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Dogs & Cats Can Live Together

Alana Stevenson is the author of the article: Dogs & Cats Can Live Together

by Alana Stevenson.

It can take time for dogs and cats who have never met to acclimate to each other, but many dogs and cats can coexist peacefully and happily together, and great friendships can develop between them. Here are some guidelines to follow to make this possible in your...

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To Hear and Be Heard

Marta Williamsमार्ता विलियम्स द्वारा.

People often call to ask me to tell their animal something using my intuitive communication skills. They are surprised when I say that they don't have to hire me to talk to their animal. Animals are masters at intuitive communication, they will receive every...

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What's in the Cat Food Bag?

Kymythy R. Schultzeby Kymythy R.Schultze, C.N., C.N.C. Let's take a look at the ingredients on the actual label of a dry cat-food product. I examined one of the brands that's quite pricey and sold through veterinarians. I found that it contains poor-quality ingredients and substances that aren't at all appropriate for...

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Horses and the Mystical Path

Horses and the Mystical Pathby Adele von Rüst McCormick, Ph.D., Marlena Deborah McCormick, Ph.D. and Thomas E. McCormick, M.D. When our journey with horses and healing began, more than twenty-five years ago, we never imagined that horses would lead us down a mystical path. Nor did we foresee how valuable and enriching this experience would be, not just for us but for the hundreds of people who have participated in our Equine Experience...

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Veterinary Acupuncture

by Sarah Carey. When conventional drug therapy couldn't help her arthritic collie, Pat Green tried one last option: the pins and needles of veterinary acupuncture. The results were astounding. Twelve-year-old Brandy, who had been unable to rise to her feet, soon was rushing to the door to greet her healer, veterinary acupuncturist Dr. Huisheng Xie.

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Pets Nutrition

Nina Anderson

by Nina Anderson & Howard Peiper. Keeping the immune system healthy can reduce the need for constant antibiotic treatment. Most people and animals are usually prescribed drugs -- specifically antibiotics and vitamins -- at times when they are ill. However, antibiotics kill germs and rarely discriminate between good and bad germs. When the 'good' germs are constantly assaulted by antibiotics, the 'bad' germs can become supergerms which may become impervious to drugs.

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Dogs Never Lie About Love

Jeffrey Masson, Ph.D.

Can anything be as joyous as a dog? Bounding ahead, crashing into the bushes while out on a walk, happy, happy, happy. Conversely, can anything be as disappointed as a dog when you say, "No, we are not going for a walk"? Down he flops onto the floor, his ears fall, he looks up, showing the whites of his eyes, with a look of utter dejection. Pure joy, pure disappointment.

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Cats Can Talk

Amelia Kinkade

by Amelia Kinkade. I was as skeptical when I loaded Rodney, my cat, into his carrier to take him down to the holistic veterinary clinic where a psychic was seeing animals. I was having some problems with Rodney that my regular vet couldn't help, and I figured, why not give the psychic a shot? I had found a human being who could talk to a cat...

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Animals Teach Us Spirituality

Mary Lou Randour, Mary Lou Randour, Ph.D.

That animals touch us in a deep, central place is not a modern-day phenomenon, but one that pervades the history of the human-animal relationship. We sense that we can benefit spiritually in our relationship with animals, and we are right. They offer us something fundamental: a direct and immediate sense of both the joy and wonder of creation.

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Communicating with Your Pet

Richard Webster, author of the article: Communicating with your Pet

by Richard Webster.

You can communicate with your pet verbally or by thinking about what you want. Your pet can read your thoughts whenever he or she wants to, but most of your thoughts are of no interest to anyone else, pets included. Consequently, your pets will pay attention only if something you are thinking about relates to them and they happen to pick it up.

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Animal Connection

by Rev. Amelia De Pazos B/Msc. As far as love of its master goes, dogs give us much unconditional love, not asking for anything in return. He or she will be there to help, give joy, and also serve you. Cats happen to be fantastic empaths and telepaths.

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Dharma -- My Little Angel

Deborah Tyler Blais

by Deborah Tyler Blais. Nearing the lake on that warm September morning, I heard a tiny mewing sound. My first inclination was to ignore the cries. I've been through enough lately, I thought; I can hardly take care of myself. Meow! Meow! The insistent pleas continued.

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It's Not About the Horse

by Wyatt Webb.

Wyatt WebbIf you want to deal with your demons, it's appropriate to make a pit stop at a place as hot as hell -- Tucson, Arizona, in the summertime. It's 100-plus degrees right now -- with dark, ominous clouds erasing the Santa Catalina mountaintops in the distance...

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Cats And You

Caroline Connor

Most people generally think that cats do nothing, are lazy and all they do is eat and sleep. Not so! Did you know that cats have a specific job to perform in your life? Did you ever wonder why so many people have cats nowadays, more so than dogs? Here's an unknown tip inside the secret life of cats...

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Alternative Therapies for Pets

by Deborah Straw. As is true in human medicine, alternative therapies are becoming more popular in veterinary health care. An increasing number of practitioners are using alternative modalities along with the more conventional treatments. Use of the term alternative is somewhat controversial; many veterinarians prefer the term holistic or complementary.

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Animals As Love-Detectors

by Allen & Linda Anderson.

Allen & Linda AndersonYou've heard of watchdogs who let people know when danger is near, but our yellow Labrador retriever, Taylor, lets us know when love is lurking. Linda began to notice that when Allen was away and called home, Taylor often knew about it in advance. About a second before the telephone rang...

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Beloved Pet Stormy

This is the story of our collie Stormy who passed away and reincarnated - I thought that his story might uplift those who have also lost beloved pets. Animals DO have guides and guardian angels around them, just as we do, and animal guides as well ... just as we do. They also have bodies of light, and when they pass over they continue in their bodies of light in the heavenly realms ... just as we do.

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Animals 'R Us

Betsy Otter Thompsonby Betsy Otter Thompson. Your pet can tell you a great deal about yourself because the animal takes its cue from you when interpreting life. Yes, whether you have a dog, a cat, or a canary, their disposition will mirror your own. If you're fearful, hostile, or aggressive, the animal will accordingly reflect timidity, anger, or will attack you.

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शिक्षकों के रूप में पशु: उदाहरण के द्वारा टीचिंग

Animals As Teachers

by Marie T. Russell. Life surrounds us with teachers, if we are but willing to learn. Actually, everyone and everything in our life is our teacher -- they teach by example of something we'd like to attain or something we'd like to abandon. One of my greatest teachers has been my dog, Angel.

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