learning to Love Your Meditation

Learning to Love Your Meditation by Nicola Phoenix

The word 'meditation' comes from the Latin meditari, 'to heal'. If you were to ask me what we are healing, I would say that apart from rejuvenating and calming our whole self, we are healing the disconnection with our real self — the authentic part of us that is in touch with the whole universe...

Discussing End-of-Life Choices & Afterlife Philosophy

Discussing End-of-Life Choices & Afterlife Philosophy

There’s something to giving the end-of-life process its due, as opposed to our historical attitude of pretending to ignore death or treating it as though it were a distant taboo — at least, when it comes to having a family discussion about the matter. Here’s the issue...

No Mind, No Thoughts: The Secret to Inner Peace

No Mind, No Thoughts: The Secret to Inner Peace

You already know how to make your body tense and rigid by becoming mentally stressed. Tight neck and shoulders, headaches, digestive problems, constipation, and hypertension are all manners of physical ailments resulting from a chaotic, runaway mind. However, you...

Choosing A Spiritual Path -- Overview of World's Great Religions

Choosing A Spiritual Path - Overview of World's Great Religions

by Sarah Stillman. What role has religion played in your life up until now? Most of us tend to adhere to the religion of our parents, but some girls choose to venture on their own spiritual paths. I'm not here to advocate any particular faith, but I do think it's important to have a defined set of religious beliefs — even if that means...

Smile & Thank Your Body

Smile & Thank Your Body

When was the last time you thanked your body for all it does for you on a daily basis? The “inward smile” is an ancient practice, a way to deeply honor the body by acknowledging it and sending it gratitude. It’s also a practice you can begin in the next minute.

Investigating Feelings: Good, Bad, or Indifferent

Investigating Feelings: Good, Bad, and Indifferent

We often consider feelings as existing with only positive or negative values. Besides positive and negative feelings, there are neutral feelings. We want pleasure, we don’t want pain, and we relax when we feel indifferent. When a pleasurable feeling arises or is anticipated, the response of most...

How To Find Yourself: Practicing Zazen

In Buddhist literature, the ox is likened to one's own True Nature. To Find yourself. the search for the ox is to investigate this True Nature.

What Does Buddhism Teach?

buddhism orient sunset

by Franz Metcalf.

What does Buddhism teach? Don't worry, I won't give you a history of Buddhism. There are many dull accounts of this history and a few not-so-dull ones. For now, let's get right to the living center of Buddhism: what the Buddha saw, felt, and taught to his disciples.

Buddhism Is Not a Religion

buddhist monks

Buddhism has become very popular in the West, however, the "western" practice of buddhism is no doubt very different from Eastern traditional Buddhism. Yet, as with Christianity which has also evolved through the

Deepak Chopra in No Spin Zone

Ours is a time of unprecedented change and complexity.  Never before have so many worldviews, belief systems and ways of engaging reality converged. On one hand, there are abundant instances of conflict and intolerance...

Basics Of Meditation And How To Meditate

Basics Of Meditation And How To Meditate

by Sayadaw U. Pandita.

We do not practice meditation to gain admiration from anyone. In this essay we learn some basics of meditation and how to meditate.

What Is Spirituality?

Spirituality is very personal and each person will have their own definition of what it means to them. For some people, spirituality equates religion, for others, spirituality is an internal experience and perspective on life.

Navratri: 9 Days of the Goddess

Navratri (Nav-Durga) is a nine-day festival celebrated by Hindus honoring the Mother Goddess. This article answers commonly asked questions about the origins and spiritual significance of this important biannual event including the three stages of an individual's spiritual journey...

Miracle Sermon in the ICU

Miracle Sermon in the ICU

My stepfather, Claude, had been in ICU for several days already. He suddenly sat straight up in bed. I was shocked. Without a pause, Claude began one of the most amazing sermons I had ever heard. His voice was clear and strong. I frantically glanced around, hoping someone else would come into the room to...

Chanting: Personal & Planetary Benefits

Chanting is one of the easiest ways to turn within. When you are truly chanting you forget about yourself, and in that self-forgetfulness you begin to experience Ecstasy, Joy, Peace, Love and Compassion. For those few moments you suddenly realize the...

Afterlife: Beyond the Material World

Before my near-death experience, I thought there was no afterlife and, consequently, no continuation of consciousness. In my view, death was total, complete, and utterly final. Much to my surprise and joy, after my near-death experience the notion of...

Twin Flames Explained

Twin Flames Explained

Your true Twin Flame is your divine counterpart. Most Twin Flames live in a higher soul position and not in a physical body. The Love that you share in a soul meeting with your beloved is beyond words. To explain such a beautiful meeting of your Twin Flame, it seems that a connection to higher self language through channeling can describe it a little better...

Experiencing God's Love

Nothing will ever be more transformative and life-changing than having your own powerful and direct experience of God. Such an experience changes all your speculation about what is real and what is of value into first-hand knowing. No one else’s...

Meditative Prayer

I grew up in a Christian prayer tradition that was mainly focused on asking God to do things for me and for people I loved: “Please, God, hear my prayer and do such and such.” I no longer experience a God who does specific favors for me or others simply because I ask him to. I cannot imagine...

Who Is Eating the Strawberries?

The other day, while meditating, I happened to be thinking about the people of Japan and those in the Midwest being affected by the flooding . . . many of these people will have limited access to food and will be hungry. What could I do to help? A thought popped into my head about a very easy way to help which was tied to my past experiences and teachings with the Blackfeet & the Lakota.  Let me explain . . .

Religion & Spirituality: Same or Different?

Religion & Spirituality: Same or Different?

by J. Donald Walters. Everyone in the world is on the spiritual path. By no means everyone, however, is aware of being on a path at all. Most people see their efforts to avoid sorrow and find happiness as episodic, not as the unchanging motivation behind everything they do...

A Mother's Final Gift

My mother died three years ago, and her death and dying process has changed my life. I’ve never been afraid of death itself. Rather, I’ve been afraid of the process it takes to get there. My mother’s dying process played out my worst nightmare. She...

Religious Tolerance in America

A recent study determined that America is the most tolerant nation among developed nations. At the workplace, in school, at the community center, at play, and while participating in communal projects, we are continually exposed to people of different races, ethnicities and religions. In fact, due to a significant increase in religious and racial inter-marriage...

Are You Being Hypnotized by Advertising?

Are You Being Hypnotized by Advertising?Are You Being Hypnotized by Advertising?Your adventure begins with a close look at how you might acquire some, if not all, of your beliefs. I could ask: Are you hypnotized?  Imagine that a stage hypnotist has hypnotized you. The experience will seem quite real, even if it’s a pure hallucination. Imagine you’ve been...

Conflict Between Science and Religion

One hears on all sides that the conflict between science and religion is over. For four centuries the battle has raged: in astronomy over the earth's position in the universe; in geology over the earth's age; in biology over the evolutionary hypothesis; in psychology over Freud's right to "peep and botanize into man's soul." Bitter the struggle has been, and long. Yet (so runs the tale) it has achieved...

The Sun

Feel the sun brightly shining overhead, warming the atmosphere as if it were noon on the most perfect June day imaginable. Feel the earth underneath, green and rich, soaking up those golden rays of light, and reflecting back the radiation commingled with its own healing energies...

A Diet for the Spiritual Path

Q: Premaji, is there a diet that can assist me to advance on the spiritual path? I’m overweight and I use smoking and coffee to lose weight.  A: There is much confusion in this era about food choices. Diet experts are arguing over whether we should avoid...

Understanding Islam & the Qur'an

The history of Islam is not free from intolerance, injustice, and other chronic distortions of the human spirit. Neither is Christian history free from such distortions. But these sobering facts cannot dim the wonder of twenty centuries of commitment flowing from the inspired life of Jesus, and fourteen centuries of...

The Life Of The Buddha

The Life Of The Buddha is a BBC documentary on  Buddhism with emphasis on the life of the Buddha. What  is Buddhism and what has made it so popular are some of the questions answered. Unlike the other major religions , Buddhism does not have a supreme being but guide in the Buddha.

Star Light... Star Bright

Star Light... Star Bright
I remember as a child that when evening would come and I would see the first star, I would happily intone the little rhyme: "Star Light, Star Bright, First star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish..."

Can You Dance on the Head of a Pin?

In the Eastern view, the dualistic energies of heaven and earth meet within the human body. Many Western traditions say as much: we are soul made flesh. Picture the divine in each of us as a ballerina en pointe. Exquisitely balanced...

It's Your Choice: God of Fear or God of Love

It's Your Choice: God of Fear or God of Love by Dr. Richard Moss

by Dr. Richard Moss. Fear is the principal force that divides our hearts. It will continue to do so unless we increase the muscle of our attention and faith that lets us remain present for more and more of reality. When we consciously meet our fear, our faith grows...

Love: Knowing the Wisdom of the Heart

As I breathe in, I breathe in love. I draw in love from everywhere in the universe. Love flows in through my breath. Love flows to every part of my body carried on my breath. I open to receive love.

In Death: When Loved Ones Move On

A common rite of passage at midlife is the declining health, or death, of our parents. Those who brought us into the world are usually the ones to leave it first. They welcomed us when we got here; now we'll wish them farewell as they move on...

Encouraging Our Meditation

People often ask me how long and often to meditate. No one way suits everyone. Spending more time is better, but it depends on the individual's needs and potential. If you have demands on your time and energy, then the effort to meditate could just create more of a burden...

What is Meditation?

meditation hand

by Franz Metcalf.

Seems like it should be an easy question, but it's like asking what is love. There are so many aspects of it, so many perspectives on it, and so many ways to experience it that meditation doesn't lend itself to being reduced to one quick answer. The best I can do is this: Meditation means ways of making the mind understand itself.

Kinhin - Walking Meditation

Perhaps you envision meditation as something completely peaceful and still. Not always. Meditation is a tool for calming and concentrating the mind any time, any place. Sitting meditation comes first because it's easiest, but there are other kinds. One of the most important is walking. Now that you've tried sitting, try kinhin, a Zen form of walking meditation.

Is Perfection a Valid Goal?

At one time in his life Benjamin Franklin decided to try to lead a life of moral perfection. He deeply believed that virtue was its own reward and that no qualities were so likely to make a poor man's fortune as those of probity and integrity. These are the virtues that he decided to live up to in accordance with his own definitions of them...

A Fork in the Road

Since that day in the elevator over 35 years ago when my mom first spoke of my destiny, the purpose of my journey began to come into focus. The message of "Living in the Moment" was given greater depth when shortly before the writing of this book was completed; my own journey brought me to a fork in the road.

Children and Prayer

The most direct way to encourage your children to ask for help is to teach them to pray. Most kids like to pray once they learn how and will do it naturally in some form or another anyway. Whatever approach you take, the truth is that you can choose how you pray. After all, prayer is really having a private chat with God...

What Is Zen?

Who are we really? What is really the meaning of Life? How can we attain lasting happiness in the face of our seemingly endless troubles? These questions are basic to our lives, and it is from these questions that the practice of Zen has its birth. Zen can be the compassionate scalpel that removes the layers of accrued opinions, beliefs, and...

The Presence

Imagine the presence of a great warmth that feels utterly nurturing, good, and peaceful. See it as the most beautiful color or colors that you can imagine. Feel it as having the texture or sensation of something incredibly soft, like a favorite blanket or article of clothing, the skin of a baby, or the fur of an animal.

Purifying Meditation

The weeds keep multiplying in our garden, which is our mind ruled by fear. Rip them out and call them by name. The illnesses, the rejections, the defamations, the injustices, the aloneness, all the "I should haves" and "I didn't do's." In place of the ugly weeds of fear, plant now the roses of Hope, Love...

Meditation for Prosperity

The purpose of the universe is to enable you to learn. Prosperity is the attitude that you can have what you want in this universe. Therefore prosperity is one of the things you are here to learn. This is a meditation that facilitates that learning.

Praying Peace

In mountains of Bosnia, a community of mystics who call themselves the Emissaries of Light, said to me: "Our role is not to bring peace to where it is not, but to reveal peace where it is hidden." Peace, the Emissaries said, is not something that can be understood with the mind, but must be experienced with the heart.

Meditation-Freeway to Discovery

Our energy level and mental programs are the major contributing factors to how we interpret what's going on in our lives. That's why the most important tool I have to offer to increase self awareness is daily meditation. Meditation keeps our energy up high enough so that we have the clarity... Otherwise, our energy is so low that we just get caught in reacting to others...

Can Meditation Be Fun

What we call meditation or contemplation -- for want of a better word -- is really supposed to be fun. I have some difficulty in conveying this idea because most people take anything to do with religion seriously -- and you must understand that I am not a serious person. I may be sincere, but never serious...


Hope is an expectation, not always with absolute certainty, but with confidence and assurance that something can or will happen. Hope is a desire accompanied by a belief in fulfillment. Hope is a force that urges us on — stimulating us to continue. It is a powerful force that we...

Higher Consciousness Meditation

I realize the whole universe is at my fingertips, as is my willingness to manifest what is needed in my reality. Every experience of life is God teaching me. As I look in this pure state of awareness, I feel the pure energy within my whole body. From the rhythm of my breathing, I feel a quiet state of attunement — one with God.


Problems do not limit your aliveness or happiness. They are simply challenges that give you opportunities to make choices and grow. As you increasingly open to yourself, happiness wells up from deep inside you. Feel it. Remember a happy feeling from the past, or imagine one now. If you like, tie it to a scene or image. Feel the feeling. Be in the middle of it. Let the happiness of that feeling fill you full and overflow beyond you, filling the room.

Gods Will Is Mine

The phrase "thy will be done" in the Lord's Prayer is a statement of resignation for many, the calling down of a power to do something that may not be what we had in mind. It's as though we're saying, "Since I can't have what I want in life, I guess I'll have to settle...

Exploring Meditation

Exhaustive research has shown that meditation is an excellent antidote against stress, hyperactivity, and fear related themes. It has been found to increase your energy, as well as lower blood pressure and heart rate. Meditation can also be used as a successful tool to accompany many medical, psychological and alternative healing therapies...

Experiencing Sufism

It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher may physically appear and guide them in their transformation until the time when the teacher is seen everywhere. As a result of working with a Sufi teacher, enhanced perceptions and awareness bring about deep understanding, inner contentment, healing and...

How To Meditate

Meditation does work. Millions of learned and loving people have practiced it throughout the ages, because it clears the mind and opens the heart. The current interest in meditation has inspired many modern teachers to simplify the ancient techniques...

Control of the Body & the Senses

Relaxation and muscle balance are necessary to the practices of concentration and meditation so that (1) the body may not be injured by the mental efforts and (2) the mental work may not be spoiled by bodily discomfort. Third, we have to remember that bodily attitudes are associated with states of feeling, such as lying down with sleep, and...

Co-Meditation Sharing Of Breaths

Co-meditation is based on the principle that a certain mode of respiration evokes a particular state of mind and vice-versa. The power of the breath and the breath-mind relationship has been recognized for centuries by many cultures and religious traditions. Like other forms of meditation, the deep abdominal breathing produced by co-meditation affects the...

Breathing Exercise

by Catherine Sutton.

Breathing is synonymous with being alive. If we stop breathing we stop living, and if we breathe well we can increase our vitality and stability. Most meditation practices, yoga, and the martial arts encourage breathing from the...

Being Alive

Problems do not limit your aliveness or happiness. They are simply challenges that give you opportunities to make choices and grow. As you increasingly open to yourself, happiness wells up from deep inside you. Feel it. Find yourself being completely peaceful. Feel well-being coming from the deepest part of you, filling your entire being...

Beacons of Light

Take a moment now and find the very center of your energy. Let your focus soften as you become one with your surroundings for the next few moments as we travel together. Ask permission to join with the Earth and for her to be a part of your circle at this time. Breathe deeply and feel the energy shift in the room...

Family Return

Jenny was eager to talk to me about her five-year-old nephew, who she was beginning to believe was the reincarnation of her grandfather. She hadn't known that it was possible for a child to be the reincarnation of a family member. Now Dylan's strange behaviors were beginning to make sense to her.

Apprenticeship with the Shadow of Loss

Could any of us watching Peter Pan struggling with his shadow -- to find his shadow, to keep his shadow and, ultimately, to "bind" his shadow to him -- have known that the shadow carries powerful psychological implications? We might have noticed that Peter seemed different once his shadow was firmly attached. He was still delightful and charming but slightly subdued and not quite so self-centered and irresponsible. A bit more... dare we say, grown up? As Peter Pan could tell us, the shadow is...

Limitless Physical Perfection

For eons of time, prophets, seers, religions and Holy Books have foretold the coming of an Age when Heaven would manifest on Earth, an Age in which Humanity would develop the latent powers within and reunite with our own Divinity, an Age when transformation would occur at an atomic, cellular level, and...

From Hollywood to Holy Woods

'GRAAANDMAAA, BUY ME A PAIR OF JORDACHE JEANS,' my voice would sing out in a whine. Back then, every season demanded new clothes: back to school clothes, summer clothes, spring clothes, birthday clothes.... Now I live on the holy banks of the Ganges, in Rishikesh, India.

The Battle For God

One of the most startling developments of the late twentieth century has been the emergence within every major religious tradition of a militant piety popularly known as "fundamentalism." Its manifestations are sometimes shocking. Fundamentalists have gunned down worshippers in a mosque, have killed doctors and nurses who work in abortion clinics, have shot their presidents, and have even toppled a powerful government. It is only a small minority...

He Talks With Me -- Am I Listening?

He Talks With Me -- Am I Listening?

by Del Kyger. Since childhood, Mildred "Billie" Steves has felt the loving presence of God. So when Billie began to receive communications from God following her morning meditations, she was quite at ease and did not see these events as out of the ordinary...

What is God: A God Beyond Words

And on the eighth day, man created God. Who else but man would donate only a mere three letters of the alphabet to the power behind the universe? Three letters do not bear much weight in light of a God who is attributed with creating a world, saving its people, and providing a life everlasting. Many would profess to say that God in fact is not the name they would use at all to depict their own conception of a higher being. Nature, the Great Spirit, Allah, Buddha, Goddess, Jesus Christ, no Christ, the earth, so many names...

A Guide Named Joe

Like many people on their spiritual path, it was some time before my spirit guide revealed his name to me. I must admit I thought it rather curious when he told me his name was Joe. I asked if he were an angelic being, or perhaps a saint, but he said I could just address him as Joe. Being a no-nonsense, down-to-earth kind of a person myself, I reasoned that was the type of guide I would attract. As you may have noticed, many metaphysical people tend to ask one another...

A Spiritual Life Game

Many people don't think about their spiritual lives until they're faced with a crisis such as a life-threatening illness. Then they decide to embark on spiritual practices such as meditation or prayer. Are you ready to turn "later" and "someday" into "now" when it comes to attending to your spiritual life?

Time To Change Gods

I've heard people say that they learned the truth of health and wholeness by being sick, the reality of abundance by suffering lack, the beauty of harmonious relationships by witnessing first hand the ugliness of discord. If that's the game plan they have chosen, fine, but doesn't it remind you of the old joke about someone who hit himself on the head with a hammer so it would feel good when he stopped? Many of us...

I Am a Faithful Agnostic

A paradox is a statement that seems to say opposite things: 'She was strong because of her weakness.' Life is full of paradoxes. Sometimes when I am asked what my theological position is, I often -- and paradoxically -- call myself a faithful agnostic. I say it quite seriously, though I enjoy the consternation it sometimes produces. The agnostic does not know whether God exists...

Becoming a Living Soul

 I was born in 1960 and my formative years were spent worrying about the Vietnam War, race riots, and the nuclear threat. My earliest memory is John F. Kennedy's assassination. Sadly, my daughter was about the same age on September 11, 2001 as I was on the day JFK died. Will she be haunted by the continuous Technicolor loop of doom and destruction...

The Common Sense Antidote to Suffering

The Common Sense Antidote to SufferingWhen you look at a painting, whether the Mona Lisa, the Birth of Venus or anything you find beautiful, where is the beauty coming from? Where is the source of the beauty? It is obviously not coming out of the painting, or everyone would agree that one painting is beautiful and another is ugly...

Busy, busy, busy

Busy, Busy, Busy, article by Marie T. Russell

by Marie T. Russell.

I speak with a lot of people daily, and it seems like "not having enough time" is a recurring theme... We spend our waking hours doing things on our list of "things to do" and not having (or taking) the time to do the things that would nurture our spirit and that would please us best.

Freedom Through Self Awareness

by David Montini.

The fear was so intense that he could feel his heart beating in his throat. Moments before he had been enjoying the company of his two older female cousins (16 and 18 years old). It had become a normal Sunday practice to play with them after escaping from visiting next door with the adults. They were engaged in their weekly naughty behavior of playing poker, sipping wine, and smoking his aunt's non-filtered cigarettes.

Discovering Sense Ability

by Doris Wild Helmering. Sense ability is the skill to observe your thoughts, your feelings, and your behavior. It also makes you aware of others and provides real-time feedback as to how your feelings and behavior affect others -- inhibiting or inviting closeness, empathy, tolerance, emotional intimacy, interconnectedness, and oneness.

Life's Seasons & Cycles

Life's Seasons & Cycles by Marie T. Russell

by Marie T. Russell. Summer has gone... and Winter will be arriving... yet Spring will return. The seasons pass in nature, as in our own lives. The winter of doubt and fear does pass away as we become aware that there is no one to blame for the dark times we went through -- not even ourselves. These are simply the processes of life, the changing seasons as it were.

Is Zen Mindless?

Zen is a kind of uneducation. Zen is a kind of unlearning. It teaches you how to drop that which you have learned, how to become unskillful again, how to become a child again, how to start existing without mind again, how to be here without any mind.

Contacting Your Inner Child

Sometimes, even though we have spent most of our lives not being in touch with our inner child, our first attempt will be very easy. The child has been waiting for us and wanting that contact with us. But sometimes the child is not yet ready to trust us, so it may take a little patience...

The Inner Advisor/Healer

The technique of the "Inner Advisor" brings forth an image that represents wisdom, love, support, and safety. This image can be anything. Inner advisors can be guardian angels, imaginary friends, or simple intuition -- that important small voice within.

Awareness Tune-Up

There have been many books written on spiritual unfoldment and developing one's awareness. I recommend that you research and experiment to find out what really works for you. The following techniques have worked for me and have...

Thinking: Good or Bad?

When most of us are introduced to the practice of meditation and mindfulness, usually our opinion is that thinking is bad. After all, we reason, our thinking and ideas have become a layer between the present moment and ourselves. Our mind has convinced us that we are isolated. At least, that is how we often perceive the situation.

Clearing the Ties that Bind

When I began to study Huna in 1982, the first subject we dealt with was forgiveness, for good reason: it cleared the way for a larger current of energy to flow through us. It takes effort to hold on to old guilt, grief, and pain, just as grudges and gripes contribute to stress. Forgiveness is releasing rather than accepting. It frees up energy that has been holding stressful...,

Question? Exclamation!

We are aware that we suffer from optical delusions, but we still suffer, nonetheless. We can see that there has been a breakdown somewhere along the way, but by what practical means are we going to heal ourselves?

Contacting Your Wise Being

There are many ways we can learn to tap into the wisdom within us. One way is to allow yourself to make contact with an image of a very wise being who is your adviser, your spirit guide, your helper, your counselor, your guardian angel, whatever you want it to be...

Meditating 101: Simple, Quick, Easy

Meditating 101: Simple, Quick, Easy

by Sandy Goodman. I am probably the last person that should be saying how, when, and where to meditate. I have set a goal of daily meditation at least a hundred times, and I haven't succeeded for more than three consecutive days. It isn't a matter of not liking to meditate. I do..


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