Are You Shutting the Door on Your Psychic Abilities?

Are You Shutting the Door on Your Psychic Abilities?

Responsibility can be frightening. I currently have a student who definitely has psychic abilities, but she's very afraid of them. When she took my beginner class, she'd come for the lecture portion and leave before we did the exercises. She'd always tell me she didn't have any psychic abilities and that she didn't want them either. I asked her if she was able to pinpoint her resistance, and she said it was the responsibility that terrified her. She didn't want to see negative information about people or disasters.

Two or three times she did stay and tried the exercises. She was always accurate with the information that came through her, but then she'd get so freaked out that she'd stop coming to class for a couple of weeks. Two days before the 9/11 terrorist attacks, she kept getting a picture of a plane crashing, but she didn't know what it meant. She became extremely anxious because she wasn't sure if it was a warning about one of her loved ones or if it was a prophetic vision of something to come.

Shutting the Door on Your Psychic Abilities?

Shutting the door on your psychic abilities because you're afraid of the responsibilities associated with these gifts is understandable, but I encourage you to keep the door open and learn how to discern and work with the information.

I've seen this happen with other students who have prophetic visions that frighten them. The students think that if they stop coming to class, their third eye will shut down and the visions will stop, but that's not how it goes. I always encourage students to hang in there and understand their visions rather than try to deny them. As they soon learn, denying them doesn't stop them.

Not all psychics get prophetic visions of disasters, and I've found that the ones who do get them have been getting them on and off for most of their life. It isn't psychic development that makes a person have prophetic visions. It's psychic development that helps you understand them, and that helps you distinguish between visions that are truly prophetic and those that are actually the products of your fears or ego.


I want you to think about what fear feels like. It's usually located in the stomach area, and it has a strong energy to it -- it's that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that spreads quickly throughout your whole body. Sometimes people mistake this feeling with intuition because they're both located in the same area, but this feeling does not indicate your intuition. Intuition does not have any emotion attached to it. It simply gives us information.

Often when people are just developing their psychic abilities, they haven't learned how to discern between a true vision, a fear, or a picture that their ego might be creating, and this can be very frightening. Students often tell me about previous experiences when they thought they were receiving an intuitive message or a psychic prediction, only to find out it was one of their fears, or it was their ego wanting to impress someone with "psychic information."

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Determining the Source of the Information

Here is a very simple but effective technique to help you understand which of the three your vision might be: Ask yourself how the information came to you. Did it simply pop into your head out of nowhere? If so, then it might have been a true vision, but also ask yourself: Is it related to anything you might have seen on TV or in the newspaper the day before? Did it feel fearful when you saw it in your mind?

It's very important that you calm yourself down and determine the source of the information. Some of my students saw visions of airplanes going into buildings after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and they thought that these were predictions of more attacks coming. But when I had them trace back the feelings associated with these visions, they discovered their fears were creating these pictures.

In a similar way, say you're planning to take a car trip, and the day before you leave, you get images of a car crash and everyone dying. The vision feels really scary, and afterward your body is racing with adrenaline. What have you just seen?

First things first, calm yourself down. Ask yourself, are these images similar to anything you've seen in the media lately? Has someone you know recently been in a wreck? The fact that the information came with an adrenaline rush of fear should tell you that this "vision" is connected to fears concerning the trip.

Psychic Predictions Have No Emotion Attached

If it was a psychic prediction, you would have been given the information without any emotion attached. You would have seen an accident (clairvoyance), thoughts would have come into your mind of the car breaking down (clairaudience), or you would have had an inner knowingness that something was wrong, a simple certainty that you weren't supposed to go on the trip (intuition). These would have all arrived as plain information.

Another interesting distinction between real and manufactured visions is this: when our mind creates a vision, the images go on and on and seem to get more elaborate with time, whereas a psychic message comes quickly and is gone. My teacher always told us to pay attention when spirits speak because they don't repeat themselves!

How to Identify a Psychic Vision

In other words, here is what to look for:

1) If it's a prophetic vision (even a negative one), it will simply be a picture that came in out of nowhere, with no emotion attached to it.

2) If it's one of your fears, you'll be very aware of fear as you're seeing the pictures. They will seem to go hand in hand. Fear also multiplies quickly and can easily create a hundred scary scenarios in a matter of seconds, so beware.

3) If it's a picture your ego has created (in its desire to experience a "psychic vision"), your mind will be racing with thoughts, and there will be mixed feelings of excitement and fear. Our ego likes to be the hero, so from time to time it might try to come up with "psychic information" in order to bedazzle people.

Ask for the Truth

One of the coolest things about our intuition is that it will show us the truth of any situation whenever we ask (so long as our agenda isn't in the way). If you've gotten some information and aren't sure what to do with it, try this visualization:

Find a quiet place away from the noises of the world and sit down. Close your eyes and take three or four relaxing breaths. Focus on the area of your solar plexus. Inside is a white light at the center of your soul. I think of it as the light of God within. Using your imagination, visualize this light and completely focus your attention on it. Take a few more relaxing breaths, and with each breath, imagine this light getting bigger and brighter until it completely surrounds you. Feel the peacefulness of the light. This is a very good discipline to learn in any case because it is a simple technique that you will use over and over in your psychic work.

Once your mind has calmed down, and you're able to focus only on this light, tell your inner voice to show you the truth of the situation. Ask it if the information that came to you is accurate. If it is, you'll get an inner knowing of yes. Then, while continuing to focus on the light, ask if there's anything you should do about it. If your mind starts to race with thoughts and ideas, return your focus to the calmness of the white light.

If the answer is no, you will either get a no feeling or it will feel blank. If that's the case, thank the light for guiding you and open your eyes when you feel done.

Some students protest that they aren't good at visualizing and they can't see this light, but hear me loud and clear: You have an imagination and you can imagine this light. You're not even making it up because we all have this light within our soul. You may have to use your imagination in the beginning to open your mind to this idea, but after you've done this a few times, it will become very natural to see the light inside.

Record the Information in Your Journal

You may find that no answers come when you're doing this visualization, but over the course of the next few days, more information may come when you least expect it. I would strongly suggest any time you get information and you're not sure what to do with it, record it in your psychic journal. You may indeed have picked up on an impending situation through your psychic abilities. But even if not, writing in your psychic journal can be very helpful.

Recording the visions, thoughts, and intuitive feelings can help you sort through what's fact or fiction, ego or fear. You can review the things you've previously written and get a better understanding of the meaning of the pictures, images, and feelings you've received. This is how we learn to discern truth from non-truth, the feeling of accurate psychic information from the feeling of random thoughts, fearful imaginings, and self-created visions. This is how we establish accuracy.

Article Source:

The Gift by Echo Bodine. The Gift: Understand and Develop Your Psychic Abilities
by Echo Bodine.

Reprinted with permission of the publisher, New World Library. ©2003.

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