Fear: The Core of Your Problems

Fear: The Core of Your Problems

When you remove false perceptions and illusions,
your true self remains, and you automatically experience
more love, beauty, harmony, and happiness.

Fear: The Core of Your Problems

The idea that we create our own reality — that is, the concept of the mirror universe — often seems to ring true, but it also raises some troubling questions. Sometimes it’s easy to see this principle at work in our lives, but other times, especially when things aren’t going very well, it can be hard to understand how we set certain events in motion.

Of course, we don’t have as much trouble with the concept when things are going wonderfully — for example, when stock prices are up, or we get the contract we were hoping for, or when our health is good. It’s fairly easy to take credit for the good things, but when our health falters, or when financial problems come up, or when our relationships are in trouble, we wonder what happened!

In many cases, people claim they’ve tried everything imaginable to change things, and yet nothing changes. The reason for this is that most of the forces sustaining reality are below conscious awareness and therefore aren’t known or recognized. We have accumulated wounds, habits, and belief patterns that are embedded in our body, mind, brain, and subtle energy system. But once you discover and understand the source, all the mystery is resolved.

Identifying Fears and Core Issues

Almost every problem we encounter in life is based on some form of fear. The energy of fear can locate itself in any area of the body and create physical and emotional symptoms. As you clear the fear, the conditions often clear up, but unless you eliminate the fear at its root, simply treating the symptoms will only cause the mind or body to create other symptoms.

If, however, in addition to treating the symptoms, you also release the subtle energy that’s causing the symptoms, and shift your consciousness with regard to the underlying issues, the mind and body can return to a state of healthy balance. The energy meridians then open so that the life force can start flowing again, and this causes the body’s chemistry to start working in a healthy way. Ironically, our difficulties can be gifts that reveal where we need to bring healing and where we’re ready for growth, but first we need to get to the root cause, which I call our core issues.

Core patterns appear when we struggle with circumstances over a protracted period, or when we experience a period of growth. Core issues have a powerful impact on all aspects of our life. They carry strong emotions, beliefs, and reactions. When you clear core issues, you become much more empowered to create what you want.

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Common Core Patterns

Common core patterns center around issues and emotions such as terror, hatred, fear, anger, worry, feeling unworthy, self-doubt, thinking something’s wrong with you, feeling unlovable, feeling trapped with no way out, feeling helpless and hopeless, experiencing deep feelings of aloneness and abandonment, and others.

When an event activates a core issue, you may feel devastated. You may feel as if your life has been crushed, or you may be frozen in fear, extreme confusion, deep depression, or a sense of abandonment. You may even feel physical pain, such as tension or a sensation of gripping in the chest or solar plexus.

In most cases, core issues accrue over a lifetime and remain deeply embedded unless or until we address them. These issues touch us at the deepest levels.

Fear: The Core of Your Problems by Jonathan ParkerThe challenge with core issues is not the experience or event that triggers them, but the emotional charge that gets attached to them. For example, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) occurs when people keep reacting to a trauma years after an event; they carry the emotional charge and keep re-experiencing it emotionally. They may have frequent flashbacks to the event, and at the very least they experience strong negative emotions associated with the original event.

The same thing happens with a core pattern. The strong emotional charge connected to the pattern keeps the reactions alive. If you’ve experienced terror and deep fear in your solar plexus, or if you’ve ever had a deeply broken heart where you felt pain or agony in your chest, these experiences activate core patterns.

Fortunately, when you manage to release a core pattern, your whole life changes because you also release a tremendous amount of disturbing energy. This frees you from the tyranny of a lifelong problematic pattern.

The Ego’s Role in Core Issues

The ego is driven by many defenses to protect itself from whatever it perceives as a threat to its security, comfort, or existence. Many of the traits that you may think of as being fundamentally human are actually defensive characteristics of the ego. These include emotional reactions, beliefs, judgments, criticism, and blame. The ego relies on survival strategies to cope with the many threats that it perceives due to its sense of separation.The Ego’s Role in Core Issues

For instance, the ego utilizes the defense mechanism of fear to keep us from danger. This may sound like a good thing, except that most people are driven by fears that have no real basis, and by holding on to these fears, they generate the energies that can create or attract the very thing they fear. This is the mirror universe at work.

The ego’s perceived separation from our divine Source engenders a vast number of fears. Typically, people aren’t directly aware of these deep fears. Instead, they experience them indirectly, such as through fear of the future, a generalized anxiety, or fear of the unknown. All these unconscious fears make up the core issues that we need to address.

To keep from feeling the pain of insecurity and separation, the ego drives us to seek attachments through needing, wanting, possessiveness, control, endless searching, feeling that there’s never enough, and continually looking for external things to bring a sense of fulfillment or completion. Though of course, they never do.

By systematically reducing and eliminating these core patterns, you can expand your awareness to a greater realization of who you are as a being of light and love.

This article was reprinted with permission of the publisher,
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This article was excerpted with permission from the book:

The Soul Solution: Enlightening Meditations for Resolving Life's Problems
by Jonathan Parker.

This article is excerpted from the book: The Soul Solution by Jonathan Parker.Revelatory answers in the search for meaning can seem to be the privilege of only the most evolved, brilliant, or blessed beings. But motivational counselor and teacher Jonathan Parker puts those answers within grasp. His step-by-step soul-solution process addresses that most profound of human quests with techniques that prompt transformational shifts. Refined over Parker’s decades of counseling experience, these meditations and self-guided practices explore fear, meaning, ego, love, abundance, and healing in ways that will connect you to your core — the soul, beyond body and mind, from which real understanding and lasting fulfillment flow.

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About the Author

Jonathan Parker, author of the article: Fear -- The Core of Your ProblemsJonathan Parker is the founder and director of Quantum Quests International. Jonathan has university degrees in Education, Chemistry, Theology, Counseling Psychology, and Human Behavior & Development. For over 30 years he has been a counselor, workshop facilitator and author of one of the largest self-development libraries in the world. His outstanding TV programs, "Mind Power," "Self-Empowerment" and "Winning at Weight Loss" have brought his results-oriented approach to millions. His recordings, workshops, and retreats offer inspiring and life-changing experiences. Audio programs of meditations similar to those in his book The Soul Solution are available at www.jonathanparker.org.


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