2012: Nemesis or Enlightenment?

2012: Nemesis or Enlightenment? by Mike Bara

Obviously, plenty of astrologers have looked at the Earth’s astrological chart for December 21, 2012. Quite frankly, from what I’ve read in my research, there is no consensus as to the meaning of it and none of the charts take into account the possibility of a Nemesis star or Planet X, nor do they understand the underlying physics involved.

But there do appear to be two astrological configurations which argue that December 21st, 2012 will be a nexus point or at least the beginning of a significant transition for humanity. The first significant aspect is called a Yod, also known among astrologers as “the finger of God.”

Significant and Interesting Configurations

A Yod is an arrowhead like alignment in an astrological chart that signifies two planets in opposition to a third. The three planets involved in the December 21, 2012 Yod are Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter. Pluto represents radical transformation, death and rebirth in astrology, and Saturn represents the Earthly realm and all matters practical and adherence to social structures. In the 2012 Yod, they are in opposition to Jupiter, which rules over the principals of growth, expansion of thought, and life.

The other interesting configuration is called a T-Square, and involves Venus, Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter and Neptune are at 90 degrees to each other, as are Neptune and Venus. This makes Neptune, the planet of spirituality, mysticism, psychic phenomena, ascension, and floods the focal point of the alignment. Venus, the planet of sex, romance, sensuality, comfort, ease, and the material, is in direct opposition to Jupiter.

A State of Conflict & A Time of Choices

It isn’t too difficult to interpret what this all means. The chart indicates that on December 21, 2012, our consciousness will be in state of conflict. We will face many choices about our philosophical and religious beliefs, our social systems and our value structures. Most likely, our monetary systems and our forms of government will be under scrutiny. There will be a growing disconnect and a clash between the desires of the flesh and of the spirit.

We will be faced with a Choice about our future. One path will lead toward Pluto, meaning death and rebirth. One path leads toward the influence of Jupiter, which means we will be able to expand our lives and our thinking to include new ideas and perhaps entirely new ways of living with each other based on moral and spiritual values instead of greed and material desire.

But each of us, and our planet itself, will be confronted by this tension, this pressure of the oppositions. If Nemesis is in fact out there, whether it is in Orion or Sagittarius, it will amplify the tension of this chart, and force us to make a Choice.

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2012: We Have A Choice

2012: Nemesis or Enlightenment? by Mike BaraI don’t want to alarm you about the physical nature of this transformation. If the Great Flood of the bible is indeed linked to the last alignment of Nemesis with the galactic core, then that certainly could have been a contributing physical factor in a crustal displacement or magnetic pole shift. It’s also important to understand that in the physics, it doesn’t matter that the Sun was not conjunct with the center of the galaxy as it will be in 2012.

If we are right about Nemesis’ orbital parameters, then in 10,500 BC Nemesis and the Sun were conjunct somewhere in Orion, and the galactic center would have been 180 degrees away, in opposition to that unifying force. So if the Earth did experience a pole shift of some kind, astrologically and hyper-dimensionally, 2012 is a very different scenario. This time, we appear to have a Choice.

This Time It Is Different: A Flood of Knowledge

Remember that the Hopi told us that in the previous world, the very technologically advanced third world of Man, the people had completely lost sight of spirit and were consumed by desires of the flesh and material. This world is far different, with many the world over still holding their hands out to God and seeking something higher.

It also should be noted that Neptune, which plays a major role in the 2012 Earth chart, rules over floods. But remember also that water is frequently associated with knowledge being poured into our consciousness. So the flood of Neptune, like the serpent pouring water down upon the Earth from the last frame of the Dresden codex, may be referring to a symbolic flood of knowledge and enlightenment, rather than a literal flood caused by a physical pole shift.

Choices Forced by Circumstance

What I think this all adds up to, and there are many that agree with me, is that in these next few years we will be forced by circumstances to make a Choice. To either stay in the lower realms of earthly desire or to seek out a new way, a higher path of service to others and spiritual enlightenment.

If the majority of us decide to stay in the intellectual\material world that we have created, then all of the prophecies and all of the alignments say we are in for a stressful, difficult, and possibly cataclysmic time of it. But if we instead choose the way of the light, then we can have an entirely new world, one where reality itself may be altered for the better.

It is all up to us. We are not helpless victims of this process. We are active participants in it. We have all come here at this time to decide what we want. Not for ourselves, as The Secret tempts us to do, but for our world.

The question is, which path will you choose?

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This article is excerpted from the book: The Choice by Mike BaraYou've probably heard of The Secret. Now it's time to make The Choice. There is a great shift coming in the near future. We can all feel it. But what does it truly herald for the planet we inhabit? And most importantly, what can each of us do to influence this coming shift in both consciousness and physical reality? New York Times best-selling author Mike Bara examines these questions and many more.

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Mike Bara, author of the article: 2012 - Symbolic Nemesis or Enlightenment?Mike Bara is an aerospace engineering consultant, lecturer, and the coauthor of the New York Times best-seller Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA. He is currently starring in the documentary film Moon Rising, and will be starring in and producing his own documentary film based on Dark Mission (for Sacred Mysteries Productions). In his previous career, Mike spent more than 25 years designing and consulting on engineering and Computer Aided Design for a variety of aerospace companies. Visit his website at http://www.mikebara.com/

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