Spiritual Astrology

Spiritual Astrology

by Phaedron

Astrology is a spiritual art. It is not matching academic numbers to a directory. No book contains specifics about any one individual. Interpreting a chart is a psychic process. Accurate and usable interpretation depends on how intuitive the astrologer is. No computer can delve beyond superficial astronomy.

Astrology examines the microcosm and macrocosm... you and the universe. Contrary to popular belief, the stars and planets have no effect on us. Instead, they are manifestations of hidden, more divine energies that are operating. I call the symbols in the skies "signatures" of the Creator intended for man's use: like iron, herbs, and the winds.

Your astrological chart shows the sky as it appeared at the time and place of your birth, when your soul chose to manifest on this plane of existence. Your horoscope is a kind of blueprint that plots the influences present at the moment of birth, influences that will continue to surround you throughout your life. The horoscope shows the conditions you are going to meet in life. It shows what can happen, not what must happen. Thus, it advises ways to change anything, by your foreknowledge. There is an old saying that says "the stars impel...they do not compel".

The zodiac is a belt through which the planets move. Essentially, it is divided into 12 houses. They contain every aspect of your life. The signs are constellations that move about the zodiac. The planets are affected by the signs they're in. The signs and planets move through the 12 non-moving demarcations (houses.) Such signs, movements, and positions reveal the composition of your soul and your purpose, as well as that which you must learn to be a complete person.

But that is only where the process starts. There are a multitude of considerations to search for in the chart: rising sign, zenith, majorities of signs and houses of a particular nature (such as element, gender, polarity, activity method of expression or experience), release points and other Arabian parts (synthetic points between planetary configurations), groupings by hemisphere and quadrant, retrogrades (planets optically appearing to go backwards from earth's perspective), interceptions (again the perspective of Earth "hiding" signs and planets), patterns formed by planets (crosses, etc.), single planets conspicuous by their isolation, omissions of any of the above as they would appear in the chart ("holes"), aspects between planets, ruling planets' misplacements, focal points, and a hundred or more other components.

The use of astrology is documented throughout history. Today especially, astrology is used by concerned individuals, as well as by governments and corporations. It has been used successfully by businesses to chart the inception of their business to maximize success, or using "progressions" and "transits" to make important decisions. Actors, playwrights, musicians, athletes, gardeners, etc. have attributed their success to the adherence of astrological forecasts. The silent use of astrology by governments, religions, corporations, etc., is more prevalent today than ever before.

Your astrological wheel is literally a picture of your soul! It is very personal and must be kept and used accordingly.

Using Astrology For Growth

Why use astrology? To find out your strengths and weaknesses; influences that will appear and that which will never manifest.

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Casting a natal birthchart is recommended for your own insight towards knowledge of the self. The natal chart is the way you chose to live in this world, while your pro gressed chart is how you (prenatally) chose to arrange certain events that will take place during your lifetime. Astrology is, therefore, actually "growth". You chose all that your chart(s) reveals for your karmic lessons. They are pictures of your life; characterizing the whole duration (natal chart), and what will occur, and how it will affect you at any given time (progressed chart) - i.e., being in the "right" (or "wrong") place at the "right" or "wrong" time.

Study this picture of your soul to see where you have strayed, and where you have followed your course. Understand why important differences between your chart and your circumstances in life have occurred. In humanistic astrology, the counselor would direct you to discover more about yourself by advising you to be more self-aware; then self-examining your views of what really exists, instead of how you rationalize what "should" exist. The two could be different. If so, why? For example, why do you fail at something which is naturally easy for you? Or vice versa. What adaptations and influences have shaped your life? In the search for the true Will, we cannot overlook certain factors that may have distorted certain natural birth traits. Thus to begin to work towards your life's purpose, you begin to eliminate that which is not the true you. From early childhood on, one is always subjected to influences and standards of other people such as peers, role models, media, teachers, parents, trauma, etc.

Often people see unfavorable parts of their chart and get unduly alarmed. They decide that they are destined to a horrible life when, in fact, they may train to reshape their life. Difficult aspects can be adapted to and overcome, using the proper direction.


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by Phaedron.


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Phaedron is the Hierophant of the Holy Order of The Winged Disk, an old magickal organization dedicated to hermetic, qabalistic, gnostic, rosicrucian, and alchemical practices. The Winged Disk recognizes that there is a seed of truth in every tradition. The International Academy of Hermetic Knowledge is an independent home study program offering the techniques of western magick, spiritual practice, and special guidance not available in any books. Phaedron is named as its director. He implements the Order's philosophy of approaching the subject in a thorough, safe, and realistic manner. As an Adept, he receives sincere seekers, teaches privately, counsels spiritually, and holds small group classes in ritual magick and related esoteric methods. He can be reached at 804-589-6777.




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