Sensing, Understanding, and Using the Flow of Energy

Sensing, Understanding, and Using the Flow of Energy

Energy and its flow is being unconsciously experienced by everyone, all of the time. We are all surrounded and impacted by the action and movement of energy twenty-four hours a day.

When you get a sudden chill and perhaps the hair raises a bit on your arms upon entering a room, you are experiencing the residual electromagnetic energy of an event that occurred there, or of a person who was once in that place. The energy frequency residue has been left behind in that room, just like when you get a whiff of perfume that has been left behind by someone who was once there.

When you feel a slight tingle on the back of your neck and then turn to observe someone looking at you, you are experiencing the outflowing electromagnetic energy from that individual as they focus their attention on you.

What you are sensing or feeling in each case is the electromagnetic currents, wavelengths, and frequencies produced by the outflowing radiation of electromagnetic energy inherent in each experience.

Electromagnetic Energy Waves in Daily Life

You are familiar with many physical forms of electromagnetic energy waves and how they work in your daily life. You experience these energy frequencies and their results when you turn on your radio, television or computer monitor.

When you answer your phone, you are responding to a call that is composed of electromagnetic energy waves, which have been transmitted by a satellite through space, or by electrical impulses that come to you by way of electrical transformers to the receiver of your phone.

When you speak to the person standing next to you, they are receiving your transmitted vocalized sound wave frequencies through their own receivers—their ears and their brain. You can’t see any of these electromagnetic frequency waves with your physical eyes, but you do experience their results through your physical senses.

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Retrieving or Processing Knowledge Using Electromagnetic Energy

The brain uses the electrical currents and magnetic impulses within its mass as its method of retrieving or processing knowledge, experiencing and interpreting the world, and making decisions regarding how to react to inner and outer stimuli. These thoughts, perceptions, reactions, and memories each generate electrical currents within the brain, and are part of what creates and makes up our own personal magnetic energy field. Our feelings and emotions contribute electrical energy, too, as our bodies respond to emotional stimuli, such as joy or fear.

It is by the nature of these electromagnetic energy flows within the brain, and the energy fields of people, animals, and objects that the many techniques of acquiring psychic knowledge occur. Like everything in the universe, our earth has its own electric current and its own magnetic field. For example, subtle energy paths on and beneath the earth’s surface, called ley lines, are discernable using dowsing rods or the psychic senses, due to strong electromagnetic transmissions. These energy lines typically lead to, and connect, power centers such as Stonehenge and Avebury in England, or indicate energy vortexes such as those located in Sedona, Arizona.

In Chinese practice, these ley lines are called Dragon Lines or Dragon Currents, and form the basis of the practice of feng shui. In dowsing, it is the magnetic quality of water which allows the dowser, using his or her own subtle energy sense or dowsing rods as a tool, to locate aquifers of water, springs, and streams.

A Magnetic Substance (Magnetite) Found in Animals and Humans

Many creatures, such as homing pigeons, salmon, turtles, and bees, navigate using their inborn sensitivity to the earth’s magnetic field. Studies performed in the late 1980s and early 1990s showed that each of these types of animals possess a small amount of a magnetic substance called magnetite within their tissues, leading researchers to conclude that the magnetite within their systems sensitizes the animals to the magnetic field of the earth and the specific magnetic frequency of the geographical location that is imprinted within their particular DNA. Thus, without a map or a GPS, these animals instinctively find their way back home or to their spawning ground through their sensitivity to, and unconscious awareness of, the magnetic frequencies in the earth.

Magnetite has also been discovered in the human brain near the brain’s magnetically sensitive pineal gland, a gland that secretes hormones that affect the entire body, including melatonin, which regulates our sleeping cycles. It is the pineal gland that has always been associated with human psychic abilities and the Third Eye.

This is how we receive psychic information. Everything in our universe emits an electromagnetic force. Everything in our universe has a magnetic field—in humans this magnetic field is often called the aura or auric field. People have magnetic fields, places have magnetic fields, and trees, animals, and stones have magnetic fields— all created by the radiation of their own electromagnetic energy.

Tuning In To Electromagnetic Currents Psychically

In humans and animals, it is primarily thought processes and emotional responses that create, inform, and make up this energy flow. By tuning in to the electromagnetic currents of an individual and their thoughts or feelings surrounding a question or concern, information that is clear and helpful can be obtained by a variety of psychic means. For example, when working with clairvoyance or techniques of psychometry to ascertain the energy flow and flavor of an object, such as a ring or letter, the psychic is tuning in to the residual energy that is attached to the object as well as the person for whom they are consulting.

Of course, psychic information can sometimes be clearer or more easily interpreted when a direct question is asked, but we also receive psychic information unconsciously and randomly all the time as we encounter people who are emitting waves of information by way of their thoughts, focused attention, or elevated emotions. We pick up these bits of information unconsciously through our psychic senses.

When we choose to deliberately engage our psychic senses and subconscious minds in the receiving, examination, and analysis of the information contained within these energy flows, we acquire psychic data, knowledge, and clues. By initially accessing the information via the psyche’s sensitivities to energy flows and flavors, the subconscious mind begins to work with the knowledge it accesses—deciphering the symbols, feelings, colors, and facts that are being presented. The subconscious mind then partners with the conscious mind to translate that information into knowledge and advice that can be verbalized, verified, and shared.

Exercises to Strengthen Your Sensitivity to the Acquisition of Knowledge

To begin to recognize and strengthen your sensitivity toward the acquisition of knowledge within energy flow patterns, practice the following exercises to learn the different flavors energy can express.


Sitting in a comfortable chair outdoors, or in a sunny window, focus on the sensation of warmth you are experiencing that is emitted by the sun’s rays. In your mind’s eye, visualize the energy from the sun coming into your body through your conscious breathing. As you inhale slowly to a count of four, let this energy flow throughout your entire body—cleansing, soothing, and making each organ and individual cell glow. Then, as you slowly exhale your breath to a count of four, feel yourself releasing any stress, imbalance, and ill health. Let any imbalance or negativity leave your body with that exhaled breath.

Continue to breathe slowly and with focus. With each inhalation, breathe in light and balance, with each exhalation release stress and imbalance. You may want to repeat a mantra inside your head as you breathe to help you stay focused. As you inhale, think “Light. Energy. Health.” As you exhale, think “Release. Let Go. Relax.” Plan to spend about five minutes performing this exercise. You have just washed every organ and cell in your body and your aura and you are now cleansed and refreshed.


If you have a specific illness such as a stomachache or headache, direct the energy you are absorbing from the sun to the spot of physical discomfort in your body as you inhale slowly and with focus. Direct the incoming energy that you are accessing via your focused breath to the afflicted area and hold the energy there for a few moments. Concentrate on what the sun’s energy feels like within your body. Then, in your mind’s eye, visualize the energy gathering and coalescing in the imbalanced area. With focused thought, gather up any imbalanced energy in that spot. As you exhale slowly, visualize the gathered imbalanced energy in your mind’s eye, and then release the energy of the illness along with your exhalation.


Stand outside, barefoot, on the earth. Feel the grass and dirt under your feet. Smell the rich scent of Nature surrounding you. Become aware of the movement of the wind in the trees and sounds of bird calls and insects. In your mind’s eye, imagine that you are sending down roots through your feet. Feel the slight tingling sensation as your own body’s energy flow gathers at the soles of your feet in preparation for joining with the energy source of Earth.

With each inhalation, gather this energy and let it flow down to the soles of your feet. With each exhalation, let your energy roots burrow into the earth, seeking the earth’s magnetic center.

Perform each breath inhalation and subsequent exhalation ten times, or until you sense that your body from your waist to your feet feels physically heavier. You can gently sway back and forth in perfect balance—the earth is providing grounding and is serving as a ballast for you.

Once you have connected and rooted your energies with that of the earth, absorb energy from this rich source, just like a plant draws up and drinks water and minerals from the earth with its roots. As you inhale, drink up the earth energy through your roots. As you exhale, send feelings of love and thanks down through your roots to the earth.

When you are finished, feel yourself drawing your roots back up into your body through your feet, using your breath. You will be calm, relaxed, and gently energized when you are finished. This is called Grounding and Centering.


Root yourself in the earth once again, this time just for balance. Don’t absorb energy from this source. Instead, raise your arms above your head and draw energy from the air, sun, stars, or moon through the energy vortexes in the centers of your palms and through your crown chakra, located at the very top of your head.

See and feel the energy, white, glowing, and radiant, flowing down from the sky into the palms of your hands, and with your focused breath, shoot this energy into every cell of your body. You will feel lighter, more uplifted, and your mind will be serene, open, and completely awake.

©2013 by Karen Harrison. All rights reserved.
Reprinted with permission of the publisher, Weiser Books,
an imprint of Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC.

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The Everyday Psychic: A Practical Guide to Activating Your Psychic Gifts by Karen Harrison.The Everyday Psychic: A Practical Guide to Activating Your Psychic Gifts
by Karen Harrison.

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Karen Harrison, author of: The Everyday Psychic: A Practical Guide to Activating Your Psychic GiftsKaren Harrison has been involved with magick, the psychic arts, and occultism since early childhood. She earned a Master of Herbology from the Emerson College of Herbology in Montreal, and is the proprietress of Moon Magick Alchemical Apothecary. She and her husband also own Isis Books, Gifts and Healing Oasis in Denver, Colorado, the largest and most complete brick and mortar store in the U.S. specializing in world spirituality, magick and herbs/essential oils. (Photo credit: Fran Carey)


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