Using The Power Shout to Reconnect With Your Inner Potential

Using The Power Shout to Reconnect With Your Inner Potential

If you have been struggling with self-confidence or simply want to increase you sense of inner power, there is a simple, yet extremely effective martial arts technique that can help you reconnect with your inner brilliance.

I drew upon this very technique on the day I stood tall and asserted myself. I have continued to use it ever since, whenever I want to realign with my power, passions and purpose – and, I have introduced it to thousands of people all over the world.

The Japanese refer to this technique as ‘Ki-Ai’, which literally means ‘energy out’. If you have ever watched a martial arts movie then you will no doubt have noticed a lot of strange sounds and noises being made whenever there are fight scenes. Despite being exaggerated for the benefit of making an inter­esting film, these noises actually serve a purpose of helping the martial artist to focus their attention and amplify the impact of their efforts.

The ‘Ki-Ai’ is essentially an energy expansion and direction tool that combines focus, breath and energy expansion with a shout. At first, people tend to feel quite uncomfortable and self-conscious when I ask them to experiment with making such a sound. But, once they have tried it a few times, they soon relax into the technique and are often surprised by the powerful affect it has on them.

Connecting With Your Inner Power

I now lovingly refer to this technique as the Power Shout, because on several occasions, it has helped me to stand in my power and overcome obstacles.

At the stage of my life when I reached burnout and had disconnected from my own sense of inner strength, I used the Power Shout to help me reconnect with my inner potential. This enabled me to make powerful changes in order to truly value and honour self-care, embrace my passions and follow my purpose. Connecting with my inner power after burnout helped me gain the clarity I needed to develop sustainable strategies for my future.

When you connect with your inner power, you connect with inner wisdom. It can help you prioritise peace, positively radiate from the inside out, and supports the manifestation of all that you feel inspired to create in your life.

The key steps to follow in order to learn the Power Shout are outlined below. Alternatively you can find a video version on the webpage for this book:

Power Shout Exercise

1. Stand with your feet apart, knees slightly bent, and relax your body.

2. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Turn your attention inwards. Breathe in through your nose and allow each breath to drop right down to the bottom of your abdomen. Fill your lungs completely with your in-breath, and as you exhale, expel all the stale air you’ve been holding inside.

3. Sense the energy at your core, the area just beneath your rib cage. You may sense this as a certain colour or shape and feel it moving. Notice how positive and energising it feels and imagine expanding it slowly to fill your entire body. Then expand it so that it completely surrounds you as if you are in a zorbing ball filled with your energy.

4. Power-up your energy with your next breath by connecting with that sense of energy in your sternum, and as you breathe out, expel the energy as fast and powerfully as you can, with your breath. It will make a strange sound. To increase your power, try verbalising the sound five times, making a deep noise ‘ee-ah’ each time you breathe out, progressively getting louder and louder each time. In Japanese, this sound is called ‘Ki-Ai’ which means ‘energy out’ or ‘energy focus’.

The sound ‘ee-ah’ connects you with your inner power in an extremely calming way. Studies have shown that our heart rate actually decreases when ‘ee-ah’ sounds are repeated.

5. Believe in your inner power – the energy you have connected with contains all you need to stay fresh, focused and revitalised. You can connect back in with it any time you need to gain clarity, recharge or renew your sense of purpose. When you are connected with your inner power you inspire others to step into their power and potential too. Believe in the power of you today and be your brightest, most brilliant and nurtured self.

Feedback from Adam White, Owner AW Personal Training, London:

The Power Shout technique has helped me feel absolutely incredible from inside. My world opened up and expanded because my vision of where I am going has become so clear and now seems to be expanding even more and more.

Before working with Jayne my feeling was that it was hard to balance both love and business. I thought that life was dependent on choosing one over the other. Since working with Jayne I have realised that in truth a balance of both is possible... There has been a big change in the way I approach my life and business, because I believe l can have everything that is important to me.

I now believe I can enjoy the process of life and that all I need is belief, a clear vision, patience, and a little creativity. I already have all of those, so in turn, I can see great times ahead! I feel very happy and my world has absolutely been revolutionised as I have great belief in myself, in my life ahead, and that my vision is already in fulfillment.

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In "Burnout to Brilliance", you will discover how to: • Identify the signs and symptoms of burnout • Recover your energy and enthusiasm • Regain your power, passion and purpose • Develop strategies for sustainable success

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