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Today's Inspiration

presented by Marie T. Russell, InnerSelf.com

December 30, 2022

The focus for today's inspiration is:

My feelings are a gift and a great teacher.

“You never need to defend or justify your feelings.”

Our feelings can be a great teacher leading ever more fully into our heart of love.

Our feelings are a gift to us to help us more understand ourselves and the world around us.

Today's inspiration was excerpted from the InnerSelf.com article:
        You Never Need to Defend or Justify Your Feelings
        Written by Joyce Vissell.
Read the article here.

This is Marie T. Russell, publisher of InnerSelf.com, wishing you a day of honoring your feelings (today and every day)

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Today, I recognize that my feelings are a gift and a great teacher.

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The Heart's Wisdom: A Practical Guide to Growing Through Love
by Joyce Vissell and Barry Vissell.

Book written by the authors Joyce and Barry Vissell: The Hearts WisdomFor many couples, the romantic bliss of a relationship's early stages is followed by a bumpy road. This scenario can be avoided with a different approach: living from the heart. Joyce and Barry Vissell have spent 35 years of marriage learning from their relationship. They show in this guide how to eliminate fear, how to heal blocked sexuality, how to say no to the one you love, and how every couple can learn from jealousy.

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photo of: Joyce & Barry VissellAbout the Author(s)

Joyce & Barry Vissell, a nurse/therapist and psychiatrist couple since 1964, are counselors, near Santa Cruz CA, who are passionate about conscious relationship and personal-spiritual growth.

They are the authors of 9 books and a new free audio album of sacred songs and chants.