Protecting Yourself From Negative Energies

Protecting Yourself From Negative Energies

Most people don’t know that they need to protect themselves from negative energies around them. Most people on this planet do not even think in terms of ‘energy’ at all, which is strange, because everything on this planet is a form of energy, and we use these different forms of energy all the time!

Just by way of helping you understand energy, I will explain some forms of it that you already know.

We are familiar with the energy of electricity, because we use it. Electricians are people who know more than most people about the properties of electricity and how it functions – yet who understands what electricity actually is?

We can see it in the sky during a thunderstorm: huge amounts of electricity discharged in one second, splitting the air at breathtaking speed and with brilliant lightshows. Like the way a flower grows, the principle of electricity is a mystery we take for granted every day. We know how to use the phenomenal energy of electricity, but we don’t understand it.

Everything Is A Form Of Energy

The objects in our physical world are forms of dense energy, including your body. It was Einstein who first said that all is made of energy, and he has been proven to be right – nobody doubts this any more.

But we all still live as if this wasn’t true, especially the way we and the medical system treat our bodies. We still live as if the law of gravity described by Isaac Newton (useful as it is) is the only law to live by.

Science went on to discover that the mind of the person observing an object influences how that object behaves. This was a bit much for most scientists to accept, in spite of the evidence, but others have gone on to bravely draw their conclu­sions from it, notably Bruce Lipton, who wrote The Biology of Belief. And when Hans Heisenberg cited the Uncertainty Principle, we were offered the certainty that we truly do live in a free-will Universe.

It’s a fascinating subject, but I will now go into what matters regarding your protection.

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Protecting Your Energy

People emit energies all the time through their thoughts and through the way they feel; people are transmitters of energy. People are also receivers of energy.

When you have a conversation with someone, you mostly emit energy when you are the one speaking, and you mostly receive while you listen. If you have strong boundaries of unconditional love and above, you will transmit and receive this and not anything below it. A sense of worthiness will motivate you to have strong boundaries in place.

Have you ever considered what you are receiving from others and what you are transmitting? The Buddhist principle “Do no harm” includes the harm that can be done through words and through the exchange of energies.

It’s a good idea to learn to put an energetic boundary around yourself, so that only energies of unconditional love and better can enter there. You deserve to have this space around you that is protected from the negative energies of others, unintended as they might be. This is not by way of judging others. That would be a big mistake. It’s simply by way of respecting yourself.

Exchanging Energy Through Sexual Contact

A particular way of exchanging energies is through sexual contact and sexual intercourse. During sexual contact between two people, the psychic energies of both get intermixed. When there is genuine love in the intercourse, the end result is more love created between them and more love gets grounded on the planet. Excellent result!

When there is no love, as in sexual abuse, rape in marriage, rape of all kinds, angry sex, possessive lust and even in self-centered casual sex, unlovely energies get exchanged between the partners. This explains why you, as an abused person, experience energies/emotions that are not actually your own: they were dumped on you, and then you adopted them as your own. These are energies you can send back to where they came from, literally. It is your intention that counts here, and your non-judgment.

You can’t do this while you are judging your abuser; that is why I recommend you work with a therapist, do your work and clear up judgement before you try to do this. Energy returned is always returned with love so the abuser can use it for his or her healing. Why? Because all energy sent in hatred, in anger, in judgement, will bounce back to you like a boomerang.

You might now understand that prostitutes can have a hard time of it, trying to stay balanced energetically and retaining tender love for themselves and for others. It’s because they continually have to cope with the different energies of others. And how many clients of prostitutes come with intact self-esteem and love of the sex worker in their hearts? It’s possible, of course.

In my days as a callgirl, many of my clients became my friends, and on the occasions when I came across crudeness, as happened on more than a few occasions, I tried to avoid repeat appointments. Even so, I became thoroughly impregnated with clients’ negativity, which increased all my own feelings of low self-worth. In spite of the prevailing friendliness, there was much secrecy, guilt, betrayal of partners, loneliness, low self-esteem and selfishness that came with my clients. I was lucky to eventually learn how to clear these energies.

We Exchange Energies In All Contacts, Even In Our Imagination

Yes, we exchange energies whenever we are in contact with anyone, and even when this contact is in the imagination! You might like to protect yourself from unwanted energies and learn to only receive and send energies that are beneficial.

If and when you are a person who lives totally in your heart, it will be your uncondi­tional love for yourself and others that will be your natural protection. Until then, it’s a good idea to call on protection.

Phrases To Use For Protection

Here are some protection phrases. Say them with as much meaning and feeling as you can muster:

I call on a Golden Bubble of Protection to surround my energy matrix.* (Negative energies bounce off this Golden Bubble.)

I am open only to unconditional love and above.*

I return all energy that is not mine and not of love, back to its original source, with love.*

I call on a Cylinder of Light to come down over my entire energy field, for the cutting and clearing of all cords and ties, and all inappropriate energy transfers.*

I call on the Violet Light to pour down into my energy field and radiate out.

And at bedtime:

May the wings of Angels surround me as I sleep.

Yes, be aware that your sincere words carry energy!

May I be an instrument of your peace. (One of my favorite sayings, as it was of St Francis of Assisi.) May I be a clear channel for love.

* Used with kind permission from The Cosmosis Mentoring Centre

©2016 by Carla van Raay. All Rights Reserved.
Published by Changemakers Books.

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Healing from Abuse - A Practical Spiritual Guide by Carla van Raay.Healing from Abuse - A Practical Spiritual Guide
by Carla van Raay.

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Carla van RaayCarla van Raay migrated to Australia in 1950 from the Netherlands. She was a Catholic nun until age 31; left and became a sex worker: both life choices based on early sexual abuse. Her memoir God’s Callgirl became a best seller in several countries. Carla has resided in Western Australia since 1980 as teacher, author and spiritual mentor. She is a mother and grandmother.


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