The Sexual Surrogate

In modern Western societies the messages about sex are extremely contradictory and confusing. We have no traditional rites of passage nor meaningful ceremonies to initiate young people into informed adult sexuality. I hoped that my work might establish standards that could help people of all ages have less confusion about sex and intimate relationships.

Sexuality & Spirituality

Sexual energy is instrumental to the Ageless Body. It is by virtue of the hormones and their master glands connected to sexual function that the body stays in a perpetual state of "juicy" youth.

Women & Sex: Viewpoint of The Church

Women and sex have been the two targets of the Christian Church for centuries. In early times, especially in Hellenic Greece, women had certain rights: divorce, contraception, ownership of property. By contrast the Church, right down through the ages, has persistently railed against woman, calling her evil, debased, and the originator of sin.

Sexual Healings

by Miss Desmond Clark.

Do you know how to tie your shoe? I hope so. Now, do you remember who taught you how? Whether it was your Mom or Dad is unimportant... but do you remember? We all have memories that we can recall but I have noticed that many of us do not remember the little obscure incidents that helped form our personality and our behavior. Can you remember who said you were not good enough... and you accepted that?

An Ideal Partner: The Search Is On

Millions will be looking for the "love of their lives" until they die. They will look, and never realize that real love might already have found them. Being loved means owning up to the responsibility of being loved, which is -- in the long run -- more difficult than asking for (or looking for) love.

Soul-Mate Connection

Many beings are yearning for relationships and most of those that are in relationships on earth are quite unsatisfied. It is a reflection of the imbalance of the earth. Now the time has come for the balance of power to shift. It has already begun, and it shall continue until the balance of power...

Speak To Me Of Love - Not Bills

by Sherry Lehman, M.A. Foreplay is a 24 hour a day affair for most women, in that it is everything that happens between partners during the day. For a woman, foreplay begins when the couple awakens in the morning. From that moment on, everything her partner says and everything her partner does affects how she will feel sexually...

7 Tantric Keys of Awakening

These seven Tantric keys can open us up to our essential selves and unleash in us that abundant, joyous energy -- Every Day Ecstasy -- that allows us to be all that we can be as human beings with our partners and our children and in our work, our community, and the world.

Transforming Sexual Energy

To be a Taoist is to experience life as a harmonious flow of life energy. In the traditional Taoist terms, this flow in humans is from breath to sex essence to spirit. It flows both visibly and invisibly, in a never-ending cycle. Regardless of your attitude toward life...

Realizing Your Intentions

 Many men feel that their lives are ones of unrealized intentions. They wanted deeper friendships, but could never work them out, either. They wanted to be more open with their families, but could not even imagine how to do this. The only thing they could imagine were the brutal consequences of being open...

Tantric Sex

Thousands of years ago, people had achieved a high degree of awareness and an all chemical formula for converting what we know as sex energy-called by many names, such as Vital Force, Elan Vital, Soul, Chi, etc.-into a state of divinity. Their spiritual philosophy held sexuality as a divine rite...

Why We Resist Sexual Pleasure

It doesn't have to be as obvious as a clutch back from the brink of nirvana to show you that you're afraid to surrender to sex. Perhaps just as you're getting really turned on, you suddenly flash on something you ...

Men & The Inner Feminine

As man becomes initiated into deeper levels of manhood, he is faced with the challenge of rescuing the Inner Lover or Goddess, his Feminine Self. This quest is very risky and a man must be deeply grounded in his masculinity in order to step into the caldron with the inner woman.

Sex in Ancient Cultures

Throughout the recorded history of the world and its religions, the power of sex has been a motivating force, even if not recognized as such. It has been lifted high and cast down to the lowest point by humanity, but it has never ceased to be, of itself, the supreme gift of the Creator.

To Know Consciously is the Birth of the New Tantric Human

To Know Consciously is the Birth of the New Tantric Human

by Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D. The Tantric act is a giving and a receiving. There is no taking. When giving and receiving reach their highest level of intensity then No-One is left. There is simply Love.

How to Restore Sexual Performance

How to Restore Sexual PerformanceThere are several ways to restore most of one's sexual performance including a high tone of physical conditioning and mental attitude. The power of the mind to influence the relative efficiency of one's sexual performance cannot go unnoticed.