Called To A Higher Order: That Of Love, Compassion and The Quest For Understanding

Called To A Higher Order: That Of Love, Compassion and The Quest For Understand­ing
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A human being is a part of the whole, called by us ‘Universe’; a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to af­fection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.  ~ Albert Einstein

The world we inhabit is changing at such speed and frenetic accelera­tion that in order to keep pace we must ourselves evolve, not from the Darwinian thesis of survival-of-the-fittest and physical evolution, but rather from the next step in the human story, conscious evolution.

The choice of whether you operate from a limited myopic autopilot view or one of conscious awareness is yours to make. On one side, we propagate the current mainstream option of being victims of an unfair and harsh reality. On the other, an expanded, illuminated construct invites us, as leaders, to operate differently.

Seven Principles of Conscious Leadership

The Seven Principles of Conscious Leadership are:

Principle #1 – Be The Real You
Principle #2 – Be A Peace-Builder
Principle #3 – Be Present
Principle #4 – Be A Risk-Taker
Principle #5 – Be A Transformative Communicator
Principle #6 – Be A Love Leade
Principle #7 – Be A Servant Leader

The 7 principles of conscious leadership are relevant not only in the corporate context but across a wide array of human applications from scientific exploration to not-for-profit work, from community service organizations to worldwide peace-building enterprises. These human principles aptly apply to parents, spouses, friends and neighbors, calling us to a higher order: that of love, compassion and the quest for understand­ing. Where there is darkness and misunderstanding, let us be the light that illuminates our path.

Conscious leadership requires stepping into your true self, vulnerable, genuine and real. It demands courage and strength of integrity to take the risk of showing those you lead and serve that you actually care, that you are interested in their wellbeing, that you stand up for those you lead, and that you consciously choose love and compassion over a fearful, false self.

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It is illusion to think and live as though we are separate and apart. The evidence of this folly can be witnessed in our everyday human interac­tions from our disdain for the noisy neighbor down the street to the crip­pling dysfunction of our political system, from the fear-based corporate construct to the battlefields in the Middle East. Every time we separate ourselves from others based on either perceived or ill-perceived cause, we do damage to the human condition.

The Power of Choice

Tapping into the power of choice creates for us opportunities to evolve, not only for ourselves but also for those we touch. Our thoughts lead to our intentions that create our choices, which then paint the picture of our reality.

In Proof of Heaven, Eben Alexander, M.D., describes his own journey into the afterlife. His compelling and deeply relevant story guides us into the higher world of the divine.

As a renowned academic neurosurgeon, Alexander confronts his own narrow scientific myopia when sharing his story, “What I discovered out beyond is the indescribable immensity and complexity of the universe, and that consciousness is the basis of all that exists.”

Consciousness or Rote Unconsciousness

Consciousness is not science fiction. Consciousness simply is. Living consciously brings us into the flow of connectedness, the rich shared mi­lieu of soulful and spirited aliveness.

On the other hand, rote unconsciousness means acquiescing and ac­cepting a reality that places you and me in opposition to each other in a win-lose framework. Rather than open up to wonderful opportunities and great possibilities, we then continue to propagate the status quo and cede our human potential in ways that are toxic, unfulfilled and well below the dreams and aspirations we once held as unfiltered children.

At the core of this thesis is love and compassion, two attributes that, despite their exclusion from the corporate playbooks, are powerful and energetic capacitors that can ignite amazing outcomes.

Throughout this book I have shared my personal and professional ex­periences with the reader as evidence of the differentiated approach offered by simply waking up, being present and living true to who you were meant to be. My own journey to this transformative realization came about as a result of years of meaningful collaboration with a skilled life coach along with my pursuit of a master’s program in Transpersonal Leadership. This, combined with a passionate desire to make a difference in the lives of those I love and care for, including those I lead, impelled me to bring the authentic Michael into being.

You Have the Power!

You have the power! The ability to turn on the switch is within your capacity.

This requires courage and the presence of heart-centered honesty, and at times great vulnerability, to confidently quell internal fires, in order for you to be the real you, the higher you, the human being that lifts others up and provides a personal and professional roadmap to follow.

Dare to be more than the limits of your title and social status. In the present moment, you are the painter, the architect of your future. Stand up and be the most amazing human being you can be. Lead with love by your own example. Seek understanding of others. Invite them to share in your vision. You are called to be a conscious leader.

The time is now.

©2015, 2019 by Michael Bianco-Splann. All Rights Reserved.
Excerpted with permission from Cnscious Leadership.
Published by Palmetto Publishing Group.

Article Source

Conscious Leadership: 7 Principles that WILL Change Your Business and Change Your Life
by Michael Bianco-Splann

Conscious Leadership: 7 Principles that WILL Change Your Business and Change Your Life by Michael Bianco-Splann "When you operate as a conscious leader, present and engaged in lifting up those you lead and serve, you switch on your highest self, the human being you were designed to be. Remember this is not a dress rehearsal, but the real deal. Are you practicing to live your life or embracing your most powerful and luminescent self? The choice is yours to make. The real you can and will be more than what others say you are. Be courageous, be fulfilled and be the director of a joyful and meaningful life. Illuminate your ambitions to make a significant difference."

For more info, or to order this book, click here. Newly Revised (2019)

 Another book by this Author: Dying to Live: A Tapestry of Reinvention

About the Author

Michael Bianco-SplannMichael Bianco-Splann is a conscious leadership expert, inspirational speaker, and master certified corporate trainer with over 30 years of frontline executive experience. He offers a transformative approach to leadership—within Fortune 100 companies to small boutique enterprises—for those seeking a life that's true to one's passion and purpose. He is the author of Conscious Leadership: 7 Principles That Will Change Your Business and Change Your Life  and Dying to Live: A Tapestry of Reinvention. Learn more at

Video/Presentation with Michael Blanco-Splann: Be A Love Leader (Principle #6)


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